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Gov. Little Deploys National Guard, Says ICU Beds Nearly Full with Unvaccinated

By • August 31, 2021

Governor Brad Little (R) did an address to the citizens of Idaho this afternoon.

Little addressed the Covid-19 virus and said that the time for Idahoans to get vaccinated is now. Additionally, Little laid out several actions he said he was taking to help fight Covid.

During his public address, Little said that only four of the 400 ICU beds were available in the state of Idaho and that nearly all of Idaho’s hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients.

Little pleaded with Idahoans to get the Covid-19 shots and said he was grateful for those who had been vaccinated. Little told Idahoans,

I want to thank the more than 818,000 Idahoans who have shown love for their neighbor by choosing to receive the safe and effective vaccine. To the others, please choose to receive the vaccine now to protect lives, help our exhausted medical staff, keep healthcare access available to all of us, keep our workforce healthy, and keep our kids in school.

To fight what is currently happening across Idaho with Covid-19, Little said that he was once again activating the Idaho Army National Guard to help support short-staffed medical facilities with approximately 150 personnel.

Additionally, Little said that he was directing more funds to help hospitals retain and attract more healthcare workers to stay in Idaho and that temporary licensing fees would also be waived once again.

Little also said that Idaho would have access to approximately 200 additional medical and administrative personnel through a contract with the General Services Administration.

Finally, Little said that a 20-person Department of Defense “medical response team” would go to northern Idaho. Little said that northern Idaho is one of the lowest unvaccinated areas of Idaho.

You can read a full Press Release from Little’s office sent to the media after his address.

Here is the full Press Release:

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little announced today a last-ditch effort to avoid the first-ever activation of statewide crisis standards of care by adding hundreds of new medical personnel for Idaho hospitals, but he said the real solution to the crisis is more Idahoans choosing to receive the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

Nearly all Idaho hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. There are more Idahoans in Intensive Care Units (ICU) with COVID-19 than ever before. The vast majority of them are unvaccinated.

“On a daily call with hospitals this morning, we heard there are only FOUR adult ICU beds available in the entire state, out of close to 400. Where hospitals have converted other spaces to be used as contingency ICU beds, those are filling up too,” Governor Little said. “We are dangerously close to activating statewide crisis standards of care – a historic step that means Idahoans in need of healthcare could receive a lesser standard of care or may be turned away altogether. In essence, someone would have to decide who can be treated and who cannot. This affects all of us, not just patients with COVID-19.”

Governor Little is adding up to 370 additional personnel to assist hospitals with the surge.

  • By mobilizing the Idaho National Guard again, up to 150 guardsmen will support short-staffed medical facilities. They will be tasked with logistical support such as screenings, lab work, and other duties.
  • In addition, 200 additional medical and administrative personnel will be available to Idaho through a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration.
  • A 20-person Department of Defense medical response team will be deployed to North Idaho, where vaccination rates are among the lowest in the state and where they are experiencing the greatest need.

“Idaho hospitals are beyond constrained. Our healthcare system is designed to deal with the everyday realities of life. Our healthcare system is NOT designed to withstand the prolonged strain caused by an unrestrained global pandemic. It is simply not sustainable. Please choose to receive the vaccine now to support your fellow Idahoans who need you,” Governor Little said.

Governor Little highlighted other recent steps he has taken to alleviate the crisis. Last week, he announced the opening of three monoclonal antibody treatment centers across the state, where Idahoans at greatest risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19 will be able to receive therapeutic medications to hopefully avoid hospitalization and help preserve critical capacity in our hospitals.

He also directed new funds to help Idaho hospitals attract and retain the medical staff they need as they compete with healthcare systems across the nation for workers.

In addition, Governor Little’s administration announced this month that temporary licensing fees are waived again for retired or inactive nurses so they can activate their licenses and reenter the workforce more easily during this unprecedented time. This same step last year cleared the way for more than 1,000 nurses and other health professionals to help out.

“I hope it will be enough for us to avoid statewide crisis standards of care, but we are teetering on the brink and there is only one real solution – we need more Idahoans to choose to receive the safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine now,” Governor Little said.

Some Idaho schools have already been forced to transition to remote learning because of COVID-19 outbreaks among staff and families. Addressing the Idahoans who are still on the fence or are just putting off receiving the vaccine, Governor Little said the time to get vaccinated is now, so our kids can have a normal school year.

