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Gov. Little: Going Back to Stage 2 (Modified), Limit Private Gatherings

By • November 13, 2020

In a Friday afternoon press conference, Gov. Brad Little announced that Idaho will return to a modified Stage Two reopening protocol in response to recent increases in the number of COVID-19 cases.

Idaho was previously in Stage Two from May 16 – May 29.

The most significant change will be the statewide prohibition of gatherings, both public and private, indoors or outdoors, of more than ten people.

The only exceptions are for religious gatherings and political expression.

All Idahoans are encouraged to telework whenever possible and feasible with business operations.

Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs can continue to operate but with limited capacity and seating only.

Masks continue to be mandated in all long-term care facilities. Local jurisdictions are still permitted to impose mask mandates on individuals.  Gov. Little noted that more than half the state is already under some sort of mask mandate.

The Governor announced he is “mobilizing the Idaho National Guard to respond to this emergency.”

Major General Michael Garshak, the Adjutant General of Idaho and the Commanding General of the Idaho National Guard, made a short statement at the press conference regarding the involvement of the National Guard.

The Idaho National Guard, part of the Idaho Military Division, is prepared to provide a host of capabilities to include mobile testing support, facility decontamination, or COVID screening in addition to our ongoing planning and logistic support.

A reporter asked the Governor if part of the National Guard’s mission might be to assist with contact tracing. The Governor replied, “it is.”

K-12 schools will not be required to close as part of the return to Stage Two. Gov. Little said, “Our kids need to remain in school for in-person instruction as much as possible.”

Dr. Christine Hahn spoke about increasing the testing of asymptomatic people (people who show no symptoms) and said that members of a statewide task force are working on a strategy to implement a “routine type of surveillance.”

A number of legislators reacted to Governor’s latest executive order.

Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett) expressed her concerns.

Governor Little’s announcement today appeared to not be as bad as we thought it might be.  That being said, it is a move in the wrong direction.  There are more positive COVID tests because there are more tests being conducted.  We are a responsible people. We know how to keep ourselves safe, and healthy.  Our health care is one of our most personal rights. Autonomy over our own person is the most important freedom we should be protecting.  I find it offensive that our tax dollars are being spent to use scare tactics and manipulation to bully citizens into compliance.

Rep. Chad Christensen (R-Iona) was also unhappy with the Governor’s actions.

There was a precedent set by the courts, especially in Pennsylvania. Lockdowns are unconstitutional. Tyrants violate the Constitution without fear of repercussions.

Apparently, Governor Little lacks the proper fear of his constituents. He was not elected by a majority. The majority of Idahoans are in opposition to his ruling with an iron fist.

They are done. I am well past done. I was done in March. I will continue to encourage my district to ignore his dross. We refuse to wallow in the mud with him.

Rep. Nichols (R-Middleton) said this about Little’s announcement:

We all have the same goal in wanting Idaho to be safe, strong, and healthy all the time. If you’re in the vulnerable population, stay safe and take extra precautions. Everyone should do the things necessary that boost their immune system by giving it the things it needs to keep it healthy! In Idaho we know that businesses and people are very capable of making the best decisions for their situations, and that ‘the government that governs least, governs best.’

Rep. John McCrostie (D-Boise) had the following post on Facebook:

What do you think of Idaho being rolled back to a “Modified Stage 2?” Let us know in the comments below.


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87 thoughts on “Gov. Little: Going Back to Stage 2 (Modified), Limit Private Gatherings

  1. I believe that you quarantine the sick not the healthy!
    Tyrants define rules that restrict the population to oppression! ! !

    1. I believe this is stupid. We all know this is baloney and there is something else happening under the table. Why is it that if virus is dangerous, we have to look extremely hard to find it in someone to determine if one has one? That has to be the dumbest thing. Plus by statistics even WHO and CDC said many of the numbers were inflated. In addition, the survival rate from this virus is 99.9percent of all infected and those that mostly die are those in category of 70 years of age and higher. Plus those that do get, are higher in age than the average national death age? What does that mean?
      This is bogus and useless virus and our immunity is strong and who ever is pushing lockdown/quarantines mandates is planning something extremely evil. As there is no real reason to do this.

