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Exclusive Interview with Debbie Critchfield, a Republican Candidate for State Superintendent

By • May 12, 2022

Idaho Dispatch had the opportunity to interview Debbie Critchfield, a Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Education

Critchfield is one of three candidates trying to become the nominee for the Republican Party. The primary election in Idaho takes place on May 17.

During the interview, Idaho Dispatch covered several topics, such as funding, curriculum, CRT, and teacher pay.

You can view the interview below:

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Debbie Critchfield, a Republican Candidate for State Superintendent

  1. It’s a good thing that students aren’t going on to pursue post-secondary education opportunities. College is a government ponzi scheme, and this is coming from someone with multiple degrees.

    I like a focus on work-ready / work-based experience. She’s right. Focus on life training like balancing a checkbook, etc.

    Re-establishing trust is important, I hope she will understand why and where the trust fell through. Education became activist-driven like all things in the age of COVID.

    Says she wants to do better with the existing budget, but then suggests she wants more funding and will ask for it on day one.

    On children languishing… COVID has realigned a lot of priorities. The rat race is not as important. Family is more important. A job can and will be taken away at will by partisans. Life is short, so slow down and appreciate it. I think this is a good reaction.

    Her response on CRT is adequate. It is absolutely here. It isn’t a college level curriculum that discusses theory, but a worldview imparted in the manner of instruction. It is making children think about everything through a subjective lens that emphasizes qualities like race, gender, sexuality, etc.. It’s here.

    Thanks for the interview.

  2. Critchfield is a Socialist Bedke clone, do not vote for this. There is only one choice which is Brandon Durst.

  3. Pay attention to who funds these candidates. That’s who they answer to and work for. She’s not my choice. Idaho can do better. Durst would work for the People, not the corporations.

  4. Critchfield is the vote spolier/champion of the RINOs.

    The Idaho GOP wanted Ybarra out but really needed to block Durst. So they ran Critchfield and heavily backed her. It worked. They blocked Durst and now a politically correct RINO will continue enabling CRT and other soft Marxist concepts to infect our schools at a stealthy pace.

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