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Exclusive Interview with Ed Humphreys, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022

By • June 15, 2021

Several candidates have filed paperwork to run for governor.

While Governor Brad Little (R) has not officially announced he is running again, he has an active C1 on file with the Secretary of State’s office and is expected to run again. Currently, eight candidates have C1’s filed that could run against Little in the Republican primary.

One of the candidates who filed to run against Little is Eagle resident Ed Humphreys.

Humphreys has launched his campaign last month and recently reported that he had raised over $100K until this point. Humphreys is one of the more visible candidates running to be the Republican gubernatorial nominee, along with current Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.

Idaho Dispatch sat down with Humphreys to do an in-depth interview on a variety of topics.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are the 2nd Amendment, abortion, health care, education, and public lands. Additionally, Idaho Dispatch talked to Humphreys about why he is running and about concerns some citizens have about his age.

Humphrey’s campaign kickoff weeks ago had approximately 500 people, according to his campaign.

When Idaho Dispatch interviewed Humphreys, he was at a fundraiser with approximately 70 people in attendance. Humphreys also said that they raised approximately $18K at the fundraiser where Idaho Dispatch interviewed him.

Below is the video interview with Humphreys recorded on June 12 (article continues below):

Note: Idaho Dispatch does everything we can to interview all candidates for the major political offices, regardless of party or whether or not many of our readers like or do not like a candidate.

While some news outlets ultimately endorse a candidate for office, the Idaho Dispatch does NOT endorse candidates.

Idaho Dispatch also does not put out editorials from our board members encouraging people to support one candidate or to attack another candidate. It is our belief that it is not the media’s job to try and get citizens to believe in one direction or another on an issue or to use our platform to influence elections.

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Ed Humphreys, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022

  1. Awesome interview. I appreciate that Idaho Dispatch provides opportunity for candidates to talk about their positions on various concerns. Personally, I like Ed a lot. I appreciate his candor, humility, and expressing what many Idahoans and US Citizens feel about Government today. Enough of the merry go round with recycling the same politicians. Time for a new perspective. Time for someone that has a common sense approach, without theatrics, to initiate, maintain, or restore Constitutional Conservative values. No more Federal Government in Idaho’s business.

  2. My fear is that Ed and Janice will split the conservative vote (possibly also the Libertarian and Independent vote), giving Little a second term because of the RINOs and all the cross-over-for -the-primary-only -to-elect-the-weakest-Republican Democrats. I’m very glad we have such strong candidates with Ed and Janice; either would be a great change for Idaho.

  3. A Thanks to Idaho Dispatch for continuing to bring unbiased news.
    Ed Humphreys brought a breath of fresh air in his ideas for Idaho.
    Best to him and his campaign.

  4. I would like to see Ed run for a seat like House or Senate so he could establish a conservative record. His age and only 4 years as a financial planner then giving it all up to run for Governor don’t add up. Many canidates keep their other incomes and professions . His platform sounds well scripted worded but his lack of record and the way he skirts questions on the radio and on his campaign are concerning. Most people who voice objections or concerns are merely blocked. Does the First Ammendment matter to him? I appreciate his honesty about paying for his girlfriends abortion and his honesty about his drug abuse history on local radio this week. However does Idaho want to take on someone with no proven history that is an eloquent speaker. Is it worth the gamble to elect a former drug addict? It will be interesting to see how much more money comes into his campaign from out of state. When you need 3 million to run and you get 100 k in donations and wrap a bus with your face it makes you wonder is that why he’s no longer a financial planner and is he qualifiers to run the state of Idaho?

  5. I would like to see someone that’s against illegal alien relocation in our state. Why would we want our tax dollars to pay for that. I would also like to see a republican candidate that would stand against property taxes that are taxing us out of our homes. Seems like the republicans can find ways to spend money just as well as democrats. So they’re not willing to fix the property tax situation. How about an Idaho version of California’s Prop 13 where your taxes are based on the purchase price and a 1% cap on annual property tax increases! My property taxes have more than doubled in the last 3 years and it looks like they are going to double again this year!

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