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Idaho AG’s Office Declines to Join Texas Lawsuit

By • December 10, 2020

UPDATE: Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has issued the following statement:

“I’ve spent substantial time reviewing Texas’s Bill of Complaint so I could fully understand and consider the legal arguments being made. After doing so, I am declining to join this effort.

“As I have done since the day I took my oath of office – in which I pledged to uphold and protect both the Idaho and U.S. constitutions – I strive to protect the State of Idaho’s legal interests. As is sometimes the case, the legally correct decision may not be the politically convenient decision. But my responsibility is to the State of Idaho and the rule of law.

“This decision is necessary to protect Idaho’s sovereignty. As Attorney General, I have significant concerns about supporting a legal argument that could result in other states litigating against legal decisions made by Idaho’s legislature and governor. Idaho is a sovereign state and should be free to govern itself without interference from any other state. Likewise, Idaho should respect the sovereignty of its sister states.”

A number of legal challenges are still working their way through the courts regarding the 2020 presidential election.

One of those challenges comes from the state of Texas, which has filed a lawsuit with the United States Supreme Court. Another 18 other states have joined the Lone Star legal challenge, which states that Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan violated the U.S. Constitution with how their election laws were changed in the weeks and months leading up to the Nov. 3 general election.

The Idaho Republican Party, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, Republican legislative leaders, and a number of other lawmakers have encouraged Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to join the suit.

However, Idaho Dispatch has obtained an email from Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane in which he informs Sen. Christy Zito, R-Hammett, that Wasden’s office will not join the lawsuit.

Zito, who served two terms in the Idaho House before winning a seat in the Idaho Senate this year, originally submitted questions to Wasden’s office regarding the suit after she had received a number of inquiries from her constituents.

Kane confirmed in the office’s official response that Idaho will not join the suit because the challenge, the office contends, conflicts with state sovereignty over election protocols. Here’s Kane’s full email response to Zito: 

Hi Senator Zito—

Idaho will not be joining Texas’s suit.  Idaho is a sovereign state within the Union, and as such respects the sovereignty of her sister states.  Each state has its own election laws as granted by the United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 4, cl. 1. (States have authority to regulate time, places, manner of elections).  This office is unaware of any credible allegation of election fraud or election procedure arising to the level of a violation of the United States Constitution—particularly when placed against the backdrop of the Constitution’s express grant of authority to states over elections.  Just because Idaho does not agree with, or would not have conducted the election in the manner that another state did, does not mean that State’s election was unconstitutional.  Finally, election law is very clear that election results will not be set aside absent extreme circumstances—no such circumstance has been identified to date.  

I hope that you find this response helpful.


Zito, in a comment emailed to Idaho Dispatch, condemned Wasden’s office. 

I find it very unfortunate that the Attorney General of the State of Idaho refused to join in protecting the validity and integrity of the election process in this great country. A number of other states have joined the Texas lawsuit and I believe there is some valid concerns that warrant Idaho also being a part of that lawsuit.

Here are the 18 other states that have joined the lawsuit: Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Arizona.

Maryland has declined to join the lawsuit.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, for his part, has not signaled his opinion on the matter. Idaho Dispatch reached out to the governor for comment. 

Do you believe Wasden’s office should join the Texas lawsuit or is Wasden making the right call his legal abstention?

Let us know in the comments below

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122 thoughts on “Idaho AG’s Office Declines to Join Texas Lawsuit

    1. AGREE!! Lame Little can’t make a decision on his own or can’t think for himself, and this moron that wrote this opinion is an idiot! Two frickin RINO’s that HAVE TO GO!!

      1. Little changed the primary election law by one of his many emergency “orders.” He also “suspended” 24 other laws which is illegal & suspended the 1st Amendment by ordering that people could not attend church nor peacefully protest and he decided what business could stay open or be closed. AG Wasden advised him on all these unConstitutional actions.

        1. I watched all of the hearings held in Pennsylvania, Arizona, michigan and Georgia. My vote has been diluted by unlawful votes in those states. The response from the AG meant that he nor his staff were well informed about the issues and instead are sitting on their hands.

