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Four Idaho Cities Issue Proclamations for Gun Control Groups

By • June 7, 2020

Gun control is a topic of heated discussion in the United States.

Idaho is certainly no exception to that. When people list the most gun-friendly states in the country, Idaho is at or near the top of the list.

Recently, four Idaho cities issued proclamations under the direction of Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.

Boise, Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, and Pocatello all declared June 5th “Gun Violence Awareness Day.”

The day is the gun control group’s annual event where they remember individuals who were killed by someone else with a firearm or took their own lives with a firearm.

For approximately seven years they have held “Gun Violence Awareness Day.” However, it is only recently that they have asked city councils and mayors to recognize their event here in Idaho.

The new Boise mayor, Lauren McLean, previously showed her support for Michael Bloomberg’s groups prior to winning her election.

She attended at least one meeting with the group “Moms Demand Action.”

This is the first year that Mayor McLean had the opportunity to issue the proclamation on behalf of the gun control groups and she did. 

Hadiya Pendleton, who is the reason for the annual event, was a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the back while standing outside with her friends in Chicago.

Two gang members, who were later arrested and charged with her murder, told police she was not the intended target. Instead, they believed Hadiya and her friends were part of a rival gang.

Chicago is one of the most notorious cities in the country for gang violence and Hadiya is another victim of the gang feuds that have wreaked havoc on the city for years.

In order to remember Hadiya, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety designated June 5th as “Gun Violence Awareness Day.” Additionally, the groups encourage people to wear orange.

This year, Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene also issued proclamations in support of the gun control group’s efforts.

Both cities have had disputes over 2nd Amendment issues in recent years.

Sandpoint is currently being sued by Bonner County and two 2nd Amendment organizations over allowing a non-profit organization to prohibit the carrying of firearms in a public park.

Coeur d’Alene previously had an ordinance that prohibited citizens from carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of a parade. The ordinance was a violation of Idaho’s firearm preemption statute and was removed several years ago.

Pocatello’s mayor issuing the proclamation may be the biggest surprise because the mayor is a Republican.

The Pocatello chapter of Moms Demand Action wrote a letter to the editor about the proclamation in the Idaho State Journal.

While the other cities are considered more liberal, Pocatello’s Republican mayor may come under fire by his supporters for helping the gun control groups.

Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety both promote policies banning the sale of AR-15’s and magazines that hold more than ten rounds. They also want Universal Background Checks, the repeal of Stand-Your-Ground, the repeal of Constitutional Carry law, and more.

These gun control group’s platforms run contrary to what pro-2nd Amendment groups want.

In Idaho, gun control policies are difficult to pass. That’s why gun control groups spend most of their time trying to stop whatever pro-2nd Amendment groups are pushing.

For that reason, it was surprising to some that Mayor Blad, a Republican, is helping the gun control groups.

Rep. Christy Zito, known for her work in expanding Constitutional Carry in Idaho, said this about the gun control group’s efforts in Idaho, “In the state of Idaho and our world, we do not have a “gun violence” problem.  We have a violence problem where people harm or kill one another or themselves.  The right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America and is there to ensure that the citizens of this country are able to protect themselves from the tyranny of government.”

Rep. Zito then had this warning for Idahoans and told Idaho Dispatch, “Make no mistake that in the state of Idaho your 2nd Amendment rights are under attack.  Even the promise of being in a “red state” doesn’t guarantee your rights are safe.  It took years to complete constitutional carry in Idaho.  The push back was real.  There are plenty of Republicans that will support Red Flag laws and more if we don’t watch what is happening here.  It is up to the citizens of this state to flex their political muscles and protect what is rightfully theirs.  This is the time that everyone who cherishes freedom and liberty takes a stand for their rights.”

Seth Rosquist, Chairman of the Board for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, told Idaho Dispatch “I expect liberal mayors to support the efforts of the gun control crowd, but I am stunned that Mayor Blad of Pocatello would support their efforts. That’s extremely disappointing. This day is used by the gun control crowd to help push more of their policies in Idaho.”

