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Crapo/Risch Respond to Criticism Over Infrastructure Bill Vote

By • August 16, 2021

An infrastructure bill passed through the U.S. Senate with both Republican and Democrat support including both of Idaho’s Republican U.S. Senators.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to both Risch and Crapo’s offices for comment and reaction to the feedback and opposition to their vote. Both Senator’s had staff respond to Idaho Dispatch’s inquiry.

Here is what Risch’s office sent Idaho Dispatch:

Today, the Senate passed the infrastructure bill for America’s roads and bridges. Senators had two choices: this $550 billion package with no tax increases, or allow Democrats to pass the Biden proposal of $2.5 trillion, raise taxes, and pile it on top of their impending $3.5 trillion social spending spree. On behalf of Idaho, I chose to support the lower $550 billion investment in hard infrastructure like roads, bridges, and broadband. I believe it to be the substantially more reasonable and conservative solution to the necessary infrastructure spending. I intend to vigorously oppose Democrats’ reckless $3.5 trillion social spending bill, which is coming next.

Senator Crapo’s office also sent Idaho Dispatch an email and send a link to a CBS 2 article containing Crapo’s interview with 670 KBOI’s Nate Shelman.

Here is that link.

The comments on our Facebook page were mostly negative toward both Senator Jim Risch (R) and Senator Mike Crapo voting for the bill. At the time of this writing, we could not find a comment on our Facebook thread that supported their decision.

Here is a screenshot of some of the comments we received:

However, the Idaho Democrat Party supported the vote by Crapo and Risch. Some of the comments on the Idaho Democrat Party Facebook page supported.

Here is the Democrat Party’s statement on Twitter:

Here are some of the comments from the Idaho Democrat Party’s Facebook post of the same article:

What do you think of the vote for the infrastructure bill by Crapo.Risch? Do you agree with the vote or not?

Let us know in the comments below.


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49 thoughts on “Crapo/Risch Respond to Criticism Over Infrastructure Bill Vote

  1. So… this is the leadership of Idaho? Good news for the residents of Idaho who don’t want refugees from blue states, even those who are hardcore conservatives and want to help preserve Idaho’s conservative values… crap like this definitely takes the shine off the gem state for many of us. It appears ID has the same RINO scum representing it that we’re trying to escape to begin with. Truly disappointing. I’m quickly learning that North Idaho and South Idaho are about as different as Northern California and Coastal California. Tough to look at ID has a strong conservative haven when they send spineless jellyfish to DC to bend over for the likes of CA and NY socialist tyrants like Pelosi and Schumer. Well done.

    1. I can’t agree with you more! This is the same bs politicking that RUINED my great state of Arizona and forced me to flee. I’m now seeing that the RINOs in IDAHO are the exact same. Risch and Crapo need to be retired ASAP.

    2. Right on Red West! I’m with you and are like you. In California I felt like our votes were being wasted in a sea of bullshit and corruption. I felt like something was going to go down, and I wanted to be on this side of the line. I left family in CA they are asleep and fully caught within the CIA deep-state propaganda color revolution mind control. The next DNC battle-ground will be in Texas and Idaho and Florida. If any of these three fall, then so goes all of our values and everything Americans have ever stood for. I have watched them twist lies on TV and institutions being used against constitution loving red-blooded Americans. IRS, FBI, Homeland security, Justice department, NSA, ATF, you name it. I wish native Idahoans realized that other brothers and sisters want to help and love freedom as much as they do. We have seen the BS, and our commitment is strong!

      1. Agree with you and being a native of over 30 years, we definitely were asleep at the wheel while the Rino’s infiltrated. The dems learned they could vote in the primary, which is the only real election in Idaho, and they vote for the rino, so they one they want actually gets in.
        Please help us take our beautiful state back and get a governor and legislators that will be like Florida!

  2. Why?
    Our government JUST passed our state “infrastructure” bill. Just in June 2021.

    And my calculations for the $900 million Extra in Idaho budget:
    Census count 1,787,065 people equals $503.62 rebate to each TAX RETURN filed.
    I doubt one million seven hundred and eighty-seven people filled taxes last year.
    How much redate did you get?
    I got $50.00
    You Senators, Governor and politicians need to start packing your bags.

    1. Rebate? Not following.
      Anyway, where do we sign up to help insure the F’ing demos who always seem to be running the elections don’t pull BS like make us go home at 1AM or shit about broken water mains? If I am nearby and some giant aggressive demo is yelling and intimidating election observers that guy will get something I can tell you. Why can’t we just start out expecting crap instead of always getting pushed around? Just a thought.

  3. The fact that the Democrat party had nothing but praise for Crapo and Risch says it all. How many other leftist politicians in Idaho put an “R” by their name just to be elected? Does the “R” party actually stand for anything, or are they too concerned with getting kickbacks?

  4. Their third choice might have been to do what we who elected them wanted them to do. Vote No on both bills.

  5. Advice for Crapo/Risch/Simpson: Before voting, consult with Rand Paul and Marjorie Taylor Greene so that you can understand the issue and vote correctly.