        2. “Butch Little” is a big fat rino. he is no leader. He’s the reason we have the cdh pushing its agenda, because he was too cowardly to take control of the situation. and shucked it off onto the cdh. Remember the debacle of trying to file unemployment clam when this china virus hit? The phone lines were busy 24/7, (kind of like trying to get through to Littles office and Wasdens office) Some people waited months before getting any funds coming in. what a piss poor excuse of a governor. He needs out. The AG Wasden is no better. They are both swamp creatures. Lets get them out!

      2. So every time citizens in another state disagree with how Idaho does things, you’re going to understand and have no problem with it right?

        1. If we do something that affects the whole country, no problem. If we do something within the state of Idaho, none of their business.

        2. When the election is on a national level each state has a responsibility to follow its own laws. These states did not follow their own laws and unfortunately their lack of integrity will affect every state including Idaho.

        3. We are on the verge of war. I will not stand by and watch the coup and do nothing my life will be surrendered fighting the illegitimate government of the united states until the ruling class is destroyed. Wake up before your children are being sold to pedophile rings.

    2. When those states are not following their own laws and affect other states as a result, then yes we should take that to the Supreme Court.

      1. Agree! Little Brad should’ve let Raul Labrador do the job since Little AND Wasden can’t & refuse-we need a men, not cowardice politicians. Wasden, how sad you’re not an American. By not standing with Texas, you’re standing against America’s & Idaho’s elected President. You’re a coward, if y’all are scared-quit & let REAL Americans do the job!!!!!

        1. A-men. Let’s get those wushu-washy china-loving rinos out of office. They’re letting bureaucrats rule us into socialism.

      2. I agree. When they break the law, and it affects all the other states and citizens of the union, then it is IDAHO’S DUTY to stand with the other states in protest. That also protects our sovereignty. What if it was a national vote on admitting another state, or an amendment to the constitution that limits states sovereignty— then it might be too late.

    3. So voter and election fraud do not constitute “unconstitutionality” under the Idaho Constitution? Sounds to me like someone else has been bought off.

      1. election fraud between states is covered by the 14th amendment The Constitution prohibits the government from committing disparate treatment in allowing fraud

    4. In the same fashion that Hunter Biden is not merely being audited for “tax” issues, but under federal investigation for money laundering and potentially criminal connections to the PLA (communist army of China), where half the country has no clue and believes there is no evidence due to what mainstream media fails to report, even while the Senate report lays out with extensive footnotes that Hunter is under federal investigation, so are these ignorant attorneys denying the existence of evidence of fraud. It is easy to find the video evidence of how Dominion machines have Chinese chips, easy to tamper with, have WiFi internet connections though we were told they didn’t, have forensic experts testifying that they traced internet traffic overseas, have digital adjudication systems so easy to alter that one could easily change what was “necessary” to win by batch process and then fill in the needed paper ballots after to make it look good (say by the extra ballots brought from NY to PA), not to mention the parent company for Dominion took $400 million from a Chinese controlled bank in October 2020, and that Dominion forced governors to sign an agreement never to audit their machines (wonder why!), Eric Coomer, patent holder and chief of security was extremist and violently anti-Trump, promising Antifa the election was taken care of, and of course changes to Dominion were made last minute, in addition to much of the conditions which would allow for paper ballots to match false digital votes were set up by corrupt swing state actors and done by violating the constitution… and thus other states properly wish to contest the unconstitutional process these bad actors embarked upon which would never have withstood legislative scrutiny and gotten by The People’s representatives. And yet these tyrants and their political lapdogs issued edicts and decreed that due to emergency of a disease with a 99% survival rate, the Constitution must be forsaken, all in order for the Dominion system (which derives from Smartmatic, then Sequoia then Dominion (Smartmatic being the Venezuelan created election system used to turn that democracy into a socialist dictatorship through intricate election fraud)) should be rammed through in the same fashion that China’s candidate, Joe Biden and his corrupt treasonous family might be made POTUS. The media lied about Trump Russia collusion, about Ukraine, and now about this outcome. Trump won, election numbers were swapped via Dominion, fake paper ballots were balanced, then corrupt people, with their fake unconstitutional laws, shredded evidence and deleted memories on machines, then the media manically said Biden FOR SURE won, said there’s no evidence despite thousands of pages of testimony to the contrary, and after years of violence, calls and demands for unity. They are gaslighting us all. Wasden clearly wants to be a part of whatever power structure seeks to steal this election, but to say this doesn’t violate state rights is to say another state can cheat another by stealing a national election from every other state via unconstitutional “internal affairs.” POPPYCOCK!

