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Exclusive Interview with Ammon Bundy – Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022!

By • June 19, 2021

Several candidates are vying to become the next Republican nominee for governor of Idaho.

Out of the candidates who have officially announced, three of them are actively campaigning and raising money or will begin doing so today. If Governor Brad Little (R) chooses to run for re-election, these candidates would be among Little’s challengers for the Republican nomination.

One of the candidates, Ammon Bundy, sat down with Idaho Dispatch to discuss various topics related to his personal life and campaign which officially kicked off today.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are abortion, the 2nd Amendment, public lands, health care, and more. Additionally, Idaho Dispatch also discussed the recent revelation that Bundy is not a registered voter in the state and Bundy’s high-profile incidents in Nevada, Oregon, and the Idaho State Capitol.

You can watch the full interview here (story continues below):

Note: Idaho Dispatch does everything we can to interview all candidates for the major political offices, regardless of party or whether or not many of our readers like or do not like a candidate.

While some news outlets ultimately endorse a candidate for office, the Idaho Dispatch does NOT endorse candidates.

Idaho Dispatch also does not put out editorials from our board members encouraging people to support one candidate or to attack another candidate. It is our belief that it is not the media’s job to try and get citizens to believe in one direction or another on an issue or to use our platform to influence elections.

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Ammon Bundy – Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022!

    1. I like McGeachin and she’ll probably win, because she’s a politician.
      But Ammon made good points and would try to fix foundational problems that have led to the important issues of the day.
      If we learned nothing else in 2020 and 2021, we’ve clearly been shown how the Idaho Republican politicians have failed our conservative, freedom driven values.

  1. Great Job Idaho Dispatch: Thank you for yet again taking the time to fairly interview Idaho’s candidates’ for office.
    Ammon Bundy laid out a clear, thorough vision to keep Idaho Idaho.
    All Citizens of this great state should take the time to listen fully to this interview.
    All politicians, judges, law enforcement officials, etc. should be required to listen to this and be tested afterwards to see if they understand what freedom of the people is.
    Ammon is welcomed in this Gubernatorial race in order to help direct the narrative back to the needs of the People of Idaho.

  2. I was at the the rally. he laid out his plan ,plain and simple. this man has fought for freedom ore than anyone…. He is “OUR IDAHO TRUMP” he has my vote and I will work at getting plenty more. IDAHO needs this man!!!!!

  3. Amon Bundy is a great person with a great stand. However any vote for Bundy is simply a vote for Brad Little. Janice McGeachin has worked hard all year to protect our freedom. She has taken many strong stands against Governor Little. She is the most qualified. We need to see that she is elected and not another term for Brad Little. Thanks. Jim Hollingsworth

  4. Janice McGeachin is our best option. She has the same goals as the other candidates and has already shown she’ll follow through. All Bundy did was start trouble with his activism. His intentions are good but his methods showed that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He won’t get much support from the house and senate because of his actions last year.

  5. I had Ammon to our home for a meet and greet. The one thing that folks liked the most about Ammon, was he listened. The establishment does not have a problem with Janice as well as Ed or Brad. They are afraid of Ammon, because he fights for the Constitution. Reminds me of Trump Presidency. Ammon will fight the Fed’s as well as the establishment. If you look at Janice’s voting index and record, she has flip flopped. She is 2nd amendment but voted against H222 banning guns on college campus. Do your research. I vote my conscious, not to make sure a Republican gets in. All you are doing is voting same into office.

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