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Five Cities, Including Boise, Now Requiring Masks

By • July 4, 2020

A number of states across the country are requiring their citizens to wear masks in public to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Idaho is not among those states but some cities have begun passing ordinances requiring people to wear masks.

The cities of Hailey, McCall, Moscow, and Driggs have all passed mask-wearing requirements in recent days. Some of these cities may even charge citizens with a misdemeanor for violating their orders.

Hailey was the first city to pass a mask-wearing mandate.

Mayor Burke signed the order which went into effect on July 1st.

The exceptions include children 5-years-old and younger, those with certain medical conditions, off-duty police officers, or those who are socially distanced enough where a mask would not be needed. Violation of the order could land you a $100 fine.

McCall’s city council then passed a health order which went into effect on July 1st but the order didn’t take place until July 2nd.

In McCall, the fine for non-compliance is also $100.

Moscow’s order also took place on July 2nd. Moscow’s Mayor, Bill Lambert, had the following to say about the order,

In light of current cases and a trend towards a significant resurgence of COVID-19 infections and exposure in Moscow, it is prudent to assess the public health risks to the community as a whole.

The next city to implement an order was Driggs.

Mayor Hyrum Johnonn signed an emergency order which went into effect on July 3rd. Drigg’s will also fine citizens $100 for violation of the order.

If you willingly violate the order a misdemeanor charge is also possible.

Any business who violates the order will be given one warning and then closed until they comply with Mayor Johnson’s order.

Boise is the latest city to pass a mask-wearing requirement which starts today, Independence Day.

The order requires masks to be worn inside and outside unless six feet of social distancing can be maintained.

Under the order, children under 5-years-old, first responders, and those who have medical conditions that prohibit mask-wearing are exempt. The mayor has said that proof is not required if someone claims a medical exemption.

For those violating the order, punishment of jail time and a fine is possible.

The order went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on July 4th.

Not everyone is happy about the Boise’s order from Mayor McLean and approximately 200 people held a protest in front of city hall yesterday to let her know about it. Those in attendance did not wear a mask but a small contingent of counter-protesters did.

Boise resident Sara Clendenon, the Co-executive Director for Health Freedom Idaho, attended the protest and told Idaho Dispatch,

It is ridiculous and tyrannical that a mayor would attempt to mandate citizens to cover their faces. Bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right. Free people choose for themselves how to get and stay well. Each person is responsible for their own health, which is not an appropriate use or function of government. We will not be bullied and we will not be deprived of oxygen by the City of Boise.

Protesters gather against mask-wearing order from Mayor Lauren McLean.

A number of other places like Blaine County, Sun Valley, and Bellevue also passed resolutions requesting that their citizens wear face masks but stopped short of doing a government order.

Tatyana Gray has been leading an effort in Blaine County and her town of Bellevue to stop orders from being implanted there.

She told Idaho Dispatch,

I am very concerned with the trajectory of the recent mask-wearing orders. First, we had orders designating large portions of our population as “non-essential.” Now, we are seeing orders forcing people to look a certain way and punishing them if they don’t. I am hearing rumblings of mandatory quarantines and separation of family members. At some point, we need to say “enough” to government overreach.

It is unclear if more cities or counties will join in passing orders for citizens.

We will update this article if more local governments pass orders requiring masks.

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3 thoughts on “Five Cities, Including Boise, Now Requiring Masks

  1. We the Citizens need to get s lawyer in order to file a lawsuit against the mayor of Boise. We need concrete evidence that deaths have increased significantly and not just cases. We need data on the age range distributions of cases, deaths , those with pre-existing medical conditions. We just cannot let government officials make arbitrary decisions on limiting our rights. Give us the evidence!.

  2. “Mayor” Lauren McLean needs to go before she causes some real problems. This isn’t the time for fairy tale dreams and singing Imagine around the hooka, nor implementing knee jerk measures for our supposed own good because we are irresponsible children out here. I’ve heard a recall has gathered 22k out of 35k signatures. That recall sheet should be posted on every intelligent site around Boise. We should be protecting our older citizens like we mean it and the rest should get back to the real world. Enough is Enough, I for one am getting a little tired of this circus

  3. The Idiot Mayor of Driggs really takes the cake. First, he declares masks must be worn in public and in stores. Says there will be a $100. fine or a misdemeanor charge. His order is Unconstitutional and he has no Police Department and the Sheriff will not get involved. So, he threatens the store owners that if they don’t make people wear their masks, after one warning, he will shut them down and pull their Business license. Since when are store owners charged with making people follow Unconstitutional laws ? I’d love to be a store owner in Driggs that he shut down. I’d have plenty of running around money for years after I sued him and the city.

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