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Does Gov. Little’s Stage 3 Move Drop Most Mandates and Restrictions?

By • February 2, 2021

Governor Brad Little held a press conference earlier today regarding the status of the COVID-19 vaccine in Idaho and our current death count and case count.

Idaho has been in a “Modified Stage 2” for a few months now. Today, Little announced that he was moving Idaho from Stage 2 to Stage 3. This as the legislature continues to debate and discuss potential actions against either the Emergency and/or Health Order.

Little said in a statement released on video that gatherings would go from a 10 person limitation to a 50 person limitation. Religious and political exemptions to the 50-person limitation would not apply.

However, in reading the differences between the Stage 2 order from December 30th, 2020, and today’s Stage 3 order, it appears that many of the “must” and “shall” requirements are dropped from the order’s language.

In the Stage 2 order, for instance, the order stated on “Gatherings”:

Gatherings of more than 10 people, both public and private, are prohibited. (Emphasis Added)

On the Stage 3 order released today, here is what it says on gatherings:

Gatherings should be limited to 50 or fewer people and adhere to the Physical Distancing and Sanitation Requirements in Section 3. (Emphasis Added)

Another change appears to be in the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants portion of the orders.

Little in his address today said that those facilities will be limited to “sitting” only. Here is the difference between the two orders.

The wording in the Stage 2 order was as follows:

All patrons must remain seated while consuming food or drink or when otherwise remaining on the premises, except for when entering, exiting, or using the restroom; (Emphasis Added)

Now, here is the wording for the Stage 3 order for seating in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants which fall under the title, “Stay Healthy Recommendations”:

All patrons should remain seated while consuming food or drink or when otherwise remaining on the premises, except for when entering, exiting, or using the restroom. (Emphasis Added)

Again, the wording changed to “should” instead of “must” or “prohibited” which would typically indicate a more strict mandate.

The six feet between seating in restaurants was also changed from “must” to “should” in the new Stage 3 order.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the Little’s office to find out if these changes were intentional and if the intent was to drop most of the restrictions and go to recommendations instead. We have not received an answer at this time but will update the article if Little’s office responds.

Little did say during his announcement that he didn’t want Idahoans to let their guard down. He said in his statement:

This is not a signal to let up on our good efforts. We must stay vigilant.

Little closed his statement by asking citizens to continue wearing masks, social distancing, stay home if they are sick, and get vaccinated.

What do you think of Idaho moving into Stage 3?

Let us know in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Does Gov. Little’s Stage 3 Move Drop Most Mandates and Restrictions?

  1. I think Little ought to lift all restrictions. How in the world did they arrive at the number 50? What makes that the magic number? I also wonder why Little thinks masks work? One starts looking at states that have masks mandates and their high numbers and then one looks at states that do not have mask mandates and notice that MASKS DO NOT WORK in fact may even make it worse.

    1. Correct. So stop with the mask nonsense. They actually depress your immune response, but nobody’s talking about that!

    2. Why do you think Little thinks masks work? The question also assumes that his decisions are based on what is best for the populace. I would like to know who is really pulling his strings? I don’t believe he is that stupid. Blackmail? Bribes? Greed? All that rona money would be a nice pass around to the good ol boy club. Send the boys some business loans. While this is all speculation, something here doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. I am not under stage 2, stage 3, or stage anything-else.

    I go where I please and dress how I please, which does not include a damn face mask.

    Brad Little can go straight to hell with his mandates.

  3. The Governor had no constitutional right what so ever to limit our freedom of choice in the first place.

    Never will a Mask Mandate or Vaccination Mandate be tolerated or constitutional.

    If anything: Masks should be deemed dangerous and recommended to NOT be used.

    Masks Kill:

    1.) The hand to face transmission is tremendous.
    2.) There is a higher risk of various lung diseases and bacterial diseases associated with Mask usage.
    3.) Mask usage reduces oxygen to the body, potentially allowing cancers to thrive in a low oxygen environment.

    CDH should also be defunded or eliminated for their ridiculous behavior throughout this episode of Governmental and Unelected official’s overreach.

  4. Wow! Are we supposed to be GRATEFUL? Grateful to Tyrant Little for easing his unlawful pressure on us peasants? GRATEFUL? Only to tighten it up again in the future whenever he chooses? He has NO RIGHT to destroy our rights and freedoms. We need an AMENDMENT which changes the entire REGIONAL organization of public health districts in Idaho. Is it true one district in Idaho was even trying to merge with a district in Washington State? IMPEACH Brad Little. His overreaches and the damage he and his corporate and elected Cronies have done to Idaho are criminal.

  5. Someone should tell Gov. Little to check out Florida and Governor DeSantis who has no mask mandates, schools are open, businesses are open and they have the lowest unemployment figures, the lowest covid stats, and the biggest boom in building and tourism. Also, Florida has the highest number of elderly senior citizens with the lowest number of covid infections and deaths. Could it be freedom, no masks, individual liberty is what is making Florida so successful?

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