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Capitol Police Say Fulcher Not Under Current Investigation

By • February 26, 2021

Last week, a Huffington Post reporter, Matt Fuller, claimed that Rep. Russ Fulcher (R-ID) was under investigation for an incident at the U.S. capitol.

Fuller Tweeted that Fulcher had “manhandled” a Capitol Police officer which Fulcher denied had occurred. Fuller also said that the female capitol security officer appeared to be crying as a result of the incident.

Here is one of the Tweets Fuller had posted about the incident and the investigation:

A number of Idaho’s media outlets had also posted headlines saying Fulcher was under an investigation:

Fulcher’s office sent out the following Press Release today regarding the incident with a quote from the capitol police that he was not under a current investigation.

Here is the full Press Release from Fulcher’s office:

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The record has been set straight after weeks of rumors circulating through the press on an alleged investigation into Congressman Fulcher. Yesterday, the Capitol Police Chief of Staff sent a letter to Congressman Fulcher’s Chief of Staff Cliff Bayer confirming there is no investigation into the Congressman. The full letter can be viewed here.

Congressman Fulcher commented, “This situation has been demoralizing to me and distracting to the people I represent. Attacks on policy positions are one thing, but this was designed to tear down character. Unfortunately, this instance represents just one symptom of the cancel culture on Capitol Hill. This culture is to create and celebrate as many partisan controversies as possible. The statue of Freedom behind razor wire – to imply ongoing, critical threats from citizens. Metal detectors on the House floor – to imply member-to-member threats, and members portrayed guilty of fabricated controversies with no due process. We have got to find a way to flush the divisiveness if we are to provide the American people the representation they deserve.”

Capitol Police Chief of Staff Salley M. Wood writes, “To the Department’s knowledge, there is no current investigation into an alleged or rumored incident occurring on or around the House Floor on January 12, 2021 involving Congressman Fulcher.”

Alexah Rogge, Communications Director for Congressman Fulcher added, “On a positive note, this situation has been extremely eye-opening to the reporters taking their journalistic duties seriously. Rather than letting their judgement be clouded by thirst for the next divisive controversy, we had several national and local reporters reach out to let us know they wouldn’t be reporting on a story with such weak credibility– and others who gave the Congressman the benefit of the doubt rather than suggesting the worst.” 

Congressman Fulcher spoke with Fox Business Reporter Audrey Conklin more about the story. The story can be read in full here.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Fuller to get his response to the Press Release and the Capitol Police’s statement.

Here is what Fuller sent Idaho Dispatch in a private message on Twitter and what he has also posted on Twitter:

Idaho Dispatch sent Fuller a follow-up question on whether it was possible the police asked him to come in for a statement or basic inquiry but had not opened an actual investigation.

Fuller responded to Idaho Dispatch saying,

I asked them if they were investigating it, and they said they were.

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