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Did Paulette Jordan, Mike Simpson, and Donald Trump Make Controversial Statements This Week?

By • October 10, 2020

This week, several high-profile individuals and candidates for public office made statements that caused some controversy.

The three individuals are Senate candidate Paulett Jordan, congressional candidate Mike Simpson, and presidential candidate Donald Trump. All three have faced criticism for what they said both on the radio and on social media.

Paulette Jordan (Democrat), who is challenging Senator Jim Risch for his seat,  was the first to draw criticism for a tweet she made on Twitter on October 8th. Jordan told Risch on Twitter that he should “grow a pair” and debate her.

Jordan is speaking of a KTVB debate that Risch has declined to participate in.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Senator Risch’s office to find out if he has a response to Jordan’s comments about him declining the debate and why he declined the debate in the first place. Risch’s office has not currently responded to our questions but Idaho Dispatch will update the article if they do.

While the Idaho GOP and Democrat parties did not make statements about Jordan’s comment, the Ada County GOP released the following statement:

Ada County Republicans – Ms. Jordan’s language and behavior is as predictable as the socialist agenda she supports. Her use of sexist language and immature statements sound like a high schooler challenging a friend to a big dare, but she clearly doesn’t get it. This isn’t how we roll in Idaho.

Her disrespectful characterization of Senator Risch hardly deserves a response, but since the media won’t hold her accountable (quite the double standard when you consider what would happen if any Republican were to call out any Democrat the way Jordan did in her post), we should at least let her know that the lack of decorum does not represent the values of Idahoans. Sadly, it is typical of a socialist agenda that is trying hard to take a foothold in Idaho.

Senator Risch is the Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations, arguably one of the most important in all of Congress. His public service to Idaho as a US Senator, Idaho’s Governor, Lt. Governor and so many other roles stand in stark contrast to that of his opponent’s complete lack of experience.

While we have said it often, it seems to bear repeating that we condemn the language used here. We condemn racism. We condemn riots, sexist language and these temper tantrums.

We condemn her utter lack of respect for a man who has dedicated his life to Idahoans.

While liberals continue to exhibit every conceivable level of coarseness, this does not appeal to Idahoans and we want no part of it.

Thank you, Senator Risch for not responding to this type of language or behavior. We encourage all good Idahoans to vote for statesmanship.

Senator Jim Risch thank you for being a true Statesman and representing the great State of Idaho.

Then, on October 9th, President Trump called into the Ruch Limbaugh Show where he dropped the “f-bomb” which did not air on the radio due to delays that allow stations to censor speech not authorized by the FCC.

Trump was discussing the United States’ relationship with the country of Iran. Here is what Trump said on Limbaugh’s show:

If you f*** around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.

Twitter has thousands of tweets of Trump’s comment. Among the tweets, many people both criticized and praised the president’s comment.

In Idaho, neither the state GOP nor Democrat parties made any statements on social media about the president’s remarks.

Finally, a few hours after Trump made his remarks, Congressman Simpson was on the Nate Shelman Show (670 KBOI) and told Shelman that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was “bat-sh** crazy.”

Here is a link to the audio which Idaho Dispatch has been given permission to use (Language Warning!):

Shelman and Simpson were discussing Pelosi’s efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment in an attempt to potentially remove Trump from office. Simpson quips that maybe a commission should be put together to look into Pelosi because “I really believe she has gone bat-sh** crazy” he says.

While Channel 2 News in Boise did cover the comment, both the Idaho GOP and Democrat parties have not released a statement on Simpson’s radio attack on Pelosi.

The Ada County GOP, who condemned Jordan’s remarks has also not released a statement on Simpson’s comment. We reached out to the Ada County GOP to ask if they had a response and they have not yet responded to our inquiry. If they do, we’ll update the article accordingly.

What do you think of the comments made by Jordan, Trump, and Simpson this week?

Were they out of line or just part of “politics?” Let us know in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Did Paulette Jordan, Mike Simpson, and Donald Trump Make Controversial Statements This Week?

  1. At this point in time I am more worried about the blatent lies and exagerations , the tyranny being committed by elected officials wthout being held responsible and charged with then convicted of, than any snarky remark by a desperate woman needing reassurance or a potus threatening a rogue nation or a Senator speaking his mind. I am sick to death of Governors, including Idaho Governor Brad Little blatently breaking his/their promise when being inaugurated to uphold the Constitution and Not being thrown out of office after being impeached after they repeatedly violated. I am sick to death of our Lame Justice Dept who cowers under their desks. The End

  2. I think it’s a symptom of our times. These types of comments are extremely common on FB already (even here in Idaho—can’t even count how many times I’ve seen someone say the governor should “grow a pair”!). It would be better if no one talked like this in public, but people do, and it’s not worth screaming over IMO.

  3. Doesn’t offend me at all. Personally I am sick of the political theater put on of the past. I would rather see the real personality instead of some fake mask wearing actor. A persons actions are far more important judge of character than their talk.

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