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Exclusive Interview with Phil McGrane, Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

By • April 5, 2022

Please note that the following interview was recorded in January and is not just being released. 

Idaho Dispatch has been reaching out to statewide and congressional candidates for months and had the opportunity to sit down with Phil McGrane, a Republican candidate for Secretary of State.

McGrane is one of three candidates vying for the Secretary of State position.

In this interview, Idaho Dispatch asks McGrane about why he is running, what he would like to do as the SOS, and about “Facebook money” that was brought up during the 2020 election.

You can view the entire interview below:

One thought on “Exclusive Interview with Phil McGrane, Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

  1. I challenged Mr. McGrane about the voting machines we use here in Idaho. He has FULL confidence in our system and doesn’t question the integrity of the voting machines at all. I disagree. I don’t have much faith in them because they can be easily manipulated and there are many vectors to hack voting machine systems. It’s been proven and we saw how it was done in 2020. These RINOs and their Dem counterparts pretend that the system is faultless and want us to believe them. Yet, just a few years ago Dems contributed to a documentary called “Killchain” that described the system as flawed and hackable and corrupt. They were right. But now the system is winning for them, so they went silent about Killchain. I don’t support McGrane and his lack of interest in establishing the best of integrity for our elections. The crooks want THEIR guy in the SoS slot, so here he is!

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