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Do you believe the sales tax on groceries in Idaho should be repealed? (Answer Inside)

By • January 22, 2022

As the 2022 Idaho legislative session is underway, during a debate on an income tax cut bill, both Democrat and Republican lawmakers also asked about repealing the sales tax on groceries. Idaho Dispatch wanted to get input from Idahoans on whether they support a repeal of the grocery tax. Be sure to submit your answer in the poll below!

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39 thoughts on “Do you believe the sales tax on groceries in Idaho should be repealed? (Answer Inside)

    1. If on your phone, after you type in your email address hit go or enter on your keyboard. Took me a couple minutes to figure it out. But it worked for me.

  1. I do not make enough money to file income taxes as I am retired and only get social security. But if I don’t file, I don’t get the grocery tax credit.

  2. The only reason I say maybe is because it is a fair tax. As in it affects everyone on the same level. That being said, I believe it should be lowered back to the 4% (or less) that it started at.

  3. The People’s Groceries, Air, Water, Breathing are NEVER to be taxed.

    Idaho has many hard working families that are trying to make ends meet in this inflationary environment.

    If Grocery Tax where abolished The People could buy better quality food and be happier and healthier overall, thereby reducing medical costs.

    We have a speaker of the house and committee chairs that are complete idiots on this matter.
    Repealing the Grocery Tax will have to be Ramrodded past them.

  4. People are always complaining about ‘fair share’. currently, most of the ‘overall’ tax burden is on the people who are most productive, have well paying jobs, own businesses and contribute to the ‘system’. As I see it, the only ‘TAX’ being paid by virtually ‘everyone’ is ‘sales tax’ on food. Everyone needs to eat, so everyone contributes to the system fairly. Why is this even an issue here? if you want to talk about unfair taxation, look at property TAX! (and you who rent don’t believe for a second you don’t also pay for these high taxes as well). Property tax is 0in itself) unconstitutional. I support ‘consumption tax’ the more you consume, the more you pay. everyone pulls the cart equally.

  5. We need to eliminate property taxes and income taxes, also. Governments must be stripped down to actual need. A payments and settlements tax would replace all other taxes and would barely be felt my 90% of citizens. This would smoke out all dark money and enormous superfluous funds that don’t support capitalism, but destroys it. After that, we can see exactly what kind of taxes we really need.

    1. Great comment, Gary. RINOs in Idaho leadership are really “tax and spend” leftists…. just wolves in sheep clothing.

  6. Yes, absolutely, AND, eliminate … or significantly reduce and cap Property Tax, especially for senior citizens who solely own their property. After all, seniors have no personal benefit of ongoing tax levies for building more schools.

  7. Actually, not everyone pays ‘fair’ tax on groceries because of grocery assistance. When paying with food stamps there is no tax charged on groceries. There is currently no oversight, meaning H&W keeps quiet and does not share who gets food stamps to Idaho tax commission. This also means liars can get both the Idaho grocery tax credit and food stamps. Get rid of unnecessary tax credit and remove tax on everyone’s groceries will make it less corrupt and those living near the Oregon border will spend more money in our state

    1. Yes, taxation always has a welfare credit attached to it. And for all they get from food stamps people still can’t afford to eat healthy. This is all meant to control how much money we make and where we spend it.

  8. I think it’s time for legislators and governor to look at the property tax issue also.Property taxes are extremely high and there is to much money in the coffer at the current moment.

  9. This feels like one of those things that should be able to get done in an afternoon and yet it’s gone on for years.

    Like most, I voted YES, but geez there’s bigger goals I think we’d like to see.


  10. If you’re going to keep taxing groceries then start requiring transparent labeling on where the food came from so they can’t undercut our local farmers anymore.

  11. Yes,
    Can’t submit.
    Little wrote a letter to Janice Yelstin because he thinks being taxed on unrealized capital gains is not fair.
    Appraised value of property, and being taxed on THAT unrealized income is also UNFAIR. Unless the home is sold, the ACTUAL appraised value of our prioerty should be used. Because when we sell it WE WILL BE PAYING TAXES THEN.

  12. Years ago Steve Forbes proposed a national sales tax but his proposal exempted foods. I like this because even the illegals in the state and the nation would have to pay taxes also it would do away with the IRS.

    1. It’s a good idea. Besides all the IRS agents could be retrained into private industry to do good, like fixing pot holes and bridges. etc.

  13. Sales tax on groceries needs to end. The state legislature doesn’t want it to end because there are people who don’t bother to apply for reimbursement, therefore it gives the state more money in the coffers to spend. It in truth sales tax should end completely. Income tax is another form of extortion that should be eliminated. Property taxes are surely the worst form (and unfairly applied) of extortion that exists at state level. It needs to be done away with immediately. What’s the problem — BIG GOVERNMENT.

  14. Sales tax is the only tax I can agree with. If you buy you pay. This includes everyone whether you’re on welfare or a billionaire, you buy you pay.

  15. People like me that have a limited income struggle to make ends meet. And the cost of everything is going up, it would be at least a little relief to not have to be taxed on food. And not have to depend so much on food banks and churches to supply most if not all of my food supplies…

  16. I just went to the store today to buy 1 item, use to cost less than $3 total a few months ago. Inflation plus grocery tax has it now 9 cents shy of being $4! The state must be loving racking in with this inflation on our “essentials”

  17. the nice thing about walmarts self checkout is it automatically shows you the tax so when i ring up a product that cost 21.00$ it shows im being charged 23.00$(roughly) and the truth is id have no problem paying that tax if i thought it was being spent to help the people of Idaho. The problem is i KNOW!!! the money is being pissed away every single dollar i pay in taxes doesnt even cover the expense of one refugee for a week. And ill add Trump allowed states to opt out of taking refugees while the governor decided to take them anyway.

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