  6. Idaho Republicans need to vote in the primary every time. Many don’t. This is why the same guys keep getting voted in over and over again. Our entire Idaho delegation is out to lunch but if Idaho conservatives don’t show up and VOTE, nothing changes and we get what we deserve (sadly).

    1. RINOS win in 3 way primary as higher opposition to the incumbent splits conservative vote. Now people moving to Constitution Party are further enabling the progressives.

  7. These two RINO scum voted to affirm the stolen election and now have voted with Romney on the so called infrastructure bill. Nothing more need be said other than these two have to go.

    1. Sorry, but they win easily, the fraud is our two party system based on cash and plunder. Idaho makes people into untouchable political figureheads and they are MIA for the people. We lose freedoms with every election. Vote Bundy or embrace failure of controlled opposition to keep you losing in a rigged game.

      1. I believe Idaho elections should be audited. I don’t understand these representatives that run unopposed. No one wants to run against them? When one retires they retire before elections and appoint someone they want in there to take their place.
        Then they run unopposed.

  8. I also want to point out that this “infrastructure” bill with “no tax increase”, according to Risch, includes a law that will allow the Federal government to track and tax each individual’s mileage. This will disproportionately harm Idahoans and those from rural communities.

  9. We already pay a fuel tax they just voted for a milage tax to go with it. It’s full of green new deal bull shit that is bad for idaho. I want to know how to help primary crapo out of office.

  10. Ridiculous! They vote to dump another nearly trillion dollars into the economy and claim they did us a favor because it didn’t raise taxes? They don’t need to “raise” taxes… this money dump takes money directly out of our bank accounts and paychecks through inflation. They both probably think we are all too stupid to realize that.

  11. These two are soooo disappointing. I didn’t vote for them or Simpson last time. Rhinos and out of touch with Idaho

  12. Amazing. Just a few short years ago, a TRILLION dollar spending bill was front-page news. Now? Seems like every single spending bill since Jan. 20 is for Trillion+ dollars. Trillions of ‘dollars’ that don’t actually exist, printed non-stop by the Fed…and charged against US.

    I miss the days when they tried to hide their corruption and grifting…

  13. YOU are supposed to work for the citizens of IDAHO… listen to those you are supposed to govern and uphold what we want. Its easy… vote NO on both. NO EXCUSES.

  14. Anyone on this thread want to run or know anyone that wants to run, against Crapo? Wake up Idahoans. These two RINOs voted for a bill that will ensure that Nancy and Chuck (AOC) get their social justice and CCP agendas passed. This bill was not about infrastructure (remember Brown/Pelosi’s crazy train to nowhere in Cali)? This bill is about taking away the liberties of all Americans, by force of law, that the Government will control every aspect of our lives. While you are scrutinizing these two, make sure you are aware of the voting records of Fulcher and Simpson, as well. The swamp has consumed them all. Idaho has plenty of money for infrastructure, especially now with the influx of tax paying citizens. Risch and Little want to vaccinate you against your will- this rhetoric has emboldened local governments and businesses to follow suit. WTP are in serious trouble, at high risk of losing our Constitution and our freedom.

    1. I agree with all of this accept for your comment on Fulcher. What has he done that makes him a RINO along with the rest?

  15. I’m still trying to figure out why 2 supposedly for the people of Idaho would vote for a bill that is completely not what we agree with. They need to be voted out. Stop this madness in our state!.VOTE THEM OUT. We have choice to make. I’m all for fixing our bridges and roads. But why the PORK. I say no more.

  16. Don’t think Fulcher should be lumped in with the rest of the grifter Rinos. There’s no evidence.

    As far as the Rinos, when they start voting with the demonrats, then you know this Country and the State are GONE! At this point, only the Lord, with fervent prayer, can save our beloved nation. As for us at our house, we pray daily, Lord raise up the righteous and put down the wicked! Looking forward to that Day!

  17. Once again they “cave” to the wishes of the Demonrats. They’ve just plain been here too long. VOTE NO on their reelection.

  18. More that are clearly paid by Soros and the DNC and China. I moved here also from California to help consolidate the Conservative message in the heartland of the USA. I will fight and put myself on the line to keep America from falling into socialism. Now I find Idaho’s two senators are rinos, just like all of the swing states that helped steal the election. Now I hear also they are against audits that help us keep election integrity and defend against fraud. Can’t we recall them? lets prove the people have the power! Don’t we?

  19. Aborting plans to move to Idaho from the dictatorship of Washington State. Clearly, Idaho and Utah have lost their independence.. Hope those who were hoping for the “Greater Idaho” take notice. Four decades of active duty service and I end up retiring in a country heading towards fascism and a state with a dictator for governor. Idaho was my only hope.

    1. Come and help is fight to take it back. We the People are the ones who can turn this ship back the right way. Just like the Canadian truckers we need everyone pulling together to show the elites they are not calling the shots anymore

    2. Come on over and help us take Idaho back to what it is supposed to be, Independent and Free. We need people to help us turn this ship back the right way. We the People must stand together just as the Canadian truckers are showing us. Help us kick the elites out of Idaho. There is billions flowing in and controlling legislatures from outside of Idaho.

  20. No matter which state you go to the politicians, government employees and the military are the only enemy this nation has.

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