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Change in Idaho House Leadership This Week

By • February 14, 2024

A change in the leadership of the Idaho House of Representatives has been unfolding over the past week.

Whispers and rumors of a possible change to the leadership of the House of Representatives were heard around the Idaho Capitol during week five of the 2024 Regular Legislative Session. The concerns among House members are not known, as the discussion took place behind closed doors. Representatives assembled on the House floor on Thursday for the pledge of allegiance and prayer, followed immediately by the House going at ease for the Republican caucus to leave and convene elsewhere.

After the House went at ease on Thursday, Representatives Megan Blanksma (R-Hammett) and Julianne Young (R-Blackfoot) are seen waving and smiling at children visiting the Capitol as they leave the House floor to go into a private caucus meeting. Photo by David Pettinger, Idaho Dispatch

Republican caucus members did not share what was discussed and what, if any, votes were held during the caucus meeting.

Upon returning to the House floor, Representative Joe Palmer (R-Meridian) immediately rose for a motion to retain Speaker Mike Moyle (R-Star). This creates the obvious speculation that a challenge to Moyle’s position was discussed in the private caucus meeting.

Two members participated in the short discussion of the motion, both speaking in favor. One was House Assistant Minority Leader, Representative Lauren Necochea (D-Boise).

The vote to retain Speaker Moyle was unanimous among those present, with one member absent.

A unanimous vote to retain Mike Moyle as Speaker of the House is seen on the screen during the Thursday floor session of the Idaho House of Representatives. Photo by Miste Karlfeldt, Idaho Dispatch

Once the vote was complete, the House went at ease again, with the Republican caucus members going immediately again into a closed caucus meeting. Members returned about an hour later, but some did not return to the floor.

Notably among those missing was House Majority Leader Megan Blanksma (R-Hammett). Assistant Majority Leader Sage Dixon (R-Ponderay) assumed the responsibilities of the role for the remainder of the floor session.

Reporters are seen speaking to Speaker of the House Mike Moyle after the vote to retain him in that role. Photo by David Pettinger, Idaho Dispatch

Later in the day on Thursday, Idaho Reports published this article, reporting that Blanksma had been removed as Majority Leader by a vote of the Republican Caucus.

“To say that I am disappointed by today’s outcome would be an understatement; however, I respect the process and accept the decision made by my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus,” Blanksma told Idaho Reports in a written statement. “I am honored to have the trust of my constituents from District 8, and I am proud of the work that I have done and will continue to do as an elected state legislator for the people of Idaho. Idaho is my home. I am grateful to have grown up and to have raised my family here. I look forward to continuing to enjoy all Idaho has to offer.”

When asked for comment on the happenings of the House Republican Caucus, Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld (R-Twin Falls) told the Idaho Dispatch,

“I think the best way to state my opinion is to share a grievance our Founders stated in the Declaration of Independence:

‘He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.’

When your elected officials meet today out of the view of the public, I personally believe their motives are not much different. They are hoping to fatigue us into compliance. Nothing new under the sun. Same tactic, different king.”

Blanksma joined Idaho Reports for a video interview the next day to discuss what had taken place.

Monday, February 12 brought the House Republican Caucus election and announcement of a new House Majority Leader, Representative Jason Monks (R-Meridian). Monks is also the chairman of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee as well as serving on the House Transportation and Defense Committee.

Representative Jason Monks of Meridian was elected Monday by the House Republican Caucus to serve as the House Majority Leader, replacing Megan Blanksma, who was removed from the position last week. Photo from the website of the Idaho Legislature
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19 thoughts on “Change in Idaho House Leadership This Week

    1. So true.
      “Republicans are not the answer to your problems,
      But Democrats are indeed the source of your problems”
      It’s a good time for conservative leadership in Idaho, because of the exposure of rinos- the decades, they quietly sold our souls to highest bidder while smiling and lying to our faces.
      Right Mitt?

    1. Better yet use the billblaster app and call to voice your opinions freely and regularly! As far as I’m concerned not one cent, arm ammunition or troop, to be sent to Ukraine!

  1. You hit that nail right on the head, Sarah. One of my many questions is this; Is there no one in this bunch of politicians willing to say NO or HELL NO to this guy? Apparently, not.

        1. You don’t remember me? I dropped off Doordash at your place on Black Cat and you started grabbing my weiner. Then you paid me $20 to keep it quiet. You are a dirty old man.

  2. Please keep in mind that Rep Blanksma is a progressive hiding under the (R). She has only a 40% freedom index rating – one of the worst in the Idaho legislature – and right on par with Little, Bedke, and Winder. There was good reason to remove her as Majority Leader because she belongs in the other party.

  3. Let’s hope the Senate acts next to remove Chuck Winder from the Senate Pro Tempore position.
    Possibly in conjunction Idaho’s GOP can censure Chuck Winder from the party.

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