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House Ethics Committee Recommends Censure and Removal from Commerce and Human Resources Committee

By • August 3, 2021

Update at 4:30 p.m. on Augst 3. Rep Priscilla Giddings has sent Idaho Dispatch the following statement in response to the committee’s decision:

Sadly, this committee is ignoring due process and acting in blatant conflict of interest. The chairman is hand-picked by Lt. Governor candidate Scott Bedke, and the committee members are all beholden to the power Bedke wields as Speaker. Today’s decision makes a mockery of Idaho’s ethical standards and demonstrates that we are over the target in exposing the rampant corruption of Bedke and his allies. And removing me from the committee through which I passed H140, the bill to shut down Speaker Bedke’s forced vaccine agenda, does not silence the voice of the people as Bedke hopes, it just brings new focus on this vital issue. Speaker Bedke’s decision to run for Lt. Governor has been common knowledge since the beginning of this year, long before he trumped up these charges against me, and now he is using his office and tens-of-thousands of taxpayer dollars for his own campaign purposes. But that’s business as usual for Bedke, who is taking large donations from multinational corporations with one hand while flaunting state law to appoint his lobbyist friend, John Simpson, to the powerful redistricting commission with the other. This kind of unblushing corruption is why I am running for Lt. Governor. It’s time to clean up the swamp Scott Bedke is creating in Boise!

Original story below.

Today the House Committee on Ethics and House Policy concluded their hearing for Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird).

Giddings was facing two ethics complaints that were filed after Giddings shared a news article that contained the name and image of an alleged rape victim. The complaints also stated that Giddings was not truthful in her answers before the committee and that other remarks made in her Facebook post and newsletter were inappropriate.

Today, the committee voted unanimously to recommend that the Idaho House censure Giddings and remove her from the House Commerce and Human Resources Committee.

The Idaho House must vote on a simple majority to agree or disagree with the committee’s recommendation. Because the House is currently “at ease,” they must return before the next legislative session to vote on the issue. If they do not return to vote before the next legislative session, the committee’s recommendation becomes void, and a new hearing would have to take place.

The majority of the committee’s work took place yesterday as witnesses called by the committee testified, and Giddings herself also testified before the committee.

Giddings also gave an opening statement yesterday blasting the committee process and her political opponent for Lt. Governor, Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Oakley.)

Today, the committee members gave brief statements explaining what they thought about Giddings’ remarks and actions throughout the process.

Rep. John Gannon (D-Boise) said that people wanting to report wrongdoings in the Capitol need to know they can do so without fear of retaliation.

Rep. Wendy Horman (R-Idaho Falls) and Rep. Brent Crane (R-Nampa) both said Giddings made statements that were lies. For example, Giddings had said that the entire Democrat caucus had signed onto the committee, and Crane said that not every Democrat had signed on.

Several committee members said that they wished Giddings had just “owned” up to the post and apologized for it. They said that if she had, they would not have had to go through the committee process.

Before a vote from the committee, Horman asked that the first complaint from Chaney be dismissed because the content from the first complaint was mostly contained in the second complaint filed by two-dozen legislators.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Giddings to see if she had a comment for this article, but she has not yet responded.

What do you think of the recommendations made by the committee? Were they too strong or not strong enough?

Let us know in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “House Ethics Committee Recommends Censure and Removal from Commerce and Human Resources Committee

  1. Watching the farce yesterday it was obvious that the statements by the “witnesses” were rehearsed and coordinated. Some of their words may have been different, their meanings were all the same. Feelings got in the way of facts, that is todays world.

    My thoughts are the show should have never happened and since this was a political stunt by Bedke, there should not be any punishment.

    1. I think if you put the political bs aside. This young lady deserves an apology at bare minimum. I say shame on her for posting it and maybe read before you post in the future. Maybe she should quit acting like the victim herself and realize the damage she’s caused others instead.

      1. Oh, please. The young lady’s name was already a matter of public knowledge. Representative Giddings did not “reveal” anything that was not already public.

  2. Put each and all on the Committee through a thorough investigation. Then put them on trial at their own expense. Fine them, Jail them, and/or Remove them from office as appropriate for their offenses.

    Quite the disgusting group of clowns overall. Liberal republicans and democrats have once again played “Kangaroo Court”.

    Sure makes decisions on candidate donations and voting easy though.

  3. Speaker Scott (Pelosi) Bedke is, at this point, a grave danger to the state of Idaho. Bedke should be investigated immediately as he has already proven himself unsuitable for the position he holds (abuses).

  4. Time to beat Bedke on voting day 🙂 simple.
    This stunt, plus not doing a dang thing to protect us from being forced to vaccinate, he is sinking his Ship. We show up, vote him out. And vote Giddings as LT Gov. Expect us.

    All we have to do is show up to vote. Easy as that.

  5. I thought Idaho was above witch hunts! It makes me sick to know how biased and one-sided the committee is. I guess they are learning from Pelosi and crew and know they won’t be held accountable. We have to vote them out if they believe there are two sets of laws. One of them and one for everyone else.

