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First-edition of the Hard Copy Idaho Dispatch Quarterly Has Arrived!

By • February 9, 2022

Idaho Dispatch has been working for months on a hard copy quarterly first-edition for our paying subscribers.

The goal was to do a quarterly hard copy paper for our supporters, as many were looking for something tangible they could read off-line. But, of course, this could be the only hard copy that we do without a large influx of new subscribers.

For those current subscribers/donors to the Idaho Dispatch, your copy of The Quarterly will be in the mail soon.

Idaho Dispatch wants to thank our advertisers who made the first edition possible. For those interested in advertising and being a part of the next edition, if we can keep this all going, send us an email at

For our readers who have not subscribed yet, we have a few extra editions that will be available and shipped on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must subscribe at the $6.97 level or higher to get this particular copy.

You can subscribe to the Idaho Dispatch by going to today!

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