    5. Join with Texas in standing up against this travesty of an election. Idaho will suffer much worse if they get away with it..

    6. Both of them are rinos! Vote them out next term!!! Jerks!!! What a lame excuse in his reasoning. He needs to go back to law school. Better yet, he is too ignorant to understand the law and what Idahoans want!!!

  1. He’s missed the point. The lawsuit is because entities in those states violated their own laws to influence the election.

    1. LITTLE doesn’t care about us he’s in bed with China, all three of them are crooked…LITTLE get ready to be chased out of the great state of IDAHO, total TRAITOR.

  2. So disappointed in Idaho for not joining in this lawsuit. We’ve got work to do in Idaho to get these RINO’s out of office and keep Idaho RED!

    1. Ultimately I don’t care red , blue, or purple I want our elections fair and if we don’t stand up and fight to make sure we will be picked off one at a time til we’re out numbered we must make sure states are doing everything fairly or we will cease to be a republic of the United States

  3. Just because a state is sovereign does not mean what they do/did is legal or ethical, especially when those activities directly infringe the rights of Idaho voters and other states in the Union. If this lawlessness is allowed to stand there really is no reason to hold future Federal elections. Wasden is making a poor choice and disservice to Idaho and it’s citizens.

    1. It appears that mister Kane is a rhino republican as I believe the governor and several others are. He needs to understand it isn’t his call. It’s we the people. Maybe he’s so far removed that he’s never heard that before. I say get on with Texas how stupid can he be?

  4. Looks like he wants to identify with the liberal state of Maryland! If he can’t or won’t see how unfair and illegal this election was in the battleground states then he is not representing Idaho as the people wish and should be rooted out!

  5. Brian Kane, I will want to remember that name so as NEVER to vote for this asshole for anything, ever! He, evidently, doesn’t understand that he works for us!

  6. This AG is obviously bought and paid for with his legal Doublespeak and refusal to defend election integrity in this country. Idaho should have been the FIRST to start this lawsuit, not Texas. Get rid of his Commie punk-ass, along with Phony RINO Little!

  7. Our votes count under the Constitution! When vote fraud is present we ALL are compromised, our vote, our constitutional right to have our vote count & voter fraud is also a threat to our national security! You work for us, Idahoans want to join in the fight for our votes to count & against fraud!

    1. Well said! I concur. Will never vote for these people again if they don’t listen to their constituents. They work for us!

  8. Absolutely Idaho should join with Texas and the other 18 states! We are fighting for a constitutional rights and fighting against the corrupt democratic! Idaho has always been Republican and has always stood for a constitution, and if governor little does not stand with the lawsuit, then we need to get him out! And get rid of the attorney general if they’re not gonna stand up for America!

  9. The backdrop of the China virus hysteria did create extreme circumstances!

    I called them and told them we will politically destroy him next election!

  10. I understand respecting the sovereignty of other states just like we respect people’s rights to make their own healthcare choices, but that doesn’t mean we sit idly by while our election rights as a nation are violated, just like we can’t say killing a baby in its mother’s womb is healthcare. Taking a neutral stand may seem honoring and respectable, but truly it is just cowardly.

  11. Mr AG and Governor Little work for US!!! We are requesting, NOT asking that you join in this fight for OUR civil liberties for a FAIR AND HONEST ELECTION. Send in your Amicus to Texas that you stand with them and the other 18 states.

  12. We need to join this lawsuit. The corruption is shameful.
    I’m sure all Idahoans that feel the way I do will remember this in the next election.

