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Exclusive Interview with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Republican Candidate for Governor in 2022

By • October 6, 2021

Several candidates have filed paperwork to run for governor.

While Governor Brad Little (R) has not officially announced he is running again, he has an active C1 on file with the Secretary of State’s office and is expected to run again. At least nine candidates have C1’s filed that could run against Little in the Republican primary.

One of the candidates who filed to run is current Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

Idaho Dispatch sat down with McGeachin to discuss several topics. McGeachin was on her way to Malad, so the interview was shorter than some of the other gubernatorial candidate interviews we have conducted so far.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are the 2nd Amendment, abortion, education, and fires. Additionally, Idaho Dispatch talked to McGeachin about the Idaho Press Club lawsuit.

Below is the video interview with McGeachin, which was recorded on October 1 (article continues below):

Note: Idaho Dispatch does everything we can to interview all candidates for the major political offices, regardless of party or whether or not many of our readers like or do not like a candidate.

While some news outlets ultimately endorse a candidate for office, the Idaho Dispatch does NOT endorse candidates.

Idaho Dispatch also does not put out editorials from our board members encouraging people to support one candidate or to attack another candidate. We believe that it is not the media’s job to try and get citizens to think in one direction or another on an issue or to use our platform to influence elections.

This interview took place at Hooligan’s Pub, which is owned by my brother but was used as a location to do the interview because both McGeachin and I were traveling, and it was the most accessible place for us to meet with little notice.

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Republican Candidate for Governor in 2022

  1. Janice McGeachin has the life experience, the credentials and the compassion to be Idaho’s next Governor where she will protect Idaho and will protect the People’s Freedoms.

  2. This is just another view of what’s happening in our State. Many of us don’t think this “Governor for a day” grandstanding results in anything. If she can’t respect the office of the Governor now, why should anyone think she will be respected if she’s voted in? She has a hard time articulating thought, as well. But so does Brad. What’s in the Capitol’s water?

    1. It’s for the exact reason that Little is disrespecting the people that she was compelled to do what she has done. Little has been responsible for the closing and bankruptcies of so many small/medium sized businesses, keeping people apart and afraid of their own shadows all the while allowing the mega businesses to stay open. He’s a tool of the left and I will celebrate his defeat.

  3. Very concerned with all the new transplants from other states about keeping Idaho red, and being able to keep the vote fair.

  4. why didn’t you ask her about her infidelity and how she cheated on her husband? if her own husband cant trust her how can Idahoans?

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