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Former Caldwell Mayor, Police Chiefs Write Letter Defending Integrity of Department

By • April 15, 2022

Idaho Dispatch was sent a letter signed by former Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas and former police chiefs Chris Allgood and Frank Wyant.

The letter was sent to Idaho Dispatch via social media. We have verified that the letter is authentic.

Idaho Dispatch was told the letter was sent to all Caldwell city employees. However, the beginning of the letter appears to indicate the letter was intended to possibly be an Op-Ed, although we have been unable to verify at this time if that is true.

Here is the letter, in its entirety, as it was given to Idaho Dispatch:

To the Editor,

In light of recent news coverage of the Caldwell Police Department, we feel it is imperative that we refute the inaccurate portrayal and mischaracterization of the wonderful women and men of the Caldwell Police Department!

Over the past two decades, the Police Department has enjoyed phenomenal leadership and incredible teamwork. Through that leadership and teamwork, there have been amazing accomplishments in the City of Caldwell. There have been successful Community Policing Programs, partnerships with other agencies and community entities, partnerships with local School Districts, the creation of the Street Crimes Task Force, together resulting in the dramatic reduction of crime in our wonderful City! The crime index has decreased by more than 50% while the population has increased by 300%. What a tribute to the professional, dedicated, hardworking Police Officers who put themselves in harm’s way every day to ensure the safety and quality of life of Caldwell’s families!

The Caldwell Police Department is NOT under investigation by the FBI! The City and Police Department have cooperated willingly with the FBI in its investigation of allegations against two CPD officers. Media outlets have spun the investigation into a vague incitement of the Police Department generally. That is wrong.

Also, as personnel issues have arisen over the years, those issues have been dealt with immediately, fairly, and with regard for due process. They were handled professionally with the assistance of the Human Resources Department, ICRMP, and the City Attorney. If termination was the result, the information was forwarded by the City to POST for decertification. Any action unbecoming a Police Officer was not tolerated. POST does not decertify officers on its own, it is done at the request of the law enforcement agency.

We fully support the brave, professional, competent, honest, caring, and dedicated women and men of the Caldwell Police Department. We are grateful for the safety they ensure and the many sacrifices they make on behalf of the Citizens of Caldwell. It has indeed been an honor for us to have served with these amazing individuals!


Chris Allgood, Council President and Past Police Chief
Frank Wyant, Police Chief
Garret Nancolas, Former Mayor of Caldwell

Nancolas is the former mayor of Caldwell, who retired after over 20 years of service. Wyant recently retired as Caldwell’s police chief, and Allgood formerly served as chief before Wyant.

Allgood is also currently running for the Idaho House.

Idaho Dispatch first wrote about the FBI’s investigation into two Caldwell officers several months ago. Lt. Joey Hoadley, who was over the “Investigations” department (he is no longer listed on the city’s website there), was first charged with a misdemeanor for “deprivation of rights.”

Hoadley is now being charged with two felonies after allegedly turning down a plea deal for the misdemeanor.

Idaho Dispatch will continue to post updates from any side of the Caldwell story as it becomes available to us.


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2 thoughts on “Former Caldwell Mayor, Police Chiefs Write Letter Defending Integrity of Department

  1. Plausible deniability, Cronyism, and Nepotism are all good things to build a department on. The former Mayor was a prophylactic to meaningful business creation in Caldwell who instead created a community in farm fields to find employment elsewhere.

  2. These two bad cops haven’t been working alone. It says a lot about all the other officers, good or bad, that sees these two officer’s action, and don’t say a word! It wasn’t only two cops, the others just haven’t been nailed yet. It will all come out in the end, no matter how former mayor’s paint it.

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