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Governor Little Criticizes Idaho Legislature for Seeking an End to His Emergency Order

By • January 22, 2021

Governor Brad Little held an update today on the COVID-19 emergency at 12:00 p.m. MST.

It was unclear prior to the announcement everything Little would discuss. The announcement did mention he would be discussing the “emergency” but no further clarification was listed.

In today’s announcement, Little attacked the Idaho legislature which is seeking to end his emergency order.

Little spent much of his time going after the legislature for their current proposals and mentioned the Idaho House specifically.

Here are some of the lines from Little’s speech:

I believe in my heart that what the Idaho legislature is doing is harmful to our people and wrong for Idaho.

I urge my partners in the legislature to stop the political games and do what is right for the people of Idaho.

Abandon the myth that the emergency declaration somehow shuts down Idaho. Abandon the myth that the emergency declaration somehow infringes on your rights. Abandon these irresponsible attempts to undo Idaho’s emergency declaration, an action that only puts the lives and livelihoods of our families and neighbors in jeopardy.

Partway through Little’s announcement, he had General Mike Garshak of the Idaho Army National Guard come up and speak.

Garshack spoke about how the National Guard is currently helping Idaho under the current emergency order. Part of what the National Guard has been doing is providing screening for COVID-19 tests and that they would be helping to administer the vaccines.

Garshak said in part of his speech,

It is not the time to stand down. Cancelling Idaho’s emergency declaration would do just that. In order for the National Guard to respond to domestic emergencies beyond 72 hours, a formal disaster declaration is required by law.

Little closed out his speech with a plea to Idahoans to contact their legislators and ask them to stop trying to end the emergency order.

Here is what Little said in part,

Contact your state legislators and tell them not to take away one of our strongest tools to end this pandemic and get back to normal.

Idaho Dispatch is currently reaching out to Idaho legislators and seeking a response to Little’s announcement today. We will run those quotes in a future article.

What did you think of Little’s speech?

Let us know in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Governor Little Criticizes Idaho Legislature for Seeking an End to His Emergency Order

  1. Brad Little uses emotional appeals very effectively, but continues to ignore the facts. Actually, he labels facts as myth, which is worse.

    Unfortunately, my liberal legislators will applaud this speech, and will continue to support the emergency order, regardless of how much it hurts their constituents.

  2. I contacted my legislators just as Little suggested…. to encourage them to press on with ending the emergency declaration. 🙂 I did not care for his suggesting that certain people where perpetuating myths and misinformation about the supposed pandemic and ” to stop acting as if the emergency order closes the state or infringes upon personal rights.” That emergency order has done a lot of damage in how its effected business and folks lives.

  3. I’m sure Little can’t wait to bend a knee to the CCP in D.C.! It’s all about the Benjamin’s with this RINO.

  4. Little needs to be dethroned. What he didn’t say,..the national guard usage by the state brings in $550.00 per day, per soldier. (from FEMA funds. Folks, it’s all about the money And control.

  5. End the emergency order, it’s doing more harm than good. Chicken Little doesn’t need any more fed. money!

  6. End emergency orders! Stop requiring stupid masks. The only thing they do is pit one citizen against another.
    Little has a lot of nerve criticizing anyone.

  7. Sounds like he only cares about the money he gets from the Feds due to the “pandemic” declaration. Does he really care about the people? Probably all governors want the “pandemic” to go on ad nauseam because of the funding they get. It’s disgusting.
    If Feds stopped all the funding it would be over in a hearbeat.

  8. Very simple end the Emergency order, and recall Emperor Little… This move would help the people of Idaho. Keep the Emergency Order as Emperor Little wants, and that will continue to hurt the people of Idaho, and Idaho business…Legislature find your backbone, and stop Emperor Little’s choke hold on Idaho.

  9. Governor Little really likes dangling the “let’s get back to normal” carrot to get us to comply and willingly give up our freedoms.

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