We have reached out to Mayor Blad and asked him why he chose to issue the proclamation. He has not yet responded and if he does, we’ll update the article accordingly.

One thing is for certain, the Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety groups have begun to grow their organizations in Idaho. It’s a long road ahead for them in a state where a bad stance on firearm policy will likely cost an elected official their job.

Will more cities join the gun control groups in their efforts next year?

Let us know what you think of “Gun Violence Awareness Day” in the comments below.

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36 thoughts on “Four Idaho Cities Issue Proclamations for Gun Control Groups

  1. I’m pretty sure mayor Blad is serving his last term. With everything that is going on in this crazy world the stand your ground is the best law there is.

  2. As Everyone knows Guns don’t kill people.People kill people. It doesn’t even have to be a gun it could be a knife or a club or a hammer anything if a person has it in their mind to kill they will do it. It doesn’t matter what they have.So don’t mess with my rights to carry my gun.

  3. …and this is how they do things; chip away a little at a time. Before you know it, these “laws”, disregarding the Constitution, will become state wide.
    By the way, Mayor McLean is the mayor of Boise, so issuing a “National” gun violence proclamation is just a bit out of her lane.

    1. I don’t think it’s a “bit out of her lane” at all it is who she is. If you have been following her politics and ideas you would already know this.

  4. Take away your right to protect yourself has long been a goal of the far left. It’s one of the first things that must be done to takeover….their end game.

  5. First of all, Idaho lawmakers cannot declare a “National” day of anything. On the surface, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety are feel good campaigns but buyer beware. Sad, sad situation when our Idaho lawmakers do not stand up to the groups that are funded by George Soros and his ilk.

  6. I moved here from “commiefornia “ to get away from the anti-gun idiots! My friend Olympic Champion, Kim Rhode, can’t even purchase ammunition to practice for the Olympics. She didn’t make the qualification this year. When you have only 2 people who are liberal socialists running for mayor and the president of BSU also a liberal socialist what do you expect. The liberal socialists have already made a mockery out of the 1st. Amendment and without the 2nd. Amendment you also violate the 4th. Amendment (illegal search and seizure) and at that point you have the “gestapo” in charge of our Country! Wake up people!

  7. 25 years or so ago California was not to different in gun laws as Idaho is today. Over time the liberals and gun control advocates slowly added laws to take your rights away. Always promoting them as trying to make everyone safer. I feel they have done the complete opposite and made the citizens more vulnerable, especially in times like this. If the folks of Idaho don’t recognize the slow deception of these groups and continue to vote for candidates that dont support our 2nd amendment rights, we will soon have the draconian gun laws of California. 25 years ago in California, gun owners would of argued with you that they could never get to where they are today, but they did. I hear the same in Idaho today. We need to stand for our rights or loose them as California has. If times like these don’t wake you up to the fact of needing the 2nd amendment, than I don’t know what more to say.

  8. Given the fact that several large cities are currently looking at or are actively involved in de-funding their police forces, who do you think will be left to uphold the laws. This country will tear itself apart without law enforcement. A prime example are the protesters who turned into criminals when they started burning and looting the stores recently. Most of them have been turned loose and no actions taken regarding their criminal offences. If you take away the police force, responsible prosecutors and judges, you will start a civil war right here in the U.S.A. But then again, that seems to be what most of the Dems want to happen. Gun confiscation will be the catalyst that ignites the fuse because with the police forces neutralized, a law abiding citizen will no longer have hope for any defense.

  9. So let me get this straight… The people who want to ban guns in Idaho, are decrying the death of a young woman who was gunned down in Chicago WHICH HAS THE MOST RESTRICTIVE GUN LAWS IN THE COUNTRY! Well, if you ask me it sounds like those gun bans DON’T WORK! Maybe if they wanted to lower “gun crime” (I’ve never seen a gun commit a crime) to levels like we have in Idaho, they should GET RID OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN LAWS like we’ve done here!

