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Bundy Responds to Luna’s Statement, Both Join Nate Shelman on 670 KBOI

By • June 6, 2021

Last week, the Idaho Republican Party Chairman, Tom Luna, put out a statement saying Ammon Bundy was not welcome in the Idaho GOP.

The statement was released after a C1 form was filed with Bundy’s name and the office of “Governor” listed. This led to speculation that Bundy was running for Idaho’s highest office.

At the time, Bundy was not registered to vote and was not a registered Republican. Bundy has said that he has a certain timeframe to register by law.

Bundy released a statement to the media in response to Luna and here’s what it said,

It would appear that the Idaho Republican Party establishment is taking me seriously, as they should. I simply fill out a half-page form with the Secretary of State and they lose their minds, have an emergency meeting and publish a state-wide, full-page, official letter against me. I never planned on their support in the first place, so no sweat off my back. Hope to see everyone on June  19th, Kleiner Park in Meridian, 4 p.m., for a Big Announcement!,

After Luna’s letter came out, Bundy and Luna both joined Nate Shelman’s 670 KBOI to debate and discuss the issue.

Luna went first and reiterated that Bundy, even if he registers as a Republican, will not be given equal treatment by the Republican Party. Luna said that individuals who register at the last moment as Republicans to run for office are not the same as candidates who have been involved with the party on a consistent basis.

Bundy told Shelman that he did not expect the Republican Party to support him anyway.

When Shelman talked about Bundy potentially running for governor, Bundy responded by saying, “Who says I’m running for governor Nate?”

You can hear the entire conversation with Shelman, Luna, and Bundy using the link below. The following audio is courtesy of 670 KBOI’s Nate Shelman:

Bundy has stated that he will make a “big announcement” on June 19th in Meridian. It is unclear at this time if Bundy will announce he is running for governor or if he possibly has different plan in mind.

Right now, Bundy still has an “Active” C1 form on the Secretary of State’s website. A C1 form allows candidates to begin raising money to run for a particular office.

What did you think of the interviews on 670 KBOI?

Let us know in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Bundy Responds to Luna’s Statement, Both Join Nate Shelman on 670 KBOI

  1. The Republican’s, “Good Ole Boy Club” is falling apart, this is good to see.
    Maybe, finally, we can now head to an actual, “Conservative Republican Party” in the state of Idaho.
    Let’s hope so.

  2. Didn’t he support BLM last year? Wonder where he stands on that now. His explanation about it had something to do with his fear of Idaho becoming a police state. In Kootenai County we back the blue and have an excellent relationship with them. Not everyone owns a gun and we can’t exactly call the militia when a criminal attacks us or invades our home. He won’t have my support with that outlook.

  3. Any vote for anyone than Janice McGeachin is a vote for Brad Little. If you think that Little did a great job this last year then reject Janice. However, she has proved herself standing consistently against the government shutdown demanded by Governor Little. It is a sad day when so many are running for governor. This is what happened last time and why Little is our governor rather than someone who was a true conservative. Thanks. Jim Hollingsworth

    1. thats what they said about trump.

      Little did not win last time because of this, he won because democrats turned out by the tens of thousands and voted for Little in the republican primary.

      1. Exactly! The response from Luna says it all in my opinion. This mimics the treatment that Trump got… our pathetic GOP needs to run scared.

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