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Bundy Disputes Endorsement of McGeachin Claim, Says Press Release Coming Soon

By • February 17, 2022

Update at 7:18 a.m. MST: McGeachin has told Idaho Dispatch that an endorsement agreement was never made with the Bundy campaign.

Original story below.


Republican gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy is disputing a claim that he or Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, has agreed to a mutual endorsement.

News broke yesterday from 670 KBOI that Bundy was dropping out of the race to run as an Independent. In the post, the claim is also made that Bundy will endorse McGeachin, but if McGeachin were to win against Little, Bundy would drop out altogether. The post also states that if McGeachin were to lose, she would endorse Bundy in the general election.

Bundy was traveling yesterday and held a town hall meeting in Clifton.

After the town hall was over, Bundy took to social media to dispute at least part of the claim made on KBOI. Here is what Bundy’s post says,

I just got out of a Town Hall here in Clifton, great people and a good crowd. Sounds like Nate Shelman made some serious assumptions on the air today. Not sure where he is getting his info from. Never did Janice and I make a deal to endorse each other.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to McGeachin to ask her if a deal was ever made on an endorsement deal was made with Bundy. We have not heard back from McGeachin at this time.

Bundy did not dispute in his post that he was dropping out and going Independent to run in the general election instead.

Idaho Dispatch was informed of a potential move by Bundy by someone within the campaign and that the announcement would come sometime in March. However, we did not get direct confirmation from Bundy about the information.

If Bundy decides to change to Independent, he has until March 11 to make the change which is the last day the filing deadline is open.

Bundy told Idaho Dispatch that a Press Release would be coming soon.


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2 thoughts on “Bundy Disputes Endorsement of McGeachin Claim, Says Press Release Coming Soon

  1. I would bet the enlightened Idahoans will obey their Tv and reelect the incumbents with out discernment again.

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