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Fulcher and Simpson Vote for Security Bill for Supreme Court Justices’ Family Members

By • June 15, 2022

Congressman Russ Fulcher and Congressman Mike Simpson have both voted for a bill to provide security to Supreme Court Justice family members.

The House voted on the Senate bill, which had passed last month unanimously, 100-0. For the House vote, the bill cleared by a vote of 396-27.

All 27 members of the House who voted against the measure were Democrats.

Recently, a California man was arrested and charged with attempted murder outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which brought calls to pass the security measure much more quickly. Additionally, some lawmakers have called for the bill to be passed with a potential Supreme Court decision coming soon that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Simpson said in a press release after the measure passed,

Recent, highly visible threats to Supreme Court justices and their families have underscored the unacceptable risk posed by today’s heightened political discourse. When individuals choose violence and threats to express their policy disagreements, we are all less safe. In the face of unsettling and ongoing threats to Supreme Court justices, this bill is essential to protect the families of justices as well as the overall rule of law in our country.

Additionally, I am hopeful that all Americans will pause a moment to take stock of the way we talk about politics and to lower the temperature on divisive political rhetoric, remembering that our words and actions have very real consequences.

Some Democrats who voted against the measure said they wanted additional protection for federal judges across the country.

One of the Democrats who voted “no” was New Jersey Democrat Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. She said on Twitter,

As you well know, we voted no because the bill did not go far enough to protect federal judges and their families who are under threat. As we saw with the horrific murder of my constituent Daniel Anderl, not enough is being done to protect them.

What do you think of the vote to give security to U.S. Supreme Court family members? Let us know in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Fulcher and Simpson Vote for Security Bill for Supreme Court Justices’ Family Members

  1. I don’t care how much you want protection, so long as you want to take my guns away, I say you shouldn’t get people with guns to defend you. You want less guns, you get less guns by not having people with guns defending you. Guns are dangerous remember? NO GUNS FOR YOU UNTIL GUNS FOR ME!

    1. Our politicians ,government employees and the military are certainly costing the taxpayers too much for their value.

  2. Politicians and Judges work for us, they certainly are not some sort of elite class that requires more protection than an ordinary Family.
    Last thing we need is having politicians such as Simpson think that they are one ounce more important than the “peons” they represents.

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