    1. We tried to get Raul Labrador in as governor but little and his cronies did so much lying about him…too many people believed the lies…

  13. Idaho should have been the first to join with Texas!!!. Shame on you AG Warden…we voted for you but you are not representing Idahoans and our votes. Gov Little where are you? I’m a 4th generation Idahoan…this is not who we are as Idahoans …..Stand up Idaho…Speak up Idaho….Im furious… by doing nothing you government officials are condoning these fraudulent votes. Have some courage…

  14. His answer makes it clear he does not understand or hasn’t read the Texas lawsuit. The suit is NOT about fraud. There are no facts in dispute. The Texas suit does not address voter fraud. It IS about the refusal to follow state law and federal law and constitutional requirements. His answer screams that he is incompetent.

  15. Time for a new AG. He will not get my support from this day forward. Other states that carry more electoral college votes than idaho cannot change the constitution rules for elections that cause our state’s voters to be disenfranchised by creating the opportunity for fraud without the adequate security procedures. Our AG does not have our best interest in mind. He is looking out for himself.

  16. Let the PEOPLE of Idaho stand with Texas and the President. Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane you are a disgrace to the people of Idaho. Please resign immediately. You don´t deserve to be called an Idahoan or represent this great state. Recant your statement and join Texas now. Your days are numbered. We wont forget.

  17. Idaho should absolutely join the lawsuit. I feel as an American citizen and a legal voter in the state of Idaho that all legal votes should be counted and all illegal votes are not. If another state is not held to these standards that cancels my vote! It also affects me and my family directly. If Idaho representatives do not stand up for its voters they need to be removed from their job! You work for us!!!

  18. Let the PEOPLE of Idaho stand with Texas and the President. Deputy Attorney General you are a disgrace to the people of Idaho. Please resign immediately. You don´t deserve to be called an Idahoan or represent this great state. Recant your statement and join Texas now. Your days are numbered. We wont forget.

  19. He missed the point of the lawsuit.
    Have any of our US Senators or House Representatives stood up for our President?

  20. It’s time to clean house in Idaho! These bastards are all part of the corrupt system!! Vote all of their asses out, they do not represent us!

  21. Just called again and left a message. We have surveillance video of a ballot stuffing operation in Atlanta by a family member of the candidate for US Senate. If that’s not evidence, then what is? This guy’s a RINO fraud. Light them up. 208-334-2400

  22. I pray the energy from today carries forward In Idaho’s next State election. The 4 states who violated their own constitution’s voting laws jeopardize the Entire country- that’s why Idaho needs to step up. Please write and continue to pressure for a reversal of this decision.

  23. The 14th amendment is relevant and ignoring this fact is antagonistic to purpose of any person responsible for governing at any level in theis country.

  24. I guess it’s time to move to a state that will stand up for free and fair elections for everyone…. this is NOT what Idaho wants.. you are hired and work for the people you need to do what the majority of Idaho wants, or step down…. you won’t be in office long!

  25. I thought he was working for us, why is he deciding to go against what the people of Idaho want? What a bunch of political BS

  26. Another spineless, impotent RINO politician COMPLICIT with the enemy! I don’t give a flying crap which states are sovereign!!! This is about PRESERVING AMERICA, and these freaking fools only care about their fat paychecks. This election fraud is bringing our best patriots to the top who are fearless and willing to fight clear & present danger, AND it’s spotlighting the dirty RINOs and impotent politicians who do NOT deserve our support! Makes it easy to see who needs to be voted out.

  27. AG Warden and Gov Little have declared that Idahoan’s votes do not matter. They have betrayed the people of Idaho by denying the obvious and proven widespread election fraud. These pathetic sellouts have exposed their true loyalty to China through their support of Biden. I’m ashamed for Idaho today. These traitors need to be recalled.

  28. We idahoans need to stick together with the real PRESIDENT.. Mr.TRUMP. if our elected officials dont want to do there job and represent the 63.8 percentage we need to vote them out. Listen up Mr. Little.. your people are talking to you.

  29. Idaho should be joining this lawsuit because the fraud in these other states absolutely affected our individual votes as Idaho and when they failed to follow their state constitutions! each one of them took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! We need to hound(calls, emails, texts) our Attorney General & Brad Little‘s office and demand they join this lawsuit foe the “will of the people” they serve! If adjoining states think we need to be involved there is a reason and there has been information that shows Idaho also had fraud. Does anyone think it’s strange or concerning that in 2016 our state voted nearly 48% blue?!!! Idaho has always been a red state and although this is about future elections and the integrity of and for free and fair elections it also has to do with who we want as president and who we voted for and Idaho has always been RED! We need to be aggressive like the brave patriots in these other states and demand that our leaders do something because they are spineless…Brad Little, Brian Kane and Leslie Wasden! You won’t be re-elected regardless of your decision because we now know what sell outs you are!! We cannot stand for RINO’S that are unwilling to do uphold their duties to protect our constitution!! DO YOUR JOB!

