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Federal Court Dismisses Rodriguez Complaint as Moot, State Court Issues Second Arrest Warrant

By • June 6, 2023

A new warrant for the arrest of Diego Rodriguez, the grandfather of Baby Cyrus, was issued today in State District Court in Ada County by Judge Lynn Norton in the lawsuit involving St. Luke’s Hospital and Ammon Bundy.

Because of a motion for contempt being granted in State Court, there was a previous warrant for Rodriguez’s arrest. But on May 23, he had filed a Notice of Removal to Federal Court. Idaho Dispatch reported on that here: Rodriguez Files Notice of Removal to Federal Court in St. Luke’s Lawsuit – Idaho Dispatch Following the Notice, Ada County Judge Norton issued an Order Quashing and Recalling Warrant on May 31. There was also a stay of the State Court case, pending the review of the Notice in Federal Court.

Order Quashing and Recalling Warrant

On May 26 the Federal Court dismissed the Notice as moot. Six days later the State Court caught up and issued this Order Lifting Stay on June 1.

“The Court has received notice that the United States District Court for the State of Idaho…dismissed Diego Rodriguez’s Notice of Removal to Federal Court as moot on May 26, 2023. This permitted the state District Court to continue proceedings in this case. Therefore, the Court lifts its stay on proceedings in this case effective May 27, 2023.”

The order went on to schedule a hearing for today, June 6, to address a list of motions pending in state District Court.

Rodriguez had filed a motion to appear by video conference for the hearing that took place today. His motion was denied by Judge Norton, so Rodriguez was not present, either in person or through video conference.

Rodriguez had also filed an Opposition to Motion for Contempt yesterday, June 5, but it was not heard today by Judge Norton. You can view the entire Opposition here:

Opposition to Motion for Contempt

The motions cited on the June 1 Order Lifting Stay were argued by Holland & Hart, attorneys for St. Luke’s Hospital, which included a new motion for contempt. Judge Norton granted that motion, and citing failure to obey court orders, issued a new Warrant of Attachment for the arrest of Rodriguez. A $25,000 bond was set.

A hearing for a “discovery referee” is set in this case for June 14. No time or location was specified. A status conference is scheduled in the courtroom of Judge Lynn Norton on June 20 at four o’clock in the afternoon.

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9 thoughts on “Federal Court Dismisses Rodriguez Complaint as Moot, State Court Issues Second Arrest Warrant

  1. When will the upper management teams of St Lukes and Holland & Hart be brought to trial? This is the problem, put them on trial.

  2. People’s is one little step away from be coming a formidable militia of which Ada county will not be able to handle.

    1. The VAST majority of the Courts throughout America are quite literally as corrupt as can be. They do not serve We The People. And, they certainly do not obey the RULE OF “the supreme law of the land” in pursuance of supremacy clauses 2&3 of Article VI. Nor do they obey “The Laws of the Union, …” subsequent to Article I Section 8 clause 15 of The Constitution.

      The time is soon in coming whereby the Higher Powers of God, pursuant to Romans 13:1-5 KJV, who “ordained and established” our supreme laws of the land, to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to OURSELVES and OUR Posterity” (Preamble of The Constitution) will need to perform our Responsibilities and Duty to “Execute the Laws of the Union”, subsequent to Article I Section 8 clause 15, in pursuance of The Second Amendment Law, upon The COURTS and all of the Corrupt Judges thereof.

      The Time is NIGH AT HAND. Time for the Higher Powers of God, who “ordained and established” our laws upon all POTUSs, upon the SCOTUS, upon all Republicans and Democrats, upon all COURTS and JUDGES, upon all Attorneys General, upon all District Attorneys, upon all FEDcoats and their conscripted BLUEcoats and BROWNcoats, of utter Insurrection and Capital Felony TREASON against OUR (We The People) form of government.

      EVERYBODY can see the Tyranny, Despotism, Usurpation and Oppression, that has led to the wholesale robbery of our LIVES, LIBERTY and PROPERTY, and OUR CHILDREN and babies, in these days that try the souls of men.

      Therefore, it is up to God’s Higher Powers who Framed The Law on all of THEM, to restore it. And, to make sure none of our babies are EVER stolen from us again!!!

  3. Rodriquez says he’s not a PRN leader.

    He’s a leader conspiring to launder PRN money through Freedom Tabernacle. Of course, he never mentions that (neither does Clarendon).

    And, if the best PRN can do is Brand Thornton and Kaptin Karl as a militia, PRN is laughably doomed.

    1. PRN has no money to launder. PRN is a group of Christian poor people who co-operate to expose the selfishness of corrupt gov’t and business leaders.

    2. The big money is with St; Luke’s and is why they can pay Holland Hart the exorbitant and extravagant fees that they charge. Justice is only accessible to those who have money, big money. Rodriguez and Bundy don’t have the money that is needed to buy justice and therein lies the sad state of the American Injustice system.

  4. Hate is not an emotion in America Hate is a worldwide tool, a device of social engineering. Understand that political leftism, political abandonment of values, intrusive surveillance, over-reaching officials and the industrial complexes which own them, the values shifts, the usefulness of the broken-hearted aggrieved, assumptions of powers not granted and all transfers of sovereignty in America is hate. You could call it envy, greed, ambition, but the one thing it is is hostility to your households by
    its indifference to our way of life.

    It is almost an organized, scorched earth policy of revenge. It all emanates from people so very angry with our way of life – angry with issues and old wounds long before adulthood – backed by people far more rich and powerful than the people they wish to loot. And besides, it’s not about money, and it isn’t even about crime – it’s about power and conversion, an addiction to balm old wounds, seeking the morbid solution of soothing their anger by the separation of Americans from the fruits of their labor and our rewards of life. It is about takings in revenge as much as for gain. It is about complete and utter indifference.

    Fueling all of this – the energy it all runs on – is contempt for our way of life in liberty. This contempt fuels their arrogance, where your objection is perceived as offensive, impudent and irksome. Liberty is the foe of dependency.

    From: The transfer of wealth by John Longenecker

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