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Club for Growth Action Spends $292,000 on Ad Targeting Attorney General Lawrence Wasden

By • April 19, 2022

Club for Growth Action has launched a new ad targeting current Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, with nearly $300,000 in ad space being purchased.

CFGA is a Super PAC which is the political spending arm of Club for Growth PAC. The group has not made an endorsement in the race as of this writing.

Former Congressman Raul Labrador has a 93% lifetime rating on Club for Growth’s legislative scorecard. Labrador is one of two challengers taking on Wasden. Art Macomber, from northern Idaho, is the other challenger.

In the ad, which can be seen in a YouTube video below, the group makes three primary claims against Wasden and gave Idaho Dispatch a document to cite sources supporting their claims.

First, the document says that “Wasden hasn’t joined conservatives in other states in taking Joe Biden to court.” CFGA cites Missouri v. Biden, where twelve Republican AGs sued the Biden Administration “for trying to establish a ‘social cost of greenhouse gases to use in agency rulemaking.” Wasden told the Shoshone News-Press that Idaho shouldn’t take an “activist” approach in taking on Joe Biden.

The other lawsuit cited was a joint suit of fourteen states that were fighting against “President Joe Biden’s moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and waters.”

The second claim says that “Wasden didn’t join a lawsuit to protect election integrity, looking the other way.” A source cited to support this claim by CFGA is the Texas Attorney General’s lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan after the 2020 election.

In the final claim, the document supporting the ad says that “Wasden sat on his hands when Trump conservatives sued to repeal Obamacare.” The document cites a “Health Affairs” article stating that 20 states supported the lawsuit against Obamacare, and Idaho is not listed among them.

CFGA is spending a total of $292,485 on the ads on “broadcast, Fox News, and satellite.”

Idaho’s primary election will take place on May 17.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Wasden for comment, but we have not received a reply.

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4 thoughts on “Club for Growth Action Spends $292,000 on Ad Targeting Attorney General Lawrence Wasden

  1. Wasden covered for Brad Little’s illegal usurpation of power when he kept Idaho in a permanent state of emergency in violation of Idaho Code.

    Wasden is political operative for the Idaho good ol’ boys network.

  2. Sweet. You lose this race Wasden. Labrador takes the win! No disrespect here at all because I like Art Macomber, but Art, respectfully bow out so Labrador can soak up your votes, why split votes when the gap is impossible for you , never understood this. Do whats right for Idaho, Labrador needs the extra bump to win. Once candidates see the numbers why wouldn’t they want to do the right thing to help remove the current RINO in office ?

  3. I agree Gus. The candidates need to support the front runner! The goal is to remove the good old boys club!

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