      1. Its so obviously a scam? If you stay 6 feet apart? If you wear a mask?? If you sanitize your hands 100 times a day? What total BULLSHIT. You can’t hide from a virus. Masks clearly say they don’t stop the virus. Viruses are not live entities. They don’t jump 6 feet in every direction. Hyper cleanliness is a fallacy. Breathing in your own co2 is toxic to the human immune system. Hypoxia damages the heart and lungs. People wearing masks all day are severely compromising thier immune systems. This is actually what they want. They want us sickly and weak

        1. You’re both right: It’s complete b.s. The distancing thing came from a teenager’s science project! Daddy thought it would be fun to insert it into a mandate. These people are part of a huge racketeering scheme to make billions off of us forcing us to buy their crap vaccine. Or we will be shut out of society. You will have to have proof you are vaxxed if you want to work, shop, eat, go out to concerts, go to the doctor, etc. TicketMaster already said they will test for vax or test you for CV19 in order to attend concerts. They are training us to be good little sheep and be treated like farm animals. All over a virus with as you said a 99% recovery rate. It’s a scamdemic.

  2. So sick of the lies coming out of St. Luke’s….the people finding themselves in the hospitals are those that have worn the masks and sanitized to the point of killing their own natural immunity. I know people who have had it and yes every situation is different but they are recovering because they haven’t cowered in fear. Wait until Biden takes office it will be military lock downs around the country and Little will be skipping happily down the street with the Liberal tyrants laughing.

    1. Agree. Most don’t even realize the human biome is made up of trillions of viruses and bacteria. As if we’re some clean slate that has to be put in a bubble and protected. No matter what, the fatality rate of this cold virus is less than 1% still. And now CDC is saying they will not be counting flu infections this year, isn’t that curious? Covid19 has already cured sepsis, pneumonia, and cancer! Even the CDC’s own inflated numbers showed that 2020 had around the same number of fatalies as every other year. We are being had in a major way. I hope people wake up soon. Notice they conflate ‘cases’ with ‘positive tests’ and the test is flawed. People have been sending them in without doing anything or swabbing their walls or coffee table or the dog, and they come back positive. Because they haven’t even isolated the virus, so how can you test for it?

    2. I’m in the danger zone area at 66 years old. But I’ll be damned if ill cower in fear over some virus or cold. Id rather die than alter my lifestyle for some phoney ass scamdemic. This isnt now, nor ever was a pandemic. The hype and fear porn by news and government is tyrannical. Medical tyranny plain and simple.

      1. Totally agree with you, quality over quantity. If I have to give up seeing family, being with family then that is not living. I’ll take the time spent with them over living in fear.

  3. I’m very angry at his guilt trip on the people who don’t wear masks. He’s completely ignored the population who can’t wear them, turning victims into irresponsible people. Not one word has ever been made to support those with health and mental conditions that prevent them from wearing masks. And the general population has bought into the propaganda. It’s disgusting. He’s a tyrant. I for sure ignore anything he says and encourage others to do so as well.

    1. A very minor number, very minor have a condition that causes wearing a mask a problem. Those 17 people should stay home

      1. Who the hell are you or anyone else to tell people what to do. If you haven’t woken up to the total scam this supposed pandemic is? Here’s some facts. 858,000 Americans die every single year from heart disease. 858,000 Americans die every single year from cancer. Close to 3 million Americans die every single year from numerous causes. Coronavirus isn’t in the top 10. Average age of death from coronavirus is 75 years old. Average life expectancy in America is 78 years old. People are dying of old age.

        1. And the ‘vaccine’ (since they haven’t been able to ever create one against the common cold – which a coronavirus is – what the heck are they really going to be trying to push on us?) will maim or kill hundreds of thousands, but vaccine companies are now exempt from any liability – so too bad for us.

      2. Stupidest remark yet. There are tens of thousands of people in the area with heart and lung problems. People with “CPOD AND ASTHMA”. EMPHYSEMA etc

      3. How about the vulnerable stay home like with any other virus and let the rest live? Here’s another how about let people make the choice? My husband has diabetes but takes very good care of himself, he’s still working and we are still seeing family, why because we have chosen to live life now because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, and living in fear is not living.

      4. And you know this how ?? They’re more people with mental health issues that can’t wear them than you know !! I don’t believe they work , I had five friends get covid and they ALL wore masks and they are all perfectly fine !!

    2. Agree. The muzzles make people very ill, and many of us cannot wear them. We are ignored, no one cares about people with other health issues, only covid19, which has a 99% recovery rate.

