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Gun Control Group to March in Boise/Lewiston, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Responds

By • May 30, 2022

March for Our Lives, a national gun control organization, is holding a nationwide march for a “nation free of gun violence” on June 11.

The group will hold two events in Idaho. One event will occur at the capitol in Boise, and the other will be held in Lewiston at a location that has not yet been determined.

Both events will begin at 11:00 a.m., with the Boise event being Mountain Time and the Lewiston event being Pacific Time.

On the March for Our Lives website, they describe the event by saying,

In light of the tragedy at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX, March For Our Lives is demanding action by returning to our roots — it’s time for another March For Our Lives.

Since we last marched for gun violence prevention in 2018, we passed lifesaving legislation in states across the country. It’s time to hit the streets once again. We are calling for a March For Our Lives on Saturday, June 11 demanding that President Biden and lawmakers take action immediately to stop the gun violence epidemic. Organizers from across our chapters will be putting on local marches and the national organization will produce a high-impact, high-volume March in DC.

Our message and ask for this March is simple: no longer will we be held hostage by our lawmakers and no longer will we tolerate feeling unsafe in our communities. Regardless of what party you stand for, if you do not support lifesaving measures like universal background checks, we will pledge to vote against you this fall and in future elections.

The events are being held after the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which took the lives of 19 children and two adults.

Another gun control group, Moms Demand Action, will be supporting the event as well. The group also supports a vigil for the Uvalde victims on Tuesday, May 31 at 8:00 p.m. MT on the Jefferson Steps of the Idaho capitol building. That event is also being put on by March for Our Lives – Idaho.

March for Our Lives is calling for several measures regarding firearms, such as a license to own a gun, annual licensing fees, a minimum age of 21 for firearm possession, required safety storage laws, a ban on “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” and more.

Idaho is one of the least regulated states when it comes to firearms.

Idaho Dispatch asked Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Political Director Christy Zito about the planned gun control march. She stated,

Every American has a right to protest and express their views, even if we disagree with what they are protesting about.

The gun control groups are once again trying to use a tragedy to push their disarmament agenda. Their ultimate goal is the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, and more of them are starting to say it out loud. Rather than focusing on the root causes of someone getting to a place mentally where they do something horrific as we saw in Texas, the gun control lobby pushes attacks on our constitutional rights which won’t solve anything in the end.

As we have done for a decade now, the ISAA will continue to protect and defend the right to keep and bear arms.

There are solutions to stopping these killers, but they aren’t fixed by banning inanimate objects. They are fixed by not only better securing our schools, letting teachers who want to be armed defend themselves and others, but there is a much deeper fix which half the country doesn’t want to hear.

We need to restore God in our lives, deal with the mental health crisis our youth are facing, and brining the nuclear family back to the forefront of our society.

These radical leftists claim gun owners don’t care about lives, but nothing could be further from the truth. We refuse to be lectured about “life” when these same radical leftists believe it’s okay to kill a baby in the womb even up until the day it is due to be born. Some of them even say it’s okay to kill a baby AFTER it has been born.

Americans who cherrish life and freedom will continue to do so and the ISAA will be here standing side by side with them.

What do you think of the gun control debate? Should Idaho change its firearm laws?

If so, what laws do you think Idaho should change? Let us know in the comment section below.

Note: Greg Pruett serves as the President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

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16 thoughts on “Gun Control Group to March in Boise/Lewiston, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Responds

  1. Bring hunters education into schools in the 8th grade level. That will teach not only wildlife conservation and respect for such but it will also teach children gun safety and responsibility. And let our teachers be armed after both hunters education and enhanced concealed training are completed.

  2. Ulvade- the maniac killer was in one classroom for what 60 minutes? Type of gun, or even no gun at all, did not matter in the least bit…

  3. Thank you, Christy, for pointing out the disgusting hypocrisy and fake virtue/morality of the Left. They demand, promote, and even celebrate the right to murder the most innocent of human beings (who are NOT part of the mother’s body, not an appendage–they have their OWN bodies, unique DNA profile, blood type, etc–just follow the science). These people only care about themselves. Beto O’Rourke is a perfect example: interrupts Gov Abbott’s press conference to make it about himself, illustrating perfectly the self-indulgent posturing, emotional immaturity, refusal to discuss like adults in the appropriate setting, and a total unwillingness to follow the science (ignoring decades-long data, for one). Ultimately, it’s always about them…ohhh, they are sooo (fill in the blank), and they demand. They demand because they are so outraged–even as their own Senate Majority Leader (and chief Supreme Court threatener) Chuck Schumer has just blocked and refused to talk about the GOP school safety bill, in favor of discussing, oh, voting rights. And there you have it. They don’t give a schyte. They only want wedge issues, so they can create hate and use that, which then necessitates they find things they can get emotionally overwrought about, so they can feel human. Like I said, it’s always about them.

