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HB 54 Would Allow Cities/Counties to Ban Plastic Bags and Other Auxiliary Containers in Idaho

By • January 28, 2021

A new bill has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature to overturn a law passed in 2016 that prohibits cities and counties from enacting plastic bag bans.

House Bill 54 was introduced earlier this week by House Minority Leader Rep. Ilana Rubel (D-Boise) in the [House] [State Affairs] Committee.

The bill’s official Statement of Purpose is as follows:

This legislation repeals existing code that preempts local regulation of auxiliary containers such as plastic bags restoring local control.

HB 54 is co-sponsored by the following legislators: Sen. David Nelson (D-Moscow), Sen. Ali Rabe (D-Boise), Sen. Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum), Sen. Janie Ward-Engelking (D-Boise), Sen. Melissa Wintrow (D-Boise), Rep. John McCrostie (D-Garden City), Rep. Colin Nash (D-Boise), Rep. Lauren Necochea (D-Boise).

States like Oregon have enacted statewide bans on plastic bags. Idaho however has chosen to have a state preemption law that prohibits local municipalities from enacting their own bans.

Rubel, proposed the same legislation last legislative session as well.

There is currently no public hearing scheduled for HB 54.

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20 thoughts on “HB 54 Would Allow Cities/Counties to Ban Plastic Bags and Other Auxiliary Containers in Idaho

  1. Has it even been passed out of committee? This is how it starts. You want to educate and promote not using plastic, fine. That’s a much better use of time. But to start mandating every little damn thing in our lives is just ridiculous. I reject it on principle.

    1. This bill is not about mandating anything in your life. In fact it is just the opposite. In 2016 the Idaho Legislators passed a bill that bans local control over this, so if any town or county decides that they want to regulate their plastic waste, they are not allowed to in Idaho. What happened to local control?

      Don’t worry, Idaho. Nobody is coming for your plastic bags, but those of us who live in communities that would vote to reduce plastic should have the right to do that in our own communities.

  2. Have these people lost their collective f***ing minds.
    Do they live in a parallel universe. You do understand the states than banned them all have them but now you have to pay for them.

  3. Dear Time Wasters,

    Rest assured that We The People have absolutely zero intent on hauling our used plastic bags over to the ocean waters in order to feed the fish.

    Please quit wasting our Legislators time.

  4. Really, that’s the great problem of our time – plastic bags?

    Why not do something relevant like rescind the governor’s imperial emergency order and make Little get off his throne.

  5. I moved to Idaho 10 years ago to assimilate to this amazing state. I told people then that if you ever see a bag ban proposal, go home, call your realtor and move away. I see comments like not out of committee or these folks are crazy. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that those who love this state get involved in local politics and help elect real conservatives. The seepage of this progressive cancer will happen unless we catch it in stage 1. Ever try to beat cancer in stage 4? It is a death sentence. I can easily see that in 10 years in Idaho unless the average working stiff pays attention. I know you are trying to pay bills amd take care of your family. I get it. But if you don’t trade football on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday and read about what is going on, you will get the government you deserve. That’s reality. I beg you for you and your your significant other to get involved. Run for city council, run for school board, etc. appreciate being able to share before banned.

  6. Yes, let’s all get up in arms about plastic bags. How about all the masks cluttering up the environment? Yea for the Democrats!

  7. Mark
    You absolutely hit the nail on the head, these looney liberals need to be put on the first bus out of Idaho, there intentions will become that cancer you mentioned! It’s extremely important for all of us whether your a native or transplant to Idaho……..get involved before it’s too late

  8. For all of you who like the restrictive laws of Oregon, California and other states: PLEASE MOVE THERE. Don’t try to change Idaho to be like them.

  9. Does the trash bag (plastic) for your in house garbage that is inserted in your trash container is that ban too?
    Ontario did banned plastic bags at grocery stores. It was very hard for the majority to bring their own bags for groceries, which they were charged. After some months, it was dismissed at Walmart.
    No… there are more important concerning issues like open up schools, business, get our economics going and the list goes on.
    Contact you representatives and tell them NO. Vote those out who is wasting Idaho’s time not caring about our financial life.

  10. Having just spent a long weekend at the Oregon Coast, every store I went into asked if I wanted to pay 10 cents for a bag for my items…..That is your plastic bag ban in action. We have more important things to be doing in the legislature.

  11. Democrats have some of the worst bills. Wintrow is bringing back the “add the words bill”/ What don’t they get about opening schools, etc..?

  12. All Democrat Bill. Based on what Oregon is doing. Oregon also allows AntiFa and BLM destruction and anarchy with “peaceful protests” – burning, looting, killing, denying other citizens their God-given rights to live safely, peacefully, and be prosperous. How about letting stores provide patrons the options of plastic, paper, or your own? Again, Government trying to mettle in Business’ business.
    Bet your bottom dollar plastic straws are next. Vote out all Marxist Dems.

  13. Let people chose on their own. I was at Winco the other day and a lady used her own re-usable bags. Good for her. She made her own choice. I don’t need some leftist telling me how to live my life. First bags, then straws. Ever use a paper straw? They dissolve right into your glass. Ewww!

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