“I want to thank the more than 818,000 Idahoans who have shown love for their neighbor by choosing to receive the safe and effective vaccine. To the others, please choose to receive the vaccine now to protect lives, help our exhausted medical staff, keep healthcare access available to all of us, keep our workforce healthy, and keep our kids in school,” Governor Little said.

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Idaho Dispatch is working on a separate article to get reactions from citizens, lawmakers, and organizations on Little’s address.

What did you think of Little’s address and the subsequent Press Release?

Let us know in the comments below!

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52 thoughts on “Gov. Little Deploys National Guard, Says ICU Beds Nearly Full with Unvaccinated

  1. There would be no staffing shortages if the hospitals were not so afraid of losing federal dollars. Gov. Little is very focused on collecting federal dollars so that our state’s budget would look better and his political legacy would look nicer.
    March 2020, Gov. Little went down to Gown Field and stood next to a military commander and spoke of what we had to look forward to during covid restrictions. When reporters repeatedly asked him if force, even to the point of guns being used on citizens, he refused to answer.
    I guess now we have an answer.

    1. Can you provide the link to that video of that press briefing where Little didn’t answer any question in regards to using force to vaccinate people?

      1. I am glad that you were able to find the link. That press conference is etched in my brain. It will take a long time for me to forget the image of the governor standing next to who Little might have felt was his enforcer. Little might be a sheep farmer who is used to compliance from his sheep but he seems to forget that we are not his to control.

  2. Gov. Little is a flat out liar. The evidence worldwide points to the “vaccinated” being sick and filling hospitals, not the unvaccinated. We will NOT take the jab. Period.

    1. I agree 100%! It’s time to be truthful! Tell the Truth Little Brad! The vaccinated are spreading covid rapidly, not the UN vaxxed.

  3. The CDC has reported 13,627 deaths and 2,826,646 injuries/side effects from taking the jab. 1,429 fetal deaths from the jab.
    Is pushing the jab, the way the governor wants to reduce Idaho’s population explosion?

    1. Watching Brad read from the teleprompter gave me no peace about the fact that he understands what he was reading at Idahoans, and certainly gave me no comfort in thinking that he must not be paying attention to the information that Linda just shared. He is in an alternate universe. Kind of like fussing frantically to get a ticket when the plane has already taken off and encouraging everyone to do the same, if you love your neighbor, of course. Our Governor appears extremely disconnected with Idaho, and genuine Idahoans. Looking forward to Janice.

  4. Little and Biden are achieving similar results: Biden is killing Americans in a foreign land. Little is killing Idahoan’s here in Idaho. Both by way of their Egos and Ignorance.

    It’s possible that this Synthetic Pathogen needs to be banned in Idaho.

    Suggesting that Little disregard the political agendas of the World Health Organization, Center For Disease Control and our in state communist leaning Hospital System.

    We need therapeutics over the counter, walk in clinics, with no note from a Doctor to enter, and a thorough flushing of upper management in Idaho’s hospital system.

  5. And I sure hope each and every one of you who have been following these stories remember EXACTLY what this asshat has done “to” our state (as opposed to his “for” our state, as he continually says) when it is time to vote!

    For you, Little, I only have two words for you, the second is “off”, can you guess what the first word is??? Socialist-leaning asshat, you are! Go back to farming your sheep and stop interfering with our state! Hopefully you choose Oregon for your next farming adventure! Hell, I’ll help you move! Let me know the time and place and I’ll be there with truck and trailer to load your ass up and truck you right over to the border!!!

  6. Trust your gut… the words that come from his mouth only carry fear and darkness. My gut says whatever he has to say isn’t worth listening to. It isn’t the governments responsibility to manage health care decisions. Truth carries hope and peace and the two (lies and truth)are easy to differentiate.
    The lame excuse of “Hospital capacity” is ridiculous. It’s a business, expand instead of driving valuable care providers out with tyrannical needle coercion.

  7. Little’ a putz just like traitors Crapo and Risch. They are all Rino Sellouts! They have No integrity and need to be ousted from office ASAP!

