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Ed Humphreys Running for Governor of Idaho in the Republican Primary in 2022

By • May 22, 2021

Over the next year, candidates across the state will be announcing their bids to become elected officials for a variety of political offices.

Idaho’s gubernatorial race will be one of the most-watched. While Governor Brad Little has not officially announced his re-election campaign, most expect him to run again in 2022.

If Little does run, one of his first challengers to step into the ring is Ed Humphreys of Eagle.

Humphreys launched his campaign several weeks ago and he had his campaign kickoff event which took place in Eagle. Humphreys says that they had approximately 500 people in attendance at the event.

Here is the Press Release Humphrey’s campaign sent out prior to the event taking place:

Ed Humphreys Slates Event for GOP Governor Campaign Kickoff

(Eagle, Idaho) Ed Humphreys, GOP Candidate for Idaho Governor will hold his campaign kickoff event Saturday, May 15th, 3:00-5:00 pm at the Honalee Farm Event Center, 7010 West Moon Valley Road, in Eagle, Idaho.

This family-friendly outdoor event will include food, fun, music, and the opportunity to hear Ed’s vision for Idaho.

Visit for more information and a map to the event.

You can view Humphrey’s campaign speech here:

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7 thoughts on “Ed Humphreys Running for Governor of Idaho in the Republican Primary in 2022

  1. My issue is the 10th Amendment and how the Feds hold states hostage with money. See, if its not specified in the constitution for the federal government to do then its left up to the states. We need to sue the feds for over reach. Dept. Education sucks money from schools and redistributes. is one example. The federal government makes their own rules all the while violating their oath they made to the people. We need to stand strong as a state and encourage other states to follow. I also wish Idaho would get on board with a convention of states. Idaho has never factually looked into it. When they said they did they were wrong on almost every account. Best of luck to you will decide when its time.

    1. I agree that government has overreached, but there is no need to sue. Why should we sue for something that was stolen from us?? Would you sue a criminal for return of your car if he stole it from you? No, you would simply produce the title showing ownership. In this case, our “ownership” document is the U.S. and Idaho State Constitutions.

      All rights not delegated to the federal government BY THE STATES belong to the states and their people. The first 13 states and all those thereafter delegated (gave TEMPORARY authority) to the federal government their power to do four things on their behalf: make war, make peace, negotiate alliances with foreign powers, and negotiate commerce. Basically, the federal government’s powers were to be applied to foreign affairs only; everything else belongs to the individual states and their people. This is what the Founding Fathers wanted, what they created and what we must reclaim as sovereign states.

      All the states (via governors and legistures) need to do is stand up to federal government and tell them “no, you have no Constitutional authority in this state to dictate our healthcare, our education, our lang management, our etc.” States need to assert their supremacy over the federal government and do their first job: protect their people from an overreaching central government bent on destroying individual liberty.

  2. Janice has my vote. Ed has all the look of a rino/democrat shill aiming only to insure a split vote and the retention of rino little. Very bad idea. If he’s a true conservative, he’ll endorse Janice.

  3. Wasnt Humphrey’s the first to create a Critical race theory Bill Banning it ? I know he was the pathfinder on banning indoctrination. So that gives me great hope if he is running.

    1. Not that I know. Capitol Clarity started by Janice McGeachin brought a speaker on the subject and urged legislation along with other conservatives. Just saying you might be confused.

      1. Yeah, not saying I’m A computer. I remember what I can 🙂 I do however remember Ed was part of the movement that’s a fact credit to him as well.

        Anyhow, Janice has my vote as she’s what Idaho stands for.

        And I can tell you this. Current Brad Little let our children down. My 5th grader was pulled out of school today by his mom and
        I. He’s on 3 different face medications to clear up the damn mask rash he has on his face from our children having to wear masks 8 hours a day. LITTLE did SQUAT to free our children. And I know JANICE will protect our children and not allow the school board to abuse our school children! And that’s another reason Janice will win ! Everytime I spoke out to Littles office about this, I was told he doesn’t want to be a tyrannical governor and overturn rules. But In fact, the problem is, he doesn’t have the Stones to handle business because he’s afraid of confrontation. Brad Littleberries out and Janice M in !!!

        Brad did sign some great laws credit to him. But the deal sealer for me is our children are strapped up wearing masks 8 hours aday still and now my 5th grader has mental problems from his face all jacked up.!

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