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Central District Health to Vote on Mask Mandate, Banning Sports Activities, and More

By • December 3, 2020

Central District Health is the most populated health district in Idaho covering Ada County, Valley County, Boise County, and Elmore County.

CDH is currently under a health advisory although Ada County has a mask mandate in place already. However, under the advisory that is currently in place, the wearing of a mask is not required.

A number of the CDH board members such as Diana Lachiondo and Dr. Ted Epperly have been speaking out for stronger measures.

In fact, CDH has a scheduled meeting tomorrow to discuss and vote on a health order which would require masks throughout the health district and also ban sports where social distancing is not possible.

The order, which can be found here, states that masks are to be worn when social distancing is not possible in all of the counties covered under Central District Health. Exceptions to the order are for children under the age of two, people with specific medical conditions and people getting a service done where wearing a mask is not feasible such as going to the dentist.

While exemptions to the “10-person” exist for religious and political gatherings, the order states that masks must still be worn at those events.

Here is the portion of the order discussing that:

The order also prohibits individuals from visiting long-term care facilities and jails.

One part of the order has already drawn criticism from some citizens. The order prohibits sports activities where social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained.

It is unclear at this time what types of sports would fit those criteria.

Football, basketball, soccer, and even baseball require players to be closer than six feet apart.

Here is the portion of the order discussing the prohibition of sports under certain guidelines:

Will Boise State have to shut down many of its athletic programs under the order? That is a question Idaho Dispatch has sent the CDH board members but have not received an answer.

Idaho Dispatch also asked the CDH board members what sports would not violate social distancing guidelines but we have not received a response to that question either.

In addition to the current board members, Idaho Dispatch asked incoming Ada County Commissioners Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson for comment on the issue but have not received a comment at this time.

CDH is scheduled to meet virtually on Friday at 5:15 p.m. and a protest is expected at the CDH office in Boise located at 707 N. Armstrong Place. For anyone wishing to contact the board members to support or oppose the measure, you can do so using the link here.

Do you think it is necessary to cancel sports to fight the Coronavirus or should those activities continue?

Let us know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Central District Health to Vote on Mask Mandate, Banning Sports Activities, and More

  1. The Constitutional Rights of individuals is not up for debate by any medical board or government due to any virus. If they want to go that route then we can do away with the schools, the medical departments, and the government for that matter. We the People control our lives.

  2. They can make any suggestions they feel necessary without an issue. But the moment they demand, with potential criminal penalties, they will make criminals of thousands of Idahoans with the stroke of a pen.

    Idahoans are a stubborn bunch, and will arch their collective backs at any attempt to force them to do anything. Don’t be fooled by business compliance to such tactics in Boise. Countywide in gour Different County’s, this will be a fail of massive proportion. Central District Health should refrain from overstepping their boundaries and continue to suggest rather than force.

  3. It is interesting to note that in Moscow, the City health order did not stipulate political or religious activities must mask or social distance. As a result, the MPD arrested three individuals who were following the actual law.

    In this order, issued after the Moscow debacle, the CDH is restricting religious worship which is not in agreement with the Idaho Constitution or Idaho 73-402.

  4. As usual with anything in 2020, nothing makes sense. Damn near every town within Central District Health’s purview has a mask mandate. Statewide we have been rolled back to “Stage 2” and still, nothing is working. If the fear is our hospitals and clinics are going to be, or already, have been overwhelmed why then is nothing being done to increase capacity? For example, where are the field hospitals to take in covid patients located? Seems to me that would be the first step to help our area hospitals and clinics. It’s a simple question that no one will answer, not the health districts and not even Brad Little. His office is supposed to have millions of dollars right now from the federal government to put toward fighting the virus and mitigation efforts. Seems like jack squat is being done.

    If no one has any real solutions or is taking any real action, it tells me that there’s some real bullshiggity going on and this thing is not as dangerous as everybody wants you to believe. I’m one of those that is not living in fear of this virus. It’s highly infectious, yes, but the survivability rate for most healthy people is over 99% What I am more fearful of is the corruption going on in governor’s office, our legislature, the health districts, the counties, and the cities all throughout Idaho. I’m fearful of people’s civil liberties being trampled upon. I’m fearful of people losing their jobs, their businesses and their livelihoods, all over these ridiculous mandates and rules.

    The legislature is back in session next month and if you don’t know who your Representative and Senator are, you better find out now and start bending their ear. If you want this BS to end, you need to let them know that if they expect to keep their seat they need to start coming up with solutions and start protecting your rights. Otherwise, they are out the next election.

  5. Grow up America! The world is laughing at us, we fight amongst ourselves over a preventative health issue and are so dumb we think we know better than our Health providers and the experts. If a mask will prevent the spread of the Covid virus–wear it! Don’t be so selfish and stupid!

    1. People who can’t be bothered to do any research for themselves, and trust CNN and politicians who are clearly corrupted by CARES Act money, and have no understanding or empathy for what this hysteria is doing to our kids and elderly and small biz…, people who wallow in their virtuousness of wearing their muzzle or comply to escape conflict… ARE THE SELFISH, STUPID ONES!!! Time to grow up Suzie! A 99% survival rate means you are being lied to! This has never been about health, it’s about control! Wake up!

    2. Oh, AND the world is actually depending on you to wake up and fight for our freedom. They are painfully aware that if the United States is lost, a China model on steroids, awaits the whole world! You are being brainwashed to view freedom as selfish!

  6. Well said. I wonder how much of the money is being given to our two main hospital systems to remain complicit in this scheme. We’re told incessantly that the cases numbers are on the rise, yet you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist if you question the accuracy of the tests and how much the contact tracing component is lumped together with those cases (actual cases vs. probable cases). They used to cite the death numbers, but then they realized the actual data available on the CDC website stripped this virus of ‘epidemic’ status. And then there’s the whole area of the reported death statistics being manipulated to bolster the death count. How far and deep does this go?

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