  6. The subjective nature of this ethics committee was shocking to me. Some of them basically said that if she had showed enough contrition and repentance, they would have extended the ring for her to kiss and all would be forgiven. But she didn’t, so they must punish her. Either there was a clear ethical rule that she broke, or there wasn’t. Our reps are not down there to make chums. They are there to be our voice and protect the people of Idaho from government overreach. There was so much talk of feelings and impressions and hypothetical scenarios where this would have happened or that would have happened. The facts are stark: she posted a link to a news article. Other people (notably the democrats, some feelings-led republicans, and her rival for office) thought she shouldn’t have. So now she must be “put out” for a while to think about what she did, or until she’s sorry. The correlation to church discipline that Dixon made was wholly inappropriate and I feel the only ones who reflected badly on “the institution” were the ones who claimed to be most concerned about it, the committee and the complainants. The ethics committee should be disbanded and if people don’t like how their rep behaves, they can vote them out.

  7. Hopefully the great people of Idaho will see through all the political tactics and realize if Idaho doesn’t drain its own little swamp, with the likes of Bedke and others who cater to special interests, greed and lust for power, then we’ll lose our distinctive culture of being freedom lovers & patriots for a true America. Rep Giddings has been a strong voice to protect Idahoan’s rights and freedoms, rather than bowing to the mob. We need our State to have representatives who will keep Idaho strong in our Constitutional power and defy federal tyranny and corruption in govt. Go Giddings!

  8. What a complete waste of tax payer dollars. This entire committee is waste and must to be removed to the appropriate land fill. Immoral and disgusting. No one believes anything you utter out of your mouth. You know Bedke is a coward when he stands with the tyranny that mandates experimental drugs be unwilfully forced on our health care workers or they get fired! He lies and uses his power to feed his agenda. The rest of you are bigger cowards, can’t stand up to him as Priscilla Giddings does! You shouted this loud and clear “I am a coward”. This committee painted themselves as evil, self serving hypocrites they are!!!

  9. I didn’t see an ounce of remorse or compassion from Priscilla Giddings in this affair. It’s a matter of factual record that Giddings acted in a way that was hurtful and harmful to the young intern WORKING at the Capitol. It was an easy mistake to remedy by showing – even faking – compassion and admitting she made an error.

    We now know Giddings isn’t capable of self reflection. She displayed poor character in this matter.

    1. This is the problem. Why would it satisfy you if she faked being sorry? She posted a news article that she felt portrayed both sides of the story, which was lacking in the committee and the press. There are no criminal charges. The police dropped the case. So it’s an allegation that went no where, yet a highly respected and active member of the legislature is being benched because she posted a hyperlink to a news article about it. She didn’t write the woman’s name or upload the photo. Doxxing was not the goal, as made clear in her testimony. She posted what she posted, she wasn’t sorry for it because she didn’t feel it was wrong. To demand groveling in order to extend the scepter of forgiveness is beneath the dignity of the institution. I didn’t send my reps down there to win Miss Congeniality, I sent them down there to represent their region of the state. If her constituents are more worried about her social media than her performance in the house, they are free to replace her with someone else.

  10. I met Priscilla Giddings shortly after she was elected to the Idaho legislature and continue to be impressed by not only her ethics, but by her representation. I’m afraid the ‘ethics committee’ has missed the mark on this one. Her testimony was sufficient for me to see the real issue is with those accusing her. It is too bad that her statement is difficult to share broadly. I will do all I can to have her elected as Lt. Governor!

  11. The Ethics committee hearing is a sham! All of those bozos have unprofessional and unethical behavior that should also be censured. The people have asked them to file an ethical complaint against Rep Chaney for calling the citizens of Idaho Chinese Red Guards and Nazis in a committee while in session. Rep Ron Nate and Rep Heather Scott rebuked Chaney for his unethical behavior but Rep Crane, Rep Bedke, and Rep Gannon refuse to do so. Therefore, the Reps of the Ethics Committee have lied to the people that they care about the People of the state of Idaho.

  12. So many things wrong with these trump up charges against Rep. Giddings with hidden agendas. Here are just a few.
    1. Christopher McCurdy a lawyer with Holland & Hart has donated to Scott Bedke campaign. Therefore conflict of interest to have McCurdy cross examine Giddings. More importantly why waste tax payers money on hiring an outside law firm. Is it not the job of the ethics committee to ask questions?
    2. Giddings is Bedke’s competition for Lt. Governor 2022, he should have recused himself.
    3. Hidden agenda on Bedkes part, to pass H140. Which Giddings got shut down. This is Bedke’s bill which would usher in a forced vaccine agenda. Therefore, he wants Giddings off the Human and Welfare committee. That’s just the tip of the spear. The truth will prevail, the true agenda of this kangaroo court.
    The real head spinner is when this corrupt ethics committee stated had she shown remorse they would have been able to over look these allegations. NO that’s not how this works, either a person is guilty or not guilty. These Rhinos are taking a wreaking ball to Idaho’s conservative base. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  13. Very simple. this whole hearing was a political hit job by Rep. Bedke, and his merry band of sheep who supported him in this political hit on Rep. Giddings. Really sad part is this shows the Boise Idaho is no different than the political mess in the center of insanity…D.C. The Republican party need to cull the herd of RINO’s in Boise, and the Democrats need to go home, and be replaced by Representative who remember the serve the will of the people, not their personal will. This just makes it way easier to vote Rep. Giddings in as the next Lt. Governor of Idaho, and cut a check for her campaign.

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