      1. Interesting how doctors have built a wall around themselves that no one can get into without a mask?? Yet every time I’ve gone to see my doctor, not only isn’t he wearing a mask? Most of his staff aren’t either? They have all initiated these online health calls? Very convenient? They talk to you for 5 minutes. And charge you the same office call? We’re being screwed? My last visit, I had to take my own blood pressure ans Temperature? They have us doing all the work, while they spend 10% of the time they used to spend for the same amount of money’s? Once again, we’re being screwed

  4. Walk in to any store and count the people that have on a mask. The idea that “we are responsible” is ludicrous. Ask any health care professional and they will side with the governor

    1. Typical lefty who believes that his own personal belief system imposed upon the People is the only right thing to do. If you are frightened, stay home. If you are vulnerable, stay home. If you are a troll, stay home.

    2. So you say. Everyone of the health care professionals that I know personally ALL say that wearing masks does not do anything to stop the so called “spread”. Go ahead and believe what you want, but no one has to agree with you, so you can stop your bully tactics now.

    3. I’m so sick of seeing people in masks. What horrified me more than anything is seeing people gagging and terrorizing thier children. Creating a new “boogieman” for them to be terrified of. The insanity is mind BOGGLING

  5. Love and honor your Representative Chad! You might be the last elected government leader standing in truth and standing FOR truth. Prayers and prayers for you and squadrons of angels around you. St. Michael the Archangel, defend him in the day of battle!

  6. Governor Smalls is insane. He keeps doing the same thing in mandating masks and eliminating gatherings yet it doesn’t stop the virus. Try something else like asking us all to boost our immune systems by eliminating alcohol tobacco coffee Junk food etc and to get better sleep and exercise and spend time doing things that bring happiness. The body’s best line of defense is its immune system. All these draconian measures lead to stress anger and fear which suppress the immune system and make us more vulnerable to sickness. Governor needs to be one and done in office.

    1. Hes definitely one and done in my book. I moved here from California to get away from insane govenor Gavin newshit ? I was told “little is the man”?? Boy was I mislead. How many idahoans have had thier lives destroyed by these bullshit lockdowns. How many Billions have been spent to place these stupid markers in stores and shops across the state. The rules and regulations are ridiculously stupid. Enter a restaurant with a mask, sit sown, take off your mask?? What’s the difference? Groceries? The cashier handles everything you buy. The store stockers touch everything you buy. People are constant touching produce and packages and then not buying them? Walmart has thousands of people, elbow to elbow, but small stores can’t open? Its just stupid. You can’t stop a virus. You can’t keep people from getting sick. Ita mass insanity and hysteria

    2. YOu said it, Brek! Everything they ask us to do HARMS our immune systems. It’s not by accident. Wake up, people.

  7. Chicken Little is out of his mind. Masks are a waste of time and efforts and this has been proven time and again. Chicken Little has his hands full governing himself let alone Idahoan people.

    1. Why hasn’t our wonderful Governor got his mask on in the picture? Evidently his great mandate is for you and I but not for him.

    1. He seems to be trying to emulate Gavin Newscum, we can see what he’s done to California, half the state is packing up and moving out.

  8. We have a bully and a tyrant for a governor who ignores his own legislating members and citizens, and continues to violate our state constitution. We are a free people and we will not comply with the governor’s insane orders.

    1. I definitely won’t, and we have the actual law on our side. If you haven’t looked up Peggy Hall (the Healthy American) I would highly recommend it. She is fighting this b.s. in California, and she’s done a lot of the research on how many laws the mask mandates break, and bullying of healthy people who refuse to comply to this insane attack on our sovereign rights. We all need to learn the laws, because not doing so got us where we are now.

      1. I love Peggy Hall’s work, but she’s being led into the weeds.
        Clearly they do not care about the law.
        They care about the money they can make from the hysteria they gin up!
        They are criminals, you can’t talk them out of it, at this point.
        Californians should have stayed and fought for there state! They come here, still making the mistake of looking to the government. We need to get back to original Idaho values. The government works for us, we do NOT trust the government. Look up The Act of 1871. It’s where the U.S. was incorporated, turned from We The People to For Profit. It needs to go and so do all the criminal Officials.

  9. We are under a naturepaths antiviral supps and IVs
    At our expense. This is called personal responsibility. That’s our remedy for not wearing
    A mask.

