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ICYMI: Idaho Dispatch Interviews on The Hoff Time Report

By • July 21, 2022

ICYMI, I had the opportunity to interview on The Hoff Time Report earlier this week.

The Hoff TIme Report is hosted by Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The IFF is a political think tank based in Boise.

During the show, an in-depth discussion took place on the state of Idaho media and what the Idaho Dispatch is trying to bring to the table. Bryan Hyde from “Nowhere to Hyde” was also on the podcast.

Please note that Idaho Dispatch is not affiliated with the IFF or any political organization. We took the opportunity to get our message out to more Idahoans and would happily do so on any podcast from any side of the political spectrum.

You can view The Hoff Time Report here (story continues below):

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Greg Pruett
Idaho Dispatch

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5 thoughts on “ICYMI: Idaho Dispatch Interviews on The Hoff Time Report

  1. Thanks to all three of you, that was calming and informative.

    Greg, you’re cracking us up: A donation link to the Idaho Dispatch, yet not the Idaho Freedom Foundation. If you would please provide their link also.

    1. Welcome Sue! I was born in Reseda 1955, left Newsom’s shthole in 2020. Fought the left all my life. IFF is pure gold. ID has no clue of the evil that intends to engulf therm.
      Idaho Dispatch is the only? real news media(besides some radio)I can find. Idaho Statesman, Post Register and the others may as well be written by Adam Schiff. Pure leftist lies.
      Greg is a gem. I know you’ll stay focused- The deep state here intends to turn us into Portland/Seattle/Denver/San Francisco

      1. James, I am Judy Whitworth of Caldwell. This sentence sends chhills up my spine.” ID has no clue of the evil that intends to engulf therm” please i need to know more of your insite.

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