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Dr. Ryan Cole Responds to Critics Accusing him of Being ‘Anti-Vaccine’ and More

By • August 20, 2021

The Ada County Commissioners have nominated Dr. Ryan Cole to serve as the next doctor for the Central District Health Board.

Ada County Commissioner Kendra Kenyon (D) said at the last board meeting that Cole made money off of the COVID-19 issue and that his criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine “flies in the face of ethics.” Additionally, some reporters have stated that Cole was “anti-vaccine,” and Idaho Dispatch sought to get clarification from Cole as well as one reporter on the “anti-vaccine” label.

Cole spoke with Idaho Dispatch and disputed claims made by Kenyon and others and said he wanted to set the record straight.

One of the comments that Cole wanted to clarify was an accusation by Kenyon that Cole criticizes the COVID-19 vaccine but makes money off of the testing.

Cole does own Cole Diagnostics in Garden City. Cole’s company does COVID-19 testing and charges either $99 for a nasal swab test or $50 for an anti-body test.

However, Cole said that to help the community when the COVID-19 pandemic was in the beginning stages, his company went over $2 million in debt, risking personal bankruptcy just to get set up for the testing process. Cole said they did testing for many large hospitals and surgical centers. In addition, Cole said that he received no grants as universities and hospitals did, but they did receive some State “Cares Act” funds to offset some of the costs.

Cole told Idaho Dispatch that his net income last year was “zero” because he focused on making sure his employees and team were paid, and he is almost back to breaking even so he can begin drawing a salary again.

Idaho Dispatch asked Cole if he believed COVID-19 was real or if he believed it was a hoax. Cole responded that he believed COVID-19 is real, that it is deadly to many at-risk groups, and has several variants.

At the Ada County Commissioner’s meeting, Kenyon also mentioned that Cole’s family was vaccinated but did not specify what vaccines she was talking about that Cole or his family had received.

Idaho Dispatch asked Cole what Kenyon was referring to. Cole told us that during his interviews with the commissioners, Cole mentioned that he and his children had all received their childhood vaccinations.

Cole also clarified that he has not received the COVID-19 vaccine and that only his adult older daughter, who does not live at home, had made her own decision to get the COVID-19 shots.

In addition to Kenyon, Heath Druzin, a reporter in Idaho who does freelance work for Boise State Public Radio, said in a tweet that Cole was “anti-vaccine.” Here is a copy of Druzin’s tweet:

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Druzin to ask if his “anti-vaccine advocate” label was meant to only be about COVID-19 or if it was meant to include all vaccines. Druzin told Idaho Dispatch that he was only referring to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch asked Cole what his primary concern was with the COVID-19 vaccine and if he was “anti-vaccines” as he has been by some have described him. Here is what Cole told us,

I am not anti-vaccine. I have had countless vaccines over my lifetime (childhood and military), as have my family, not not a coronavirus vaccine, and never will, based on the poor medical history of bad outcomes vaccinating against this family of viruses. Many in my family are Covid recovered. The Covid recovered have an essentially zero percent chance of reinfection, according to countless world studies, and it is anti-science to push vaccination in this group, which is already a large part of our population. A one size fits all approach is illogical and anti-scientific in the Covid era. Participation in an investigational vaccination should be a well-informed personal choice based on one’s personal risk assessment.

The elderly are at a 240 times Covid risk compared to the young. The current shots may be okay for some high-risk individuals. However, they have statistically been shown to be a highly dangerous medical intervention, with chronic long-term complications for countless other individuals. Vaccinating children who survive Covid at a statistical 100% is medically illogical, as we are seeing more damage (myocarditis, neuroinflammation, death, etc.) in children and youth age 0-24, from the shots in this age group, than benefit. We cannot accelerate time, and hence, we cannot know the longer-term outcomes to immune health, cancer, and fertility risk, in these younger patients or anyone for that matter. Those who have underlying comorbidities may see a benefit. Participation in any medical procedure (especially an experiment) should always be a personal choice.

We are seeing that the Delta spike variant has quickly escaped the investigational Wuhan spike Covid vaccines. The vaccinated around the world are outnumbering the unvaccinated in cases, hospitalization and deaths (see Israel, UK, Gibraltar, Iceland, Seychelles, Australia, etc.). Due to incomplete and asymmetrical reporting in the U.S., these outcomes are more difficult to track but are already being seen here. The CDC has indicated that the vaccinated can carry equal or higher viral loads than the unvaccinated. Doubling down on a failing vaccination experiment and ignoring early treatment (monoclonal antibodies, the protocols, or Peter McCullough, MD protocols at, for example) may put us into an interesting community health conundrum. Again, a one size fits all solution ignores data and science. I personally ascribe to General Patton’s view that “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

Finally, Idaho Dispatch asked cole about comments he made calling the COVID-19 vaccine “clot shots” and “needle rape.” Kenyon brought up these comments during her opposition to nominating Cole for the CDH board position. Cole said the comments were made “tongue in cheek” and that he was repeating the nicknames the audience and others had been using.

Cole’s comments and beliefs have been brought up by a number of individuals on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere in the media. Some citizens believe he is the right man to be on the CDH board while others believe he shouldn’t be on it.

Do you think Cole is the right choice for the CDH Board? Do you think someone else should have been nominated?

Let us know in the comments below.


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