  30. His sovereignty excuse is pathetic. What, does he claim the other 18 states are violating sovereignty? This fool has a personal agenda against Trump – you can read about it online. He was one of a few RINOs who clashed with Trump over DACA. I can’t believe one solitary fool can stop us from joining the suit. We should recall both him and Little. RINOs days are numbered.

    1. Little is a China loving TRAITOR,his name was on that list of crooked Governors, there all cowards not Patriots. Impeach all three if them.

  31. The 15th amendment which is: The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or ABRIDGED by the United States or by any State. . .
    Now I may be reading between the lines a little bit but The word abridged jumps out at me. Here the definition of abridged as it is a bit of an old word- to reduce in authority, to limit, to curtail, to rewrite, to reconstruct, to condense by omission of, to diminish, to deprive, to take away substance.
    No I was not denied the right to vote but I was denied the right to have my vote count equally, (it has been abridged)!This has been done in so many different ways throughout a lot of states if not all. I am beyond sure that it has occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and others.
    So how has these violations occurred?
    1. No voter identification
    2. The use of mail-in ballots without good cause. I really don’t buy this virus lie. Another discussion.
    3. The use of Voting systems such as dominion, Ext. . .
    4. No observers
    5. No security of ballots
    6. Foreign interference through the use of information and data transmitted to other nations
    7. Outright criminal activity and intimidation at polling places.
    8. No signature verification’s
    9. Changing or backdating date stamps by the United States Postal Service
    All of these things and more have abridged my voter rights
    This Could also have violated mine and your 9th,13th,14th,and possibly many others.

    If you are going to sit back and allow this then you will lose all your other right very soon.
    I have lost all faith in my governing officials, To include the supreme court and the judge there. For you see my voter rights are a king pin of sorts. When you remove the right to choose who we allow to rule over us then we lose just about every other freedom we have.
    Now I believe that most of you will do nothing because you have not experienced a loss yet and until you’re so uncomfortable with what is going to happen, you will sit as a frog in a pan of water as it is brought to boil. But it will be too late by then and there will be no way to restore what we have had in the past 200 some years without a great shedding of blood.

  32. I whole heartly agree with what everyone above as written except for some of the bad language which is just reflecting some Idahoan frustration with these individuals elected to represent us doing their own thing. Texas would not have taken the avenue which they did if it didn’t violate the US Constitution and with 18 other states joining the law suit it must have plenty of validity or the Supreme Court wouldn’t have excepted the suit. Seems like they have driven another nail intl their political coffin. Neither will ever get my legal vote, if in the future we still have the privilege of actually get to vote.

  33. Idaho should be standing up against election fraud and irregularities in this presidential election. We must have honest elections or the freedom of our state and country are at stake. We must join with other states in working together to preserve our freedoms and to show our support for the Constitution of the United States. Those who commit fraud against our election process should be exposed and brought to justice. Traitors to our Constitution should not be allowed to destroy our way of life in America. We need more patriots to stand for what is right.

    1. It saddens me that our Govener does not support the majority of the Idaho voters. It has YET to prove to me that he has OUR best interests as a priority. He either needs to start representing the people of Idaho or step down. No backbone.

  34. He needs to be removed from office along with Brad Little! This is unacceptable. This is an issue that affects us all!! This is bigger than the state of Idaho and we need to join in this fight with Texas and the other 19 states!! He is NOT representing us! Get HIM OUT!