  8. Instead of representing Idahoans, we get a puppet with strings connected to the deep state globalist/socialist cabal who is mostly reading the global narrative at us with little regard for our actual welfare. South Dakota got it right. I believe that this spineless individual betrayed the will and spirit of Idaho long ago. He has enabled the left to drive the socialist narrative. Brad absolutely must be replaced as badly as the imposter in chief that the deep state coup installed via voter fraud and paid propaganda. Patriots need to assemble and prepare courts to try these offenders. Little does NOT represent true Idahoans. If he truly loved us he would not be pushing the poisonous jab that is an “experimental gene therapy” that is killing thousands and maiming hundreds of thousands. The testing kill ALL the lab rats. As a leader of the State of Idaho, I would make sure that this weapon of mass destruction was fully tested for the normal 6 year period, examine the results, then make a recommendation based on those results. So far the lab rats tell the story and death camps in Germany tell the rest of the story. This is a globalist plan to usher in the NWO. We are at war.

      1. Hospital admissions would be reduced with early treatment for Covid-19.
        Urgent care could prescribe proven treatments.
        This is intentional to alarm the public….
        We have to do something NOW.
        Hospital Directors tieing MDs hands.
        There has to get a winning strategy.

  9. This comes on the eve of the “vax” mandate for medical workers, and the ushering in Afghans to Idaho…We have a leader that is NOT present for Idaho. We need an Idahoan who has a pulse on the truth. We also need news media that represents Idahoans, Christians, Conservatives and Patriots. Let’s get a channel going where Idahoans can tune into something else beside the daily nauseating leftist, socialist, fascist, communist, globalist agenda driven paid propaganda with a constant narrative designed to conquer the Constitution and your freedoms.

    1. I sent that link to Gov Little email and the next day the levels dropped down to 9-20 available… but regardless, the question is how much in the reduction of available beds is due to staff shortages? and check the latest national data:
      “Covid disease severity (low oxygen levels)… was…55% unvaccinated (95% CI, 53.7-56.4%) vs. 42.6% vaccinated patients (95% CI, 40.6-44.8%)”. So yes there are vaccinated in the ICU’s…

  10. A shortage of nursing staff means the hospitals are “full.” I saw this coming a mile away and predicted it.
    Why are nurses so scarce? I am one so allow me to tell you: the plandemic made us re-think the industry we work in. We didn’t sign up to tell people they all need the same treatment. We didn’t sign up to pretend that “vaccines” are the only meds on the planet that don’t have side effects just because they are deemed “safe and effective” by the FDA.
    We aren’t ruled by the CDC. We don’t decide to give you health advice we only just learned on the MSM last night after a reporter or a politician told us it was so. We don’t want to wear masks all day and pretend we are always sick or that the masks work. We don’t believe everything is Covid or that everyone is dying. We don’t want to pretend anymore that Covid is the biggest health crisis we’ve ever seen. We don’t want to work without autonomy or under perceived gag orders to keep a job. We’re sick and tired of Covid. Get some early treatment and stop taking all of those worthless tests!
    When we’re all gone, good luck. You’ll be stuck with the really new nurses, the Inferior nurses who could never get hired before and the nurse Ratcheds who will inject you when you’re asleep when she finds out you’re an “anti-vaxxer.”
    Your government did this.

    1. April, keep these comments coming. We need information like this. We have your back and are doing all we can to stop these communists in their tracks, before they commit further damage!

      1. Just watch the Biden speech he gave to the California fire agency after leaving Idaho…He said point blank in his speech the he just left Idaho and that the Givenor is going to force vaccinations, that he is getting hit hard but he is going to force vaccinations!!! Called Govenor Little’s office and of course won’t say one way or the other!!! I knew Govenor Little would cave!!!

    2. So sorry that you had to leave your profession, but I also couldn’t stand telling a lie and hiding the truth from people. You kept your oath – do no harm! Bless you for a tough decision and I hope the government stops making decisions that kill people and take away their God given rights. I hope you find a like minded medical group so your skills and wisdom can be spent focused on saving lives again, without dishonest government, big pharm and CEO interference.

      1. I reread your comment April and realized you haven’t left yet, but sadly many great nurses have, so hang in there and help as many as you can by being outspoken and by exposing the truth of this terrible government made crisis.

    3. April, are you able to confirm that hospital ER staff are being told to record “vaccinated” patients as “unknown”, Unvaxxed as “unvaxxed”, and not report vaers events? Idaho Dispatch, something to look into.
      Having come from the Pharma industry, it is not usual for a drug to come to market without long term testing per the FDA. The events and number of deaths are way over what would normally require pulling a drug from distribution.