    1. I’m sorry you’re Autistic.
      Probably the extensive regiment of vaccines forced on you as a baby,
      It’s sad, Big Pharma makes sooo much money, lobbying to get unnecessary vaccines in the regiment, and have total legal immunity protections from damaged people like you.
      Just wait for the COVID vaccine, Dr? Gates is pushing. You’ll be hooked right up to the internet of things!
      Imagine how much money Dr? Gates, Fauci and Birx will make off your willful ignorance

  10. We have some great people in Idaho government and I think it’s time they gathered together and tell the Governor “No.” Protecting the vulnerable and at risk has always made sense, and treating us like young children hasn’t. Influenza is on us now and some may try to call it Wuhan for their own reasons.
    When casting personal freedom and responsibility against wanton endangering of grandma and all the children the choice is obvious, not backwards. You have the freedom to keep grandma and your children safe at home and the 17 people and the rest of us have the freedom to go shopping responsibly, given that not even the doctors on the nightly scare sessions can produce ANY evidence that masks do anything at all. Nor lock downs. Nor social distancing. If they had actual DATA do you think for a minute we wouldn’t be hearing about it constantly? The DATA doesn’t support it, if you’d care to take a look at their own numbers.

    1. Agree. Most people will stand behind them. And they are not the ones breaking the law, so they should stand up and be proud..

    2. You can hide from viruses that are already in your body. The stupidity of thinking we’re going to somehow hide from a virus is insane. Hyper cleanliness is another phallicy. When we were kids, we made mud pies, then we ate them. We drank from a garden hose every single day. We walked around barefoot through creeks, and lakes. We were as healthy as horses. When I got the measles at 6 years old, 5 neighbor brought their kids over to sit with me all day, so they could get the measles. Everyone knew that in a week we would all have lifetime immunity to the measles. Today they give our children multiple measles vaccines? What bullshit. None of these supposed health officials ever talks about strengthening the human immune system? Why?? Because they can’t make any money off you if you know how to take care of yourself.

      1. Jim Dean, I’m so glad to read your comments. You inspire me! So happy to read some common sense these days. I agree with everything you say! Glad to have you here in Idaho.

  11. Create the nihlism because when the shit hits the fan you mask wearing idiots are the same sheeple opposed to the second ammendment. Welcome to the Anarchy 😉

  12. Just discussed covid with a man that was positive. He said they went ahead and marked his wife and daughter positive w/o even testing them. I don’t care about the numbers anymore because they are not accurate. If you’re at risk then take the necessary precautions.

  13. McCrostie can piss off..he needs to go period we do not need him…people know how to take care of themselves we are not stupid…I WILL NOT WEAR A MASK!!…everyone will get this virus..the host depends on how bad..with that said you, your person is the host…immune systems are the key to your health, that’s not rocket science…and I suggest everyone hole a wake for those pet turkey that will pass away Nov 27th due to unforeseen circumstances

    1. I’m so sick of seeing people in masks. What horrified me more than anything is seeing people gagging and terrorizing thier children. Creating a new “boogieman” for them to be terrified of. The insanity is mind BOGGLING

    2. Heres my question? Why haven’t any of the supposed “health officials” told us how to strengthen our “IMMUNE SYSTEMS”?? Why is it just non stop fear porn and doom and gloom. People die. That our only guarantee in life. When did we start cowering in fear over a mild flu like virus with a 99.6 %recovery rate? This is simple, biology 101. Viruses will always be with us and people with compromised immune systems will get sick and die. I refuse to live in fear of death.

    1. Yes, and note that no matter what any population does, the population fatality rate is always less than 1%. That our media refuses to report that is criminal, in my opinion.

      1. Absolutely. Because this isnt about our health. This is about tyrannical control of the American people. Now that they’ve realized how easy it is to dupe us, this will never end. We have 2 flu seasons every year, and people die by the 10’s of thousands every year. Now they are going to use this to destroy our way of life, and manipulate our healthcare system to euthanize seniors

  14. Tom Woods has done amazing speeches, posts and presentations on this. He has shown how absolutely insane this all is, the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks. WHat it is, is social conditioning. We are being controlled like farm animals, over a virus with a 99% recovery rate. Less deadly than all past pandemics that we basically ignored and got through just fine. They botched the numbers from the start on purpose, so how does anyone know how many people have actually died FROM covid19? We don’t. There was never a scientific method to measure it and no autopsies. Over this, we are complying with unconstitutional demands (they are not laws – they have not passed through the legislature) which seek to convince people they are sick when they are not. Cases are positive tests – they are not illness. Why do politicians and the press continue to conflate them? If you get a positive test but are not sick then you are heallthy. You are not a ‘bioweapon’. Agree with others here who say if you’re sick and paranoid about germs, by all means, stay home. Leave the rest of us alone to return to life as we know it. These petty tyrants who are unconstitutionally trampling our rights should be in front of tribunals, and removed from office. The lockdowns are unconstitutional and the ‘mandates’ are not – from a legal standpoint, enforcing them is ILLEGAL. When this gets sorted out, many officials will be guilty of misdemeanors and worse for their part in this farce.

