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Do You Support Red Flag Laws?

By • June 17, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Do You Support Red Flag Laws?

  1. If the Red Flag Law honors due process, representation,an a presumption of innocence, then yes, they are just a for.alized set of rule requiring the police to actually investigate claims. However, these are almost always written as “take the guns and let the person go broke trying to prove their innocence”. Completely unconstitutional.

  2. These are the “Trojan Horse” by the doors potentially opened all “by omission” of “precise” content . Very dangerous waters we’re treading in my opinion.

  3. Red flag laws pervert due process, confiscate private property and places the individual in a “guilty until proven innocent” position. Red flag laws are immoral and unconstitutional.

  4. Red Flag Laws are just another way to make the stealing of rights sound like a noble endeavor. It’s a smoke screen people, don’t believe it, they’ll just take your guns and allow the bad guys to have a gun monopoly. Hmmm, that might be a good idea for a new game GUN MONOPOLY

    1. Spoken by an idiot who can’t see what’s really happening. Grab your stuffed animal and sit in the corner, liberal, because you are clearly too ignorant to see these laws being forced on society hasn’t worked in the most liberal states that already have them in place.

      An armed society is a polite society, have an armed guard or five at every school and you’ll never see this type of stupidity ever again. Perhaps that’s why there’s only been one mass shooting in a federal building?

      Of course, idiots like you will never admit what’s so blatantly obvious because it doesn’t fit your narrative. You’re so afraid of the idea of guns that you actually believe a law will completely eliminate them from society.

      When the lawless are the only ones with weapons, America will change forever and it won’t be pretty.

    2. This person is obviously a half-wit with no real life understanding of actual facts. Pay Attention! Find and show that the suspects in ANY of these mass shootings have been ANYTHING but a liberal nut-job or some liberal trying push their agenda and make ignorant people think that it is due to a conservative choice in life. Want to make a difference, tighten your grip on liberal life choices and re-establish the presence of mental institutions and detention facilities like those of the sixties. Letting loones loose in society only subjects everyone to a more threatening world. NO RED FLAG LAWS EVER!

  5. No red flag laws for Idaho, period…
    This opens the door to take guns away from anyone at anytime . Don’t be fooled by this unconstitutional move to slowly disarm the patriotic community of this state.

  6. A red flag law that requires notice, a fair hearing before a judge or magistrate, and due process all within a 48-hour period is appropriate. Otherwise, it is just a Trojan horse.

  7. What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” do the gun grabbers not understand? linguistically Gymnastics can’t change the Constitution!
    There is a process to change the Constitution. It requires two thirds of the states to ratify any change. There in lies the problem. There is absolutely, no chance of this ever happening!
    The constitution is the Law of the Lamd!
    Follow the Constitution and ALL problems created by the Government, disappear!
    Government is the problem!
    We the people are the rightful masters of our government. It is past time to take it back.
    Peacefully of course! By force if necessary!

  8. Red Flag laws are clearly unconstitutional. The government cannot deprive anyone of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

  9. “Bipartisan” senators? Red flag
    Why – These senators must not believe in the Constitution and what it means plus their to up hold the Constitution. If they did then red flag would not be considered!
    I would like to know who they are so they can be voted out.

  10. Red Flag laws like all gun restriction laws are unconstitutional!!! Every single Congressman and Senator voting in favor of these and any other gun law should be arrested and tried for treason for not upholding their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America!!! I’m sick and tired of our treasonous Federal Government it’s time to take this country back and punish the politicians destroying it!!

  11. Absolutely not. That is a direct violation of our protected freedoms. Next thing ya know we’ll be just like California.

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