  10. 12 thoughts for the Libtards who are Trump and Gun Haters…..all the school attacks, most of the people that are killing with guns are democrats!
    All these Anarchists that are killing people are either beating them to death and using knives, the little cowards that they are.
    10 X the 2nd Amendment….says you have the right to bear arms…period.
    Let us not forget, the millions of humans killed by abortion…..why don’t you focus on saving those lives?

  11. so noone learned anything with these riots.. The people toting guns stopped the looters and helped the busniess.. They did not fight or try to stop anyone from protesting.. Just kept the peace.. so really what is wrong with you people ..

    1. Honestly Nana, it doesn’t fit their liberal narrative. In many cases, they really don’t seem to care about the truth. Liberal elitists are experts at spinning, generalizing, downplaying, manipulating, shaming actions at any innocent or tragic event they don’t agree with all for the sole purpose of furthering there liberal narrative and agenda. They appear not to care what their message and methods do to innocent people as long as it furthers and supports their agenda. All the conservative/libertarian, 2nd Amendment supporters I know here in our Boise community are wonderful humans who are firm believers and true practitioners of equality for all citizens. They uphold the constitution and are staunch supporters of the rights of all our residents. We have some citizens in elected positions within our community that have sadly experienced negative events in their lives. Rather than address the specific perpetrators of these personal tragic events directly, they use the political tide in America to help manifest and generalize those events and experiences against other innocent citizens based purely on the color of their skin all to further their political agenda. Injustices and instances of inequality need to be addressed swiftly and decisively for the betterment of all in our community, but using your position as a platform to attack other innocent citizens is abhorrent, dishonorable, and does not uphold the noble standards required of someone in a public position of trust.

  12. Lefties NEVER learn!

    I plan on relocating to Idaho from this Lefty sh*thole called Oregon and I am SICK AND TIRED of the Left and their constant attempts and disrupting and destroying EVERYTHING that this country stands for.


    Getting my family out of here and near other like-minded Patriots. Looking at Meridian, Ammon, Hayden areas. Let me know if there are any others I should keep in mind.


    1. Meridian is being overrun with leftists as is Boise. Hayden Lake, in the Coeur d’Alene metroplex is not as far gone but heading that way. The smaller places, such as Orofino, are bastions of freedom. However, if you move to one of the more leftists places and bring your conservatism with you, maybe you can influence some of the near brain dead toward the right.

    2. Try Montana, they just voted solid red across the board, with the notable exception of the stolen Presidential election AND they just passed Constitutional Carry.

  13. When this was announced, I told Mayor Blad that he had lost my vote and those of many others in his next election. Nothing he can do or say now will change that.

  14. I would argue the homicide and suicide statistics in Idaho compared to the rest of the nation and how gun violence increases when their are harsher restrictions placed on law abiding citizens. A great example are NY, CA and ILL.
    I for one am confused at the need for a day to celebrate or bring gun violence awareness to places in Idaho where those things don’t exist. What does Hadiya Pendleton have anything to do with Idaho? She was a victim of Chicago’s failed gun policies. You ever hear the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? This is a perfect example of don’t touch it!!
    Go somewhere else with your liberal agenda! Once these folks get a tie in the door, it’s ALL downhill from there.

  15. Its been identified as a public health threat and weve seen how our governor and SCOTUS will suspend rights on the command of public health ‘experts’.

  16. If you don’t participate in the government, it will participate in your personal life. Get involved, people. I know, “live and let live.” But those who seek power and control do not share that view point, and they participate all the time. It’s hard but you must do it. Idaho is the last bastion of freedom. VOTE IN YOUR LOCAL ELECTIONS ALL THE TIME!

    1. Yes, we all need to get involved, find our voices (and keyboards), push back against these unjust messages of hate and division, and most importantly VOTE!!

  17. McVey used fertilizer and diesel fuel. Must have been a farmer, huh? Ban the use of fertilizer! No more diesel fuel!
    Vote these idiots out of office ASAP. Recall those who were recently elected.

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