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Group Holding Statewide “Mask Burning” Events on Saturday

By • March 5, 2021

It’s been almost a year since Governor Brad Little first issued his “Stay-at-Home” order in the wake of COVID-19.

Over the last year, Little has issued a number of “Emergency Orders.” Additionally, cities, counties, and health districts have issued a variety of mask mandates in Idaho.

A number of protests have also taken place against the shutdowns and mask mandates during that same time.

Tomorrow, a group is holding statewide “Burn Sites” for burning masks, copies of emergency orders, and copies of mask mandates.

The group holding the event is called “Free Idaho.”

One of the organizers for the event is Darr Moon. Idaho Dispatch asked Moon for a comment on why the group is holding the events and he told us,

Government has failed and is broken. We need to bring it back to the republican form of government that it used to be.

According to the group’s website, approximately 28 “burn sites” with most of the events beginning at 10:00 a.m. local time. Several of the events take place later in the evening.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Little’s office for comment but they have not yet responded to our request. If Little does respond, we will update the article accordingly.

What do you think of the mask burning events? Do you intend to participate or not?

Let us know in the comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Group Holding Statewide “Mask Burning” Events on Saturday

  1. Any anti communist activity is welcomed, even mask burning as a symbol of disgust for the likes of a socialist/communist leaning mayor or college president for example.

    Idaho’s governor has been more than disgusting in his actions to negatively control businesses and people through unconstitutional lock downs and mandates for the sake of federal government payoffs.


  2. If I had known about it, I would have been there. Where else was this published, as I saw nothing about it?

  3. Our immune systems work first through our digestive system to remove anything harmful and cancerous BEFORE they reach the blood. VACCINES ARE INJECTED DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM WITH ALL OF THEIR TOXINS AND POISONS, including but not limited to formaldehyde, mercury, squalene ( artificial aluminum (not the natural occurring mineral), animal tissues that contain artificial female hormones that stops the pancreatic production of the enzyme call ‘trypsin’ that removes the outer covering of harmful and cancerous cells so the immune system can identify them as such and remove them through the bowel. If this were not enough, VACCINE IMPLANTS stop and end up destroying the function of the PINEAL GLAND, giving the shadow-government even more absolute control of the individual by working with the ever increasing 5G size and number of phone cell towers for more vibrational control . None of these toxic chemicals should EVER touch delicate human tissues. A faulty science at best, in most cases no science at all. Even the Journal of Medicine agreed in their 2008 publication of the absolute corrupt of pharmaceuticals. IT IS TIME WE STOP POISONING OURSELVES WITH DRUGS, VACCINES, INSECTICIDES, HERBICIDES, TOXIN LATTEN FOODS, CHEMTRILS,, ETC.

  4. GOOD FOR THEM! It takes commons sense to illustrate how ridiculous these mask fetishes are with the Elite. They love their power and revel in the spectacle of all of us wearing the face diapers. I hope this signals to anyone moving here that wants a socialist dystopia, to STAY AWAY!

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