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Former Lieutenant Joseph Hoadley Files Tort Claim Against City of Caldwell Seeking Five Million Dollars

By • December 16, 2022

Former City of Caldwell Officer Joseph Hoadley has filed a tort claim against The City of Caldwell seeking five million dollars in damages.

Friday afternoon, December 16, 2022 The Idaho Dispatch received a response on a public records request through The City of Caldwell.

The tort claim filed against The City of Caldwell on October 3, 2022 lists;

Defamation / Negligent Investigation / Injurious Falsehood / Wrongful Termination.


4. Wrongful Termination

After multiple denied requests for paid administrative leave due to the ongoing FBI investigation, the City of Caldwell ultimately decided to grant it on January 24, 2022.  I was terminated on May 3, 2022 for claims of policy violations that had no merit.  During my name clearing hearing, I was denied the opportunity to present evidence via witnesses as allowed by City of Caldwell policy.  This decision was made solely by Mayor Jarom Wagoner after the Caldwell City Attorney gave him the authority to choose whether to allow my due process rights or not.  I was terminated with claims of minor policy violations with no sort of progressive discipline.  To this day, I have still never spoken to the Mayor regarding my circumstances and was never allowed an exit interview.


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The details of the tort claim can be found below.


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