    1. Brilliantly said. This has been a scam from the get go. Gates and Fauxi are making a fortune on these tests. Another gigantic scam? What kind of disease is it, that you have to take a test to find out if you even have it?? Next it will be the vaccines. Inject more poisons into our seniors and children? Theyve already said that the vaccine is going to make you sick? Why take the vaccine? Just get the virus, allow your immune system to fight, and then have lifetime immunity. This is all a scam. And we better stand up before its to late

      1. Well said! How they are treating children and seniors is the most horrific part of this. Children are being physically and psychologically abused. Forcing them to wear masks and teaching them they are germ-bags is horribly unhealthy. The healthy are supposed to be exposed to viruses, esp. mild ones like this, in order to achieve herd immunity as you say. And the hypocrisy! Governors issued order to force nursing homes to take infected people, resulting in the vast majority of covid19 deaths. And these are the people running the show? 5 Democrat governors are responsible for most of the covid19 deaths that have occurred – all in nursing homes. They are the only place that should have been quarantined, ironically. As far as I’m concerned, that’s eldercide. Having worked in a nursing home, I know that introducing any cold virus into one can result in up to 8% of them dying. And of course these people also knew that.

        1. Nursing home residents have protested being isolated.
          They say they would rather die of COVID than loneliness.
          At the same time, I think there has been an effort to intentionally drive up “COVID death” numbers, with nursing homes, around the world.
          I think socialism encourages that idea.

  15. I’m so sick of seeing people in masks. What horrified me more than anything is seeing people gagging and terrorizing thier children. Creating a new “boogieman” for them to be terrified of. The insanity is mind BOGGLING

  16. Evidently Gov. Little has the same ideology as Gov. Grisham of NM. She announced the same today. I am 83 years young and do not fear the Covid. I have always felt this pandemic was a scam perpetrated upon the entire world for control. Especially in the USA. I am well aware that the “sheep” will retaliate to this vehemently. And I expect it. I will give you some food for thought. How many people have died, since January of this year, of something other than Covid-19 listed on the death certificate?

    1. Great point. 858,000 Americans die every single year from heart disease. Another 858,000 Americans die every single year from cancer. Coronavirus is a drop in the bucket compared to these two. Average age of death from coronavirus is 75 years old. Average life expectancy in America is 78 years old. People are dying of old age, and they’re labeling it coronavirus?? Total BULLSHIT

      1. Agree. Where is the outrage over sepsis killing 265K a year? That’s preventable too! Many catch it in the hospitals. Why? Because they overuse hand sanitizer and it’s created superbugs. They admit it, but continue to do it.

    2. Glen, didn’t you hear the miraculous news? Covid19 has cured cancer, sepsis, flu, and pneumonia! In all seriousness though, the CDC announced a couple of weeks ago that it will not be counting flu cases. It is such a major scam.

      1. Probably the ones that are sick now have the flu or cold and they are counting it as covid just like they did in the beginning with heat attacks ext !! I’m over it and Masks don’t flipping work . I see more people wearing masks than not and people are getting sick . Germs linger in the masks !!

  17. Interesting that he is more fearful than every doctor I talk to, I think he imposes these restrictions on us to protect himself; same as Biden.

  18. How about the vulnerable stay home like with any other virus and let the rest live? Here’s another how about let people make the choice? My husband has diabetes but takes very good care of himself, he’s still working and we are still seeing family, why because we have chosen to live life now because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, and living in fear is not living.

  19. This Little guy needs to come to his senses ! Putting more fear into the sheep that follow all the BS is tyrannical!! Just let the healthy people live and those that are sick stay home . Five of my friends got covid and they ALL wore masks , so much for masks !!! And they survived ! It’s all so ridiculous plus how about the thousands that died of TB last year !! Nothing on that right . Open up our state and leave it open , let people live , make their immune system get strong ! Herd ammunity !!!

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