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Congressman Russ Fulcher Releases New Statement on 2020 Election

By • November 6, 2020

Congressman Russ Fulcher (Republican – 1st Congressional District) has released a new update on the 2020 Presidential Election:

Over the last two days from both Idaho and Washington, DC, I have had direct discussions with President Trump’s campaign team, assessing the national ballot count situation and discussing the most appropriate courses of action.
There are tabulation locations where legally authorized republican poll-watchers have been denied oversight, and allegations of “newly found” ballots. Media activity – seemingly more interested in declaring a Biden victory than identifying all the facts – only complicate the matter.
Much more than the Presidency is at stake here. The nation’s election integrity – a key component of our republic – hangs in the balance. If steps aren’t taken now to ensure voting processes are legal, secure, and trustworthy, the rights of every American will be violated and future elections are jeopardized.
President Trump is well-aware that the result of this election affects much more than this one race. I have encouraged campaign staff to take legal steps as necessary to shine a light on all that is not publicly known. Also, as a leader in Idaho and a co-chair of the Trump campaign, I am making myself available to continue assisting as appropriate.” -Congressman Russ Fulcher
What do you think of the Congressman’s statement? Let us know in the comments below.
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15 thoughts on “Congressman Russ Fulcher Releases New Statement on 2020 Election

  1. You are correct! It’s beyond Dems vs. Rep. it’s about any upcoming election in the future! We have your back as long as you keep President Trumps back!!

  2. Excellent! Please keep on top of this. Thank you for letting us know that you are representing us and that you are actively involved, in making sure that our election results will be valid. I will wait patiently, and already know not to get my information from the fake news (including Fox).

  3. I’m just not seeing it. There are many allegations, but practically zero evidence. Courts are backing Trump’s lawsuits in a few cases in the interest of fact-finding, but other cases are being immediately thrown out for being baseless.

    They’re talking about election integrity, but this is embarrassing. I can’t imagine if we have to deal with something like this every four years from now on just because the person who seems to be losing is upset about it.

    Let the courts figure it out, of course, but I won’t be surprised if it goes nowhere.

    1. Look beyond cnn and Fox. Antrim County in Michigan is a great example. Clark County in Nevada. EpochTimes has been doing a fantastic job tracking the bad activity.

      Integrity and Accuracy are essential for a functional republic. We have neither. Funny how the country that leads the worlds financial markets and can count money can’t seem to handle voting. Shows you what is important, doesn’t it?

    2. Perhaps the “courts” that are not advancing the cases are partizan? You do realize that once rejected in a lower court, it can then be advanced in the next higher court.

  4. Congressman Fulcher is right on point here. A critical look at how the votecounting occurred, under cover of darkness and out of the view of observers, shows an attack not only on the Trump victory, but on the very legitimacy of our voting process. The day after the election I contacted not only Congressman Fulcher, but also Senators Crapo and Risch. Mr. Fulcher is the only one who replied.

  5. The democrat plan to open the door to corruption was there for all to see many months ago. The country knew it and congressional republicans knew it. Yet, they did nothing …NOTHING. The chaos, the riots and destruction that is to come is all on republicans hands for not acting to protect our constitution. Wm Barr laid it out and said “We are playing with fire”! — —

  6. Thank you for standing up against the democrats and their dishonesty, to put it nicely. Now, if only the rest of the Republicans will stand up. If not, they will seriously lose their support

  7. Thank you for speaking at this very important event. It was wonderful to be with and hear from so many people who are supporting our president through this attempted coup. We can’t let this happen to our country. I moved here 5 years ago from the rotten state of Pennsylvania. So happy to be in Idaho. Never give up.

  8. Please Congressman Russ Fulcher continue to help the President and all those involved maintain the integrity of the election and voting process. This is outrageous hearing of dead people and dogs found in the voting ballots. Thank you ahead for your hard work! My husband and I have been residents of Idaho since 1966, and will fight to keep our beautiful State a Constitutional Republic. Unfortunately, as you know that our rights are slowly eroding because of the tyrannical actions of our governor. Please help to serve, “We the People,” by bringing back our Legislative leaders to work for their constituents now.

  9. Thank you for your work and efforts. Appreciate having someone like you speaking up for integrity and truth.

  10. I’ve called Fulcher and written. I spoke to his DC office. Russ is a good guy and a true advocate for the President. Regardless of the outcome, remember him
    In the future. Maybe he needs to run for Senate to throw off Risch or Crapo

    Go Russ!

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