  35. I believe that we are experiencing the ‘extreme circumstances’ that the AG mentions, in his decision to not take action, on behalf of Idaho citizens. These ‘extreme circumstances’ comprise of the accused State’s violations of the USA Constitution and our Bill of Rights. These violations are resulting in the suppression of our 2020 Election votes and are resulting in a coup attempt to steal the nomination of our duly-elected 2021-2024 President, Donald J. Trump. AG Wasden should do some more research and reconsider the ‘circumstances’ defined in the Texas lawsuit. He should represent the majority of Idaho citizens by providing an Amicus Brief in support of the lawsuit. Otherwise, I believe we, the people, can start a recall effort and find a new ‘People’s Lawyer’.

  36. Remember this people come election time and vote these clowns out. They do not represent the majority of people in this good state. Lets put people in that do.

  37. These fools should never win another election in our great state of Idaho. Myself, my family, and everyone I know will vote for any reasonable alternative to them going forward. I have never been the type to be politically active, but I will volunteer and donate whatever I can in the next election for true patriotic alternatives for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General!! Better yet can we start RECALLs now?

    1. This is an issue of those states violating the US Constitution. That makes it the business of the other states. They need to protect the integrity of their votes and keep those 4 states from nullifying the choice of the majority of voters, Including those of Idaho.

  38. Idaho should join the Texas lawsuit now. Stand for election integrity. Those four states should be required to fix their messes before it is too late for the 2020 election.

  39. Video is not evidence – yes it is!
    Sworn Statements
    No signature review
    No proof of ID by mail – but have to show ID and residency if you show up to vote – not far or equal – under the constitution
    Legislator need to make call on voting rules- not the AG – Judges –
    Very questionable call – Shame on you !!!
    You have to stand with the people and make sure we can trust the election process – other states effect Idaho voters – especially when voting was very questionable and yes their is alot of evidence- let’s check it out if their is nothing to hide – Alot of people fought and die for this country – police officers also – Remember them!!!

  40. The Lawsuit has nothing to do with election fraud. I’m actually appalled that the AG would not know the constitution of the United States. Those 4 swing states violated the constitution in multiple ways including changing their election LAWS outside of the legislative branch and even some at the county level. This action damages the election as a whole and violates the other states directly.

    I’m not a proud Idahoan seeing this play out damages our state.

  41. I am thoroughly disappointed that AG Wasden is not standing up to give Idaho a voice and joining Texas’ lawsuit. He clearly misses the point of the lawsuit. This has disenfranchised my vote and all Idahoans’ votes. Idaho citizens are damaged if elections in other states are not conducted according to the confines of their Constitution while we Idahoans obey the rules. We will definitely remember this come election time.

  42. That’s it Wasden and Little. Can’t join this effort? Too much work, won’t spend your political capital? You are done. Constitution loving people in this state are going to remember this when you try to get re-elected. Oh, maybe you planned on this being your last term anyway. If that’s the case, then good riddance. We do not need Republicans in name only or fair weather Conservatives. You disgust me.
    Michael Tillery, LCDR USN (Ret)
    Rathdrum, Idaho

  43. This is one of the saddest things I have heard! Idaho is the best state in this country and as a leader should stand for the integrity of our election process for all Americans! It’s not so much who wins at this point, although I have strong hopes that Trump should, it is about the lying and cheating of the American people!

  44. We are losing Idaho. If Trump is not inaugurated on the 20th of January we will have to take it back by force.

  45. This office is unaware of any credible allegation of election fraud or election procedure arising to the level of a violation of the United States Constitution—particularly when placed against the backdrop of the Constitution’s express grant of authority to states over elections.
    THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS CUT AND PASTED STRAIGHT FROM “CNN” I think Idaho has already capitulated to the CCP.

  46. Not taking a stand is still an act of standing with the opposition. We the people stand with Trump against the betrayal. How bout Little and Wasden, start standing with the people. It’s not to late to do the right thing Mr. Little.

  47. I wrote to him yesterday requesting that he join and stand up for Idahoans and Americans across the country. Very disappointing. Another RINO showing his tail.

  48. I called and left a message that I was disappointed he didn’t join, everyone needs to contact him and maybe he will reconsider. Next time he’s up for re-election I won’t be voting for him.

  49. Greg, it is Obvious and very dangerous that Idaho has so many Deep State Traitors starting with Governor Little, the Idaho Attorney Greneral and most of the City Mayors!!
    We need to coordinate and get these traitors OUT of their offices!!!

