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Gov. Little Pictured without Mask Next to Vice President Mike Pence

By • July 23, 2020

The mask debate continues to take place at all levels of government.

Local health districts in Idaho are debating them. City councils are passing or voting down ordinances on mask mandates.

President Trump even threw his support behind wearing a mask.

Gov. Little has started a “#MaskUpIdaho” campaign.

However, Governor Little recently made a trip to the White House where he was pictured sitting next to Vice President Mike Pence and others without his mask on and he was not social distancing.

Gov. Little was attending an event where President Trump and Vice President Pence discussed rolling back regulations.

Pence praised Little for his efforts to decrease regulations in Idaho within his first year as the governor.

From the KTVB live stream of the event on YouTube, you can see this image (20:31 timestamp) of Gov. Little not wearing a mask while sitting right next to Pence.


Why wasn’t Gov. Little wearing a mask at the event?

We reached out to Gov. Little’s office for a comment. Here is what they sent Idaho Dispatch as a response,

Per White House protocols, Governor Little received a negative result from a rapid COVID-19 test before interacting with federal officials. Governor Little agrees with the President that wearing masks is the patriotic thing to do and encourages all Idahoans to wear a mask in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained.

While Gov. Little tested at the White House for Coronavirus and the test came back negative, the tests are not 100% accurate.

Additionally, Gov. Little is not six feet from the other participants which means that he is not social distancing. According to Gov. Little’s statement, masks should be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained.

It is unclear if the governor’s guidance is that not wearing a mask or social distancing is okay if you test negative for Coronavirus and are around others who have tested negative.

We have sent an additional email to the governor’s office for clarification and we will update this article with any information we receive.

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One thought on “Gov. Little Pictured without Mask Next to Vice President Mike Pence

  1. Governor Little has not followed his mandates from the beginning, such as when he and his entourage travelled from the Covid hotspot, Boise, to where the disease was practically non-existent in northern Idaho for a photo op to handout lunches to people in passing cars (not six feet away). He is a typical hypocritical oligarch, as he enacts his edicts, without allowing input from our elected representatives, and then does not follow them himself. This is about control, not health.

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