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Breaking! Pocatello to Vote on Mask-Wearing Mandate. Idaho Falls Next?

By • July 8, 2020

So far five cities and one county have passed a mask-wearing mandate.

Boise, Hailey, Driggs, McCall, and Moscow were the first cities to pass ordinances. Yesterday, Blaine County also passed an ordinance requiring masks when social distancing cannot be maintained, whether indoors or outdoors in public.

Now Pocatello and Idaho Falls are set to consider the same issue tomorrow, July 9th.

Pocatello’s ordinance won’t go into effect until July 13th. An infraction of $50 could be charged for violation of the order.

Like many of the other ordinances that have been passed, Pocatello’s ordinance will exempt those who are 5-years-old and young as well as those with specific medical conditions.

If you wish to contact the city council and mayor of Pocatello prior to voting on July 9th (session starts at 9:00 a.m.) then you can use the contact information below to let them know if you are in favor or opposed to the measure. (Brian Blad) (Chris Stevens) (Claudia Ortega) (Roger Bray) (Heidi Adamson) (Lee Leeuwrik) (Rick Cheatum)

You can also call city hall at 208-234-6163 and speak to the city clerk.

Likewise, Idaho Falls is also considering a mask-wearing ordinance for its citizens.

No proposed language has been given out publicly but the council is expected to discuss and possibly vote on the issue tomorrow (July 9th).

Mayor Casper spoke on the issue recently. She said she understands the issue is going to be politically hot.

She told the city council that she could issue a proclamation but also said,

I will carry that potato, and I will burn my hands if I have to, but I still want your input.

For those who wish to contact the mayor and city council of Idaho Falls before their meeting tomorrow at 7:30 p.m., you can use the information below. (Rebecca Casper) (Michelle Ziel-Dingman) (Thomas Hally) (Jim Freeman) (Jim Francis) (Shelly Semede) (John Radford)

You can also reach Mayor Casper at 208-612-8235.

The issue of mandated mask-wearing has been a major controversy around the United States.

Some want to pass a mandate in order to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Others argue that such mandates are not constitutional, ineffective, and believe mandating masks could lead to other mandates down the road such as vaccines.

What do you think of mandatory mask-wearing ordinances or proclamations? Are you in favor of them?

Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “Breaking! Pocatello to Vote on Mask-Wearing Mandate. Idaho Falls Next?

  1. Dear, Mayor Casper,

    I full-heartedly oppose wearing a mask, and I will not wear one even if it is mandated. There is no definitive information on the usefulness of a mask; and now it seems only to be a sign of “virtue.” This is purely political now and I will always be a constitutional conservative. I choose my rights over others “fear.”

    Please keep the constitution in mind when considering your mandate.

    Thank you,

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