      1. This has to be investigated!!! Biden said Govenor of Idaho is forcing vaccinations!!! Watch his speech he gives to California fire agency today after leaving Idaho!!! Govenor Little’s office won’t comment

  11. Odd….every covid patient I’ve transported up here in N. Idaho says they have been vaccinated…….(sarcasm )

  12. Little is such a lier. Statistics show between 56% to 68% of COVID patients admitted to hospitals have been double inoculated. Even worse are the Massachusetts stats- 80% of COVID Hospitalizations in Massachusetts Were Vaxxed

    Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also raise questions about the usefulness of the COVID shots. Between July 6 and July 25, 2021, 469 COVID cases were identified in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, outbreak.

    Of those who tested positive, 74% had received two COVID injections and were considered “fully vaccinated.” Even despite using different diagnostic standards for non-jabbed and jabbed individuals, a whopping 80% of COVID-related hospitalizations were also in this group.

    And Little announcing he’s enlisted the National Guard to assist is incredibly tyrannical! He’s another corrupt politician who needs to resign.

    1. Also look at Israel’s latest hospital stats. It’s people are virtually fully “jabbed” and their hospital system is blowing up with cases. The “jab” it turns out is killing them.

  13. Little is just another leftist. He probably receives the democrat talking points every morning. He has got to go, sooner rather than later would be great

  14. It’s time we found out how many of these politicians have stocks in Pharmaceutical/Vaccine companies?
    This link explains the scam effectively. The vaccinated are absolutely causing the spread. I doubt Little reads articles like this that manage to get through the censorship. If he did, would he understand it?

  15. Tired of hearing the word UNVACCINATED. Here’s my word for you Brad Little.
    SCREW OFF !!!!

    Little sounds just like Dementia Biden trashing freedom of choice !

  16. I wonder if Lying Little even reads these comments! I agree with every single one of them!
    I know I’m wishful thinking.
    Little needs to go! Can’t stand him!

  17. Does anyone know how to find out how much Big Pharma money Little has taken as “campaign donations?” I bet Risch and Crapo have a large war chest financed by them too.

    1. I can tell you, that some not all gets filed online-
      But as far as recency, might have to go about finding other means. FOIA maybe?
      Don’t forget to take a look at Little’s “Good Friend” Tommy Alhquist as well. He sure has made quite a profit providing testing. Sure was reliable..
      You can also take a look at the Sunshine Act for physicians who take on $ from the pharmaceutical industries as well.

  18. Worst Governor I have ever seen in Idaho. What a covid puppet. Why not just up and say “Build back better”? Republicans need to screen their candidates a little better. Democrats are dirty by name. This fool needs kicked out of office and the quicker the better.

  19. First off, he doesn’t know if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. When you enter a hospital you sign a piece of paper, or your next of kin, (if you are too sick to sign) that identifies who they can talk to regarding their health care. I doubt, that 100% of the people have put Governor Little on the line for a name. (I was recently at TV Hospital for surgery so now only a health care provder, but personally there) Second off, I don’t doubt they are near capacity. I have grave doubts as to all Covid. The Hospitals can not provide that information without great risk of litigation and despite St. Al;s, St. Lukes and Primary Health have made stupid decisions to violate their workers right to choose, I would ask are they full because there are not enough staff to take care of the patients. That doesn’t mean the hospitals are full, it simply means there are not enough staff to care for those coming in, Covid or not.

  20. New National data: “Covid disease severity (low oxygen levels)… was…55% unvaccinated (95% CI, 53.7-56.4%) vs. 42.6% vaccinated patients (95% CI, 40.6-44.8%)”. So yes there are vaccinated in the ICU… what Little is not showing is the stats for how many ICU beds are not available due to lack of staffing…
    Here is the link to this study from last week (check it before it is pulled…)

  21. The Nuremberg Code
    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.
    The VARES is not counting vaccinated who died from Covid nor or they counting anymore injured by vaccination. Genocide is upon us. The people need to stand up against this and make it stop.

  22. If Little would do his research and see all the dead and injured from the vaccine he might think differently about what he is saying but he is going along with big Gov and doing what he needs to do to stay relevant.
    People like Mr. Little lives in an alternate universe. They really don’t see or care to see what is really happening behind the red curtain. I have a brother and sister- in-law like that. All they see is ferries and unicorns, screw reality. It’s not our problem. This is some of the reason our country is going down because of people like that. Live on the surface. That way they don’t get in trouble or see the real issues. We literally have a genocide happening. We are the new Jews, the unvaccinated.
    Where are our founding father types? Where are the men? Where is the backbone we had as a country?
    I’m doing my part. Now all of you do yours. Save America..

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