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Group Announces Two New Marijuana Initiatives

By • April 20, 2021

Idaho Dispatch was at the capitol today listening in on several legislative proposals.

Upon exiting the building, we also covered the remainder of the Idaho Citizen’s Coalition event and the video below was what we were able to cover. The group is pushing the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act, a ballot initiative for medical marijuana in Idaho.

There were approximately 35 people in attendance for the event and at least one person who was in opposition to the group’s efforts.

Additionally, the group announced that they were also launching two other marijuana ballot initiatives.

One initiative would decriminalize marijuana while the other proposal would legalize marijuana.

The first initiative would allow Idahoans to possess three ounces of marijuana, grow four marijuana plants, and clear their criminal record if they fit into the first two criteria of the intiative. The intiative would not create marijuana stores in Idaho according to the organizers.

The second intiative would only legalize three ounces of marijuana. It would not expunge records and would not allow the plant to be grown in the state.

Below is an image of the sign that was posted at the event explaining all three ballot initiatives the group is involved with or will soon be pushing:

Russ Belville, a spokesman for the group and the individual seen in the video speaking at the event, mentioned that it would be a long shot to get the initiatives through, especially he says if SB 1110 is held up in court challenges.

SB 1110 was just signed into law by Governor Brad Little and requires signatures for ballot initiatives to be gathered in all 35 legislative districts instead of 18 legislative districts as was the law a few days ago.

Because Idaho Citizen’s Coalition has not filed the other two initiatives yet, they will have to follow the new law when gathering signatures.

Here is the video of Idaho Dispatch’s coverage from the capitol:

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5 thoughts on “Group Announces Two New Marijuana Initiatives

  1. Medical Marijuana? Fine, legalize it as a prescription drug for those who NEED it.

    Recreational marijuana? Go find another state to get high in! Oregon will welcome you with open arms and a bowl of weed!

  2. Don’t do it folks. Don’t do it. If you want Schweitzer Mountain to resemble Heavenly Valley in Tahoe, CA… this is the way to do it. In the few years since CA has legalized MJ, the slopes reek of pot. Kids smoking up a storm and racing down the mountain high as a kite. Accident rates increasing.

    Parks… same way. And ohhhh the joy of watching our police officers in the county being gunned down in MJ crop disputes between illegal aliens. Yeah… it’s a utopia.

    Seriously… PLEASE keep Idaho what it’s always been.. a gem. Don’t go down the same path of CA and other blue cesspools.

  3. Medical marijuana in calif was a big joke . People getting their fabricated medical cards on their way to party for the weekend , not because of actual medical issues . Please don’t legalize it in any form Idaho ! I see a need for true medical conditions – however many medical marijuana laws in other states are extremely loose .

  4. I have attended more than 50 committee meetings this session. One I particular was on the issue of legislation to legalize “industrial hemp” in Idaho.
    Having grown up in California I saw this push for what it really is. The first baby steps to full MJ legislation in Idaho. Here’s how it works.
    The legalization cloud in California started with getting hemp legalized. The proverbial “camels nose under the tent. The biomass from hemp production contains THC that can be harvested and used for “medicinal purposes”. Can’t let all that “medicine” go to waste. Not with all the suffering of needy patients. This started the push for the growing (up to 25 plant for personal use) of “medicinal pot”
    It took about two decades of patient and persistent pressure on the citizens, through several failed ballot initiatives, to beat back resistance and gain the support needed for an initiative to finally pass.
    Overnight, the medicinal pot shops popped up in any town that would license them along with a small army of doctors willing to issue cards to patients in dire need of miraculous powers of medical MJ.
    California is now fully legal and proverbial camel is now living full time in the tent. Medicinal MJ is a sham use by the legalization crowd to free themselves from the social stigma of being chronic pot heads.
    When I testified against the legalization of “industrial hemp” in Idaho I related this story to the members. I was approached by several of the committee members who thanked me to speaking up. SN1110, recently signed by Governor Little, will make it extremely difficult for groups like the Idaho (California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, etc) Citizens Coalition to get dangerous, self serving initiatives and on the state ballot.
    Make no mistake about it. Medicinal MJ is a direct path to full legalization.

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