  50. We the people of “Idaho” need to stand up to these rhino politicians. Call them, email them until they hear us “loud and clear” that Idaho needs to join the Texas lawsuit now. “WE THE PEOPLE” demand a fair and honest election in every state!

  51. Our states electoral vote is being disenfranchised by the illegal election held by said states in the law suit.
    These states held illegal elections according to their own state constitution and the US constitution.

  52. What a dork – He will never in his life have the opportunity to participate in a more important, far reaching lawsuit. How will allowing blue states destroy to destroy our election process help Idaho’s sovereignty?

  53. Of course Idaho should join the suit! We are a Republican State and should be supporting President Trump. There is plenty of evidence of fraud. This is disgraceful that we would sit back and not fight to save our Republic!

  54. We need to understand that this issue is NOT about what is the right thing to do. It is about political expediency. The “law” doesn’t address right and wrong. It’s about defining points of the law.

  55. If the RINO AG doesn’t understand that Pennsylvania malfeasence disenfranchises Idahoans, he is too short for this ride and needs to get back on the short bus.
    My guess is he has a Chinese Honey-pot problem.

  56. Here you go all who find this, sign and start sharing. Otherwise we will never vote for these people again.

  57. I sent emails and called the AG for an answer 3 days ago. Never heard back. Tried calling all day. Full VM and dropped my call. Just found this news tonight. Now it makes sense

    Disgraceful what our Idaho’s AG did. This disenfranchises all of Idaho’s electorate votes


    Absolutely need to vote him out in the next primary. He has been re-elected 4 times. Never again

  58. That’s a pile of bull crap ! We need to stand up for U.S. citizens at all cost ! We need someone with a backbone to stand with Texas and the other 23 ! Our Attorney General is a weak coward !

  59. See U.S. Supreme Court, opinion Foster vs. Love, 1997.

    This is all the evidence that is needed. The precedent is clear. He clearly doesn’t know his constitutional law – all votes after ELECTION DAY are null and void. Period. This has already been decided. What a disappointment. We will not forget this – you elected officials work for US. Not China. Your true colors are showing.

  60. Rumor has it that Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is a close friend of Larry Craig. They share a common interest and they met in an airport restroom.

  61. Very Disappointing! When something of this magnitude is happening it’s of extreme importance that we unite with others against this blatant corruption.
    We must push back on corruption or we are tolerating it! The results of not doing so unconscious able!!!

  62. Little and his stooge AG absolutely have to go. The honorable thing for them to do is resign, but I figure we’ll have to spend the time and money necessary to throw them out.

