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Canyon County Commissioner and Husband Filed Bankruptcy for Over $12 Million; $100,000 Owed to the Government

By • April 12, 2022

Canyon County Commissioner Pamela White and her husband filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the state of Washington for over $12.7 million in August of 2020.

According to documents obtained by the Idaho Dispatch, out of the $12.7 million listed in the bankruptcy, over $1 million is for debts listed as “Personal Debt,” “Personal Debt Deficiency,” and other personal categories. Of the “Personal Debt” listed in the filing is an amount owed to the IRS for $20,000, for which both White and her husband are listed as having incurred the debt.

There are over 30 personal debts listed in the bankruptcy filing and several dozen “Business Debts.” Another IRS debt for $20,000 is listed as “Business Debt w/Personal Liability Trust Fund Taxes,” for which the couple marked on the form as “At least one of the debtors and another” for who incurred the debt.

Additionally, a debt of $60,000 to the state of Washington is owed. That debt is listed as “Business Debt” and marked as “At least one of the debtors and another” on who incurred the debt.

In total, the couple marked a box on the filing that they owed a debt to between 50 and 99 creditors.

Several of the personal debts were amounts $70,000 and larger. One amount is listed as $236,000 to Randy Michell Leverett of Eagle.  Another debt is listed for $70,000 to U.S. bank as a “Personal Debt” and another to Washington Trust Bank for “200,000” as a “Personal Debt Deficiency.”

All three of those personal debt amounts are marked as “Debtor 1 and Debtor 2 only” which would indicate that both White and her husband incurred the debts.

For some of the “Business Debt,” the filing has several amounts over six figures. Here are a few of them:

  1. Conquest ($2 million)
  2. Fairfield Financial ($450,000)
  3. ICAP Equity ($500,000)
  4. Pyatt/Broadmark ($1 million)
  5. Kirkland Financial, LLC ($6 million)

The bankruptcy filing itself was filed in the “Eastern District of Washington.”

While reviewing the documents, Idaho Dispatch had several questions about why the bankruptcy was filed in the state of Washington. For example, page two of the 92-page filing asked White and her husband, “Why you are choosing this district to file for bankruptcy.”

White responded to the question with the following statement,

Over the last 180 days before the filing of this petition, Co-Debtor has lived in this district longer than in any other district. There is a pending case under Title 11 concerning Co-Debtor’s affiliate.

It is unclear at this time of the “Co-Debtor” is referring to White or her husband.

On Page 64 of the filing, both Pam and her husband list the places they have lived in the last three years.

White’s husband lists an address in Otis Orchards, WA, from 2015 to April 2020. He then lists another address in Kennewick, WA, from 2011 to 2015. Both addresses appear to be residential homes.

White lists one Nampa address from 2000 to January 2020. She then lists a different Nampa address from February 10, 2020, to July 29, 2020.

Did White and her husband live separately for the last ten years? The couple marked that they live together on page 61 by marking “No” on a question stating, “Does Debtor 2 live in a separate household?”

In addition to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the couple also said on page two that a Title 11 case is also pending, indicating another possible bankruptcy under Chapter 11.

Listed on page 14 is a “Potential third party claim” in which the document says the value could be approximately $13 million. It is unclear what the status of that claim is.

Idaho Dispatch will release more details in the coming days from the filing. The relevant pages to this story have been posted below for review.

Idaho Dispatch has also reached out to White for comment and have not received a reply at this time.

White has been serving as a county commissioner for six years and is up for re-election this year. White is facing two opponents in the race: Zach Brooks and Victor Holliday.

Note: Zach Brooks previously served as the Chairman of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance which Greg Pruett is currently the President.


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The entire 92-page document is available HERE.

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6 thoughts on “Canyon County Commissioner and Husband Filed Bankruptcy for Over $12 Million; $100,000 Owed to the Government

  1. Finally! Thank you Idaho Dispatch! Someone sharing the story. There is NO justification for a Commissioner who manages our tax dollars to be filing for a $12+ million personal bankruptcy. Her husband filed under the business, on the same day as their personal bankruptcy, another $4.5 million bankruptcy in same jurisdiction.

  2. Commissioner White has been hiding her Past from Canyon Co. Taxpayers for 6Yrs. She has Defrauded the Taxpayers in Collecting a Fulltime Salary and only able to Work part time because of Her Personal situation. She probably shouldn’t Be Reelect.

  3. Thanks for the coverage. Welcome to Canyon County…my home and the home of the best politicians money can buy!

  4. Is it true she can hold office in Canyon County, ID. yet live in a different state?? I am new to Idaho, do not know where to find info.

  5. Wow, and she helps oversee all our tax money and the spending on the budget. How can anyone vote for her. She can’t even manage her own money, how the heck is she going to manage ours.

  6. I am appalled to read about this as we’ve known Steve and Pam White for over 20 years.

    We have several friends that have been deceived, lied to, and never paid money that Steve and Pam White owed them.

    They’ve filed bankruptcy several times, and I’ve lost all respect for both of them. Pam should not even have the opportunity to run for office again as County Commissioner, or anyone vote for her.
    That takes some nerve to still show face to run for Commissioner again.

    Shame on both of you for being dishonest to our friends, to all of the banks and companies, and most of all, dishonest before God.

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