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Did President Trump Endorse Congressman Mike Simpson?

By • May 15, 2022

Several Idaho citizens have sent Idaho Dispatch questions regarding a claim that former President Donald Trump endorsed Congressman Mike Simpson.

The question regarding Trump’s endorsement comes from a mailer sent out to citizens in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District. The “American Dental Association” sent out the mailer according to the “Paid for” disclaimer.

Individuals who contacted Idaho Dispatch said that the endorsement didn’t make sense given Simpson’s criticisms of Trump after January 6.

A quote on the mailer states the following quote from Trump about Simpson,

Mike has my complete and total endorsement.

Here is what the image looked like:

According to Simpson’s campaign website, he does list an endorsement from Trump. The quote in question is part of a full quote listed on the site.

However, Simpson also has an asterisk on the bottom of the quote stating that it was from 2020.

Trump has not made an endorsement in the 2nd Congressional District race at this time.


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15 thoughts on “Did President Trump Endorse Congressman Mike Simpson?

  1. I agree Bryan Smith is the person. If Bryan doesn’t do a good job vote him out next election. If we make it 4 years under Joe Biden, we need to make sure and vote him out.

  2. Mike Simpson DID NOT have Trump’s endorsement in 2022, Trump endorsed in the PREVIOUS election.

  3. Trump did endorse Simpson as the fattest slob in all of the Congress who needs a wheelbarrow just to push his belly from the public trough. RINO Supreme!!

  4. Simpson is yesterday’s dirty laundry and his integrity smells like it. He’s just another AWFUL RINO that needs to GO…

  5. Glenn Beck interviewed Bryan Smith on this morning’s program. He is against ESG as well as The Dept. of Education. That’s a start.

  6. I also heard the Beck interview with Bryan Smith… Bryan would get rid of ESG and the Dept. of Education… Which is exactly what needs to be done. Bryan has no use for either one.

  7. I think the Dept. of the Interior should run the US Capitol building, with all of the long term “campers” that hang out there. They seem to never want to leave… Times up Mike, check out time is 12 p.m.

  8. Like All losers, “Dr.”() Simpson turns to deception and fraud to try and gain an advantage. SHAMEFUL but NOT SURPRISED!

  9. The election is now over, but I feel that this flyer was an attempt to let Simpson have his cake and eat it too…regarding his personal views of Trump and his need for continued support from Idaho conservatives.

    Simpson hates real conservatives. He is a moderate Democrat that is carrying water for the Globalist agenda…bit by bit. He hates Trump.

    Simpson and the other Idaho RINOs sense that they CAN be replaced by real conservatives, one the spoilers and vote splitters are exposed and a strategy developed to defeat the RINO spoiler tactic. The flyer was a cheap prop to boost votes. Smith or another good challenger CAN beat Simpson.

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