  63. The Ag has been comprised, black mailed by the Commies.
    This is it i a nutshell for him & all Idahoans to see. Here is your Proof.
    1. Get out your BIBLE God gave us our freedom, liberty, & for us not to be slaves, which we have bee since the 1913 Federal Act Law..The Fed Bank OWNED by the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Morgans & 10 other filthy rich Satan Worshipers. They are the Khazarian Jew Bloodline..Jesus called them the $$ Changers, He despised them, called them EVIL & threw them out of the temple 2-3 times. (1 Bible says 3) KJV says twice. Read it. The those same Jews Crucified Him 4 days later.
    Pres. Trump was doing the same thing, throwing them out of Amer. No More IRS! McCarthy back in the 50’s kept the CCP (China Comm. Party) out of America Biden has welcomed them back to take over Amer, for a ransom fee. Rothschild’s quote..”I care not who runs the world as long as I control the $$$$$$$$.
    The UN, Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Group, the CFR & Globalist Big Corp… Google FB Twitter, At&t, Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, MSNews Media are all rich Elites planning to enslave us for they refer to us as cattle w/no brains. They have turned their back o God…Love for $$ &Power is the root of all evil. When you LOVE it more than God you have sold your soul to Satan. Our Govt. & the above have done so. They are the 1’s who stole & sacrificed our missing children. Search D.U.M.B.S Military Underground Bases, vacant except the Rothschild’s & followers took them over & kept hostage, Tortured, Raped Dismembered experimented on Gods & our little babies..millions all over the world. They’re sick SATANIC! filth. Military & Pres. Trump have been rescuing, blowing up the tunnels, & confiscating billions of $$ of weapons & ammo they plan to use against us. this has been going on for 10 yrs. Search it. D.U.M.B.S this is NOT some Conspiracy, if stupid people would just read their BIBLE.
    Every Country that has failed had 1 thing in common..They took God away from the people,out of the country & & given 1 choice to worship another God, whether it be them or ? COMMUNISM
    There is only 1 who will rule the EARTH/WORLD & that is JESUS, & Jesus will not return until there is PEACE in the Middle East, which Pres. Trump was succeeding at. Why do you think the Rothschild Cabel has been financing every war, using CIA MS 5 & 6 to form groups terrorists to start & keep wars going? They are rolling the red carpet out for the Anti Christ & Satan to rule as it was said from the Day God threw him down to earth.
    Idaho need to follow God’s Laws Not Corrupt Men’s Laws who instate Satan’s Laws. 9 mon. full term Abortions that we God’s children are to pay for w/our tax $$ including foreign 1’s. Gay Marriages, Transgenders taking over our schools influencing our young, teaching them to love money & follow Satan’s way. Core education has taught our last 2 generations Socialism/Communism is good, Patriotism is bad. Teaching lies misconstruing of history, making the Good Guys bad & vise versa. Destroying monuments America’s hero’s so they can’t find out the truth.But the worst thing for our children to learn in school is the Lord’s Prayer & 10 Comndmts, when parents are to busy working to buy more man made cherished items, to take or see that they go to Sunday School to learn & know who God is & how much he loves them YES it is OUR FAULT, OUR State of Idaho’s FAULT for letting this evil take over! It is time for all of us to make our State Legislature get rid of their Satanic laws up hold our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS & the Const. Bring God back to this country & us.
    United Nations website go read it for ur self. Boise Idaho is ranked as # 38 for AGENDA 21-30 sustainable city & Coeur d’Alene is following suite. Id. Ag, Gov. Chamber Commerce are all Agenda 21 UN agents. in 150 cities.
    There was & has been for last 60 yrs.FRAUD in our elections, I know, I have lived that long+. Why is it, we the people go to jail if someone & their buddy BARES FALSE WITNESS against us, then we have to prove we are innocent from a jail cell, but if you are a high ranking DEMONCRAT especially in the Govt. you are not subject to our laws. you go free. Why don’t the 80 million people who witnessed voter fraud/read the evidence who aren’t a false witness, compared to 2 that it takes to jail us or give cause for a edit or investigation denied it? That is UNJUST Communism JUSTICE, proving the AG is part of this treasonous plot.
    Idaho MUST join these States, every1 of you took a OATH. Is the Military the only people who stand by their word till they die? Well reed your Constitution, for the Military does not recognize Biden as the Pres., or his Adm. & the Polosi/Schumer DEM law makers, according to the Military Intelligence, sector who did their own investigation Domestic & Abroad, & found immense Voter Fraud done by China Italy & Isreal, not Russia. Their job now & they are doing it …is to take their orders from the duly elected Pres. by the PEOPLE& to restore him in the Oval office. The Military is the only people who HONOR America & her Const. & Protect her Citizens.
    So IDAHO Govt. you better get on board & help the people the Military & President Trump TAKE AMERICA BACK from the SATANIC ,Anti- God/Jesus, Communist , Power Hungry, Treasonous TRAITORS, or YOU will be on the Boat to GITMO for execution, by Military Judge & Trial, some have already been executed in 2018 & 2019. Why do you think Pres. Trump spent 500B to restore GITMO to house all of the Traitors 35K of them.
    You Law Makers shouldn’t even worry about re-Election for as of congress election reform bill passing & what has happened Nov. 3
    & Jan. 6th, for it destroyed our Democracy. You truly cant’ believe we trust Idaho’s voting integrity, cause we don’t trust any of you, enforcing Agenda 21 gave you away. What you should be worried about is there a Indictment w/your name on it???
    God is very displeased with the leaders He chose to protect us. For a change do something He would be pleased with. DO THE RIGHT THING, & Join the states that supported our Pres. for Idaho is a Red State, except for those who call themselves Rpblcn, but in their black heart they’re Demoncrats, the party that Roman Ceaser started & have not changed i Centuries. Still evil.

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