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Gov. Little Orders Idaho Back Into Stage 3, Lt. Governor Responds

By • October 27, 2020

Idaho is considered a hot spot in the country for Coronavirus.

In observing social media comments about the condition of Coronavirus in Idaho, some citizens wanted Governor Brad Little to issue a statewide mask mandate. Other citizens opposed the idea saying it was unconstitutional.

When Little announced that he was going to make an announcement on Monday, many citizens we spoke with or observed on social media speculated that Idaho would move back a stage and/or implement a statewide mask mandate.

Little held a press conference yesterday and announced that Idaho would indeed be going back to Stage 3 but he did not issue a statewide mask mandate.

Here is what is implemented under Stage 3 (story continues below):

For most businesses, this does not change much of how they currently operate.

Bars must operate with seating only service and nightclubs can operate as bars. Additionally, Little said in his press conference that long-term care facilities must require masks for anyone who goes on their premises.

Outdoor and indoor gatherings are also limited under Stage 3 protocols.

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin spoke out on social media after Little’s announcement with this statement:

McGeachin has been at odds with Little over the Coronavirus response since March when Little issues his “stay-at-home” order.

What do you think of Idaho going back to Stage 3? Do you agree with Little or McGeachin on the Coronavirus response?

Let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Gov. Little Orders Idaho Back Into Stage 3, Lt. Governor Responds

  1. Little is a money hungry ass that from his own mouth wants the money from the crisis. I have not worn a mask yet and never will. Open this state! Numbers speak louder then words. .97% of the actual cases have died. Population wise death is at .03% with covid. What is it about these numbers that people don’t get. There’s a bigger plan and its MONEY!

  2. Wrong-way Gov Little. Disappointed and suspicious s….has someone paid $ or favors for keeping Idaho handcuffed?

    If you were, we will find out.

    If you are believing the Covid NEW CASES numbers, the only ones that count are DEATHS by purely Covid.

    OPEN MY SALON! Open Restaurants, all the way!

    How many? How many DEATHS? That is all that counts. Covid is a mild flu! A mild flu!
    We need to herd-immune. Let us out!

    Elders are going to die because they are weakened and Covid sends them to heaven.

    There are 4 kinds of treatments from doctors who need to work!

    Let Us Free of All These Restrictions!!!

  3. Bio terrorism for profit
    No one needed to die, if Governors, like little, had not suppressed HCQ
    Is he still suppressing it???
    Lock them up ! This can’t be solved with elections. Courts, law enforcement are failing us.
    They are trying to dehumanize our children with distancing and masks. Train them to be even more compliant, consent to testing…, and believe that Freedom is selfish. View each other, and themselves, as shameful, giant walking bags of cooties.
    Old and sick are isolated, alone and vulnerable…
    They are saying we are sick till proven healthy, which is impossible. It weaponizes our bodies against us. They give us no information or help on how to make our immune systems work, they suppress this.
    They can not prove lockdowns, masks, distancing, plexiglass… work. This has proven, they do not work.
    They can not prove there is an emergency ! Better than 98% survival rate. Most “cases” have mild or no symptoms. Idaho gets $100K per “case”
    And you all just comply, and let it happen… STOP COMPLYING, people !
    Stand with each other, as we STOP COMPLYING !
    People who comply, are selfish, and need to be told, this is about control and corruption.

  4. It’s time to remove or defund the influencing agencies whom are led by unelected, anti-american socialists and communists. These are the people our leadership are consulting with for direction for some reason. It makes one question where our leadership’s true loyalties lie. Central Distict Health, SW District Health, both taking orders from the CDC and WHO, both of whom have put out many conflicting messages related to this non-epidemic. Science was out the window months ago…it’s all propaganda and control narrative now.

  5. I disagree 100% with lLttle I believe we should be free this Corona has gone on Far Enough shutting down our companies are businesses Our Lives. No masks no restrictions get back into how life was made to be in this country and not tyrannical socialistic and I stand behind the 2A 100% Meridian needs to join up every city in the state including the state needs to become Second Amendment . We need to get back to the Constitution of the United States of America we the people for the people about the people this is not about government or those high-paid official’s that’s all that money is going to that should be trickling down to all America to people this country would not be in a problem if government officials did not take all the money and the power that was not to be theirs when this country was founded read your Constitution read the amendments all the answers a cut-and-dry thank you great for standing up I stand behind you support you and I will not give up my rights definitely let’s go back to normal Idaho stop running with this

  6. Hopefully a strong conservative will run against Little in the next election. Tired of spineless republicans that keep getting elected and re-elected. There are a bunch of RINOs currently in office now and people just keep re-electing them because they have a R by their name. Vet the candidate and then keep track of them and hold their feet to the fire.

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