  4. Shall Not Be Infringed is not about hunting. The 2nd Amendment is about protecting America from enemies foreign and domestic…and from rogue government should they overlook the rights of We The People who run our country as We The People. Government in a healthy environment is established to serve We The People. Attacking the rights of honest, constitution minded US citizens is brazen stupidity when constantly brought to the table because of actions of rogue government actors, or criminals who abuse the law. Common sense should prevail, and our country would benefit greatly from it. We need to take out the trash in DC, and We The People need to oversee all future leadership with the ability to fire leaders who do not uphold our great Constitution and do not respect our great USA.

    1. No one protects from the U.S.A from its domestic enemies. Our politicians. government employees and the military have bankrupted this nation and are destroying our liberties.

  5. The 2nd Amendment is spelled out in the Bill of Rights.
    A state cannot override the writings in Constitution of the United States.

    1. Except–sadly–they do, Idaho Seven. In CA there have been lawsuit wins, but it takes a long time, which buys domestic and foreign enemies time to come up with the next assault. And when Kamala Harris was CA AG, she purposely did nothing to fight this, no surprise. She also intentionally did NOT round up tens of thousands of firearms that the state knows are owned by convicted felons. They don’t care about crime and murder. They care about their own power. Anything that can be used to enlarge their own power, they will do (or not do).

      Eric, you’re right, it’s not about hunting or sporting. And it’s only secondarily about protecting yourself in your community. It is foremost about protection from tyranny because our Founders were fleeing tyranny. But the Left’s leaders aren’t stupid (well, Kamala + Beto are pretty stupid)–they are crafty. Chuck “threaten-the-Supreme-Court” Schumer knows exactly what he’s doing. Nancy “insider-trading” Pelosi knows exactly what she’s doing. The WEF and UN and WHO are united in needing to bring down the American Constitution, for until that happens, they can’t completely rule us. Yes, we need to take out the Trash.

  6. Does nobody pay attention to history, what takes place in a dictator country, or how these types of country’s became. People on both sides of the isle might wish to rethink how they plan to approach the takeover of America. The tyrants of the world are making it very clear it will no longer be America the free and all that have died, have physical problems, and mental problems will all be in vain. You can continue to be funneled like sheep or find a way to change the course.

  7. Idaho is the least regulated State… we also are a State with less crime. Enough said. Stop teaching our children they are victims and maybe they won’t feel the need to shoot up the schools. Real simple folks. Stop blaming inanimate objects. There are 400 million guns in America today that have not committed any crimes. Criminals obey gun laws like Politicians obey their “Oath’s of Office”.

  8. Yes there should be a law changed. We shouldn’t be taxed to buy a weapon to protect ourselves ! Yes I said it. Remove taxes from Idaho firearm purchases !!! MOLON LABE

  9. Time for death penalty for felons using a firearm and no early release. stop supporting criminals with 3 hots and a cot along with free medical. Vets do not get a deal that good

  10. Guns have NEVER killed anyone! This issue has never been about protecting lives or stopping anyone from being killed by anyone with the weapon(s) of their choice. Pure and simple – this is about removing Americans’ abilities to defend our families, our homes and property, and most importantly – OUR COUNTRY from enemies WITHIN and without!

  11. The handwriting is on the wall. The Dems DO want to take our guns away. Make no mistake about it. Don’t believe their unending lies.

  12. This gun control operation began its latest full court press run in 2010 and kicked into high gear in 2012. Project Longevity, combined with Fast and Furious, Demand Letter 3 and other ATF programs launched under Obama’s watch have been nurturing this rash of events that are designed to force fear, compromise and compliance to their wishes. Federal and State governments have colluded with MSM to brainwash the American public about gun ownership. The most feeble of minds fall for it, easily.

    But MANY of us see right through it and will FIGHT to STOP it!

  13. I don’t believe guns are the problem, but the human nature of sin is the problem passed down to us by Adam and eve, that can only be fixed through faith in Jesus Christ. Start teaching our children that they are not highly evolved fish but highly valued human beings created by God for a purpose and are unique and special. AT THE POINT OF CONCEPTION.

  14. Ignorant groups like this don’t have any facts to back them up. it’s a heart problem, a Morales problem, it’s the person not the object. gun control does not stop people from committing murder, if it did then we would have no cars or alcohol due to the killings they help make happen.

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