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Democrat Tom Arkoosh to Face Republican Raul Labrador for Attorney General

By • July 27, 2022

Democrat Tom Arkoosh will face Republican Raul Labrador this November in the Attorney General race.

Arkoosh has replaced Steven Scanlin for the Democrat Party. Scanlin withdrew his candidacy last week.

Scanlin’s treasurer is former Idaho Supreme Court Justice, Jim Jones. Jones is a board member for Take Back Idaho and has been an outspoken critic of Labrador.

In his campaign announcement, Arkoosh said in part,

I am not a politician. I grew up on a family farm in Gooding. After my education and life experiences, I have practiced law in Idaho for 44 years. I am a counselor, litigator, and lawyer. I want to emphasize I am a counselor, litigator, and lawyer. Over the course of my career, I have successfully practiced water law, civil litigation, criminal law – both prosecution and defense – commercial law and natural resources and administrative law. This is why I feel qualified to hold this office. When it comes to legal experience, ability, and independence, there is a vast difference between my opponent and me. As to each of these qualifications, I am well-prepared to lead the office. He does not have that experience.

The Labrador campaign responded to the announcement of Arkoosh as the new Democrat opponent in an email to Idaho Dispatch. Here is the message in full:

There is nothing more political than this backroom deal cut by the Idaho Democrat Party with Mr. Arkoosh, who has literally flip-flopped between parties in the course of a year.  Mr. Arkoosh is embracing the party of Joe Biden, with policies that have driven our economy into the highest inflation in forty years and given safe harbor to extremists who support defunding the police. As Idaho’s next Attorney General, Raúl Labrador will work to protect Idaho’s families, safeguard the state’s economy, and defend Constitutional freedoms.

The race for Attorney General is is “open” race after Labrador defeated long-time incumbent Lawrence Wasden. Wasden had held the seat for more than 20 years.

Who do you support for Idaho’s next Attorney General?

Let us know in the comments below.

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19 thoughts on “Democrat Tom Arkoosh to Face Republican Raul Labrador for Attorney General

    1. Dems have ruined every state they have controlled. Look at California Oregon for example. We moved here to get away from all that shit. Go back and try to fix what you have messed up.

  1. It is comforting to see that Arkoosh’s first statement is a total fabrication.
    A lawyer is a politician.
    Demoncrat to the core, I am sure!!!

  2. Raul Labrador is a MAGA conservative and will uphold our conservative values. Arkoosh is a Jones and take back Idaho puppet. Take back Idaho is a far left liberal organization hell bent on destroying Idaho.

  3. Labrador, HANDS DOWN, he was my legislature in N. ID at one point and he was amazing. No doubt he’ll protect Idahoans and uphold our constitution.

  4. I’ll stick with Labrador, thank you. Idaho’s politics are the dirtiest I’ve seen since leaving California, where I swear they perfected dirty and stealing elections.

    1. I’m with you Lori. Did not imagine Idaho was this bad. Only hope that enough real conservatives will vote to push this takeover attempt OUT.

  5. Labrador for the “WIN”!
    Take Back Idaho…NO THANKS
    Build Back Better….ya right! How’s that working out!

  6. Just look at how much crime has risen in states with a democrat attorney general. New York, Calif., Illinois, etc. are all crime ridden and their crime rates continue to rise daily. Crime is rampant as criminals are out on the streets (thanks to democrat AGs) to victimize law abiding citizens. That is not what we want in Idaho. I’m definitely voting for Labrador.

  7. Make no mistake, Every Democrat politician supports Socialism, Marxism and Communism.
    New World Order NUTS !!!
    It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a Fact !

  8. Raul Labrador All the way, these democrats are destroying our country but we will not in no way let them destroy Idaho

  9. I’ve met Mr Labrador and can tell you he is a respectful and honest man. Notice how the rebuttal didn’t have any mud slinging? Can you say the same thing for any other politician or candidate that you know of? I believe that Labrador is the only choice available as he will keep the office respectable and honest

  10. Labrador has my solid vote.

    Watch how the RINOs will push for voters to support Arkoosh in a whisper campaign.

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