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Breaking News: Idaho State GOP Chairwoman Notifies Ada County GOP Chairman of Investigation Into Finances

By • June 20, 2023

Idaho State Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon has sent a letter to Ada County Republican Central Committee Chairman Victor Miller and Treasurer Dave Litster indicating that a Financial Review Committee has been assembled for the purpose of a complete and transparent financial review of Ada County Central Committee finances for fiscal year January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The Committee will be chaired by Vicky McIntyre, who has been directed to complete this review by July 31, 2023.

Ada Complaint Letter 2

The state party rule referenced in the letter can be found here, and reads:


Section 1: The State Republican Party shall exercise supervisory and judicial oversight of all Region Executive Committees, Region Central Committees, County Central Committees, Legislative District Central Committees, and any other affiliated clubs or groups denominated in the Rules.

Section 2: The State Republican Party may issue orders to compel performance, prohibit an act from being done, and to otherwise remedy violations of the Idaho Republican Party Rules.

Section 3: The Judicial Power of the State Republican Party shall be exercised in the following ways:

(a) Any party or parties aggrieved by any violation of the State, Region, County, or Legislative District rule(s) or bylaw(s), or by a violation of any Idaho State election law, may file a complaint with the State Chairman.

(b) The State Chairman shall investigate the complaint and give opportunity to the affected parties to be heard.

(c) The State Chairman shall rule on the complaint within sixty (60) days of filing and shall issue an appropriate order, sanction, or remedy. Such shall be in writing.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Vicky McIntyre, she declined to comment on the matter.

Chairwoman Moon spoke to the Dispatch, but she is not yet ready to comment on this story. We will bring you an update when she is ready to provide additional information.

Victor Miller could not be reached for comment, we will update if a reply to messages is received.

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16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Idaho State GOP Chairwoman Notifies Ada County GOP Chairman of Investigation Into Finances

  1. Perfect !!! Start with whom got paid off including Boise Mayor for the rezoning that just took place.

    1. Boise Mayor – as well as most of the City Council – are all Democrats. Auditing the Ada County Republicans won’t really affect them. It may, however, give some insights into the moneys flowing from IACI to State legislators including the governor and lt governor.

    1. The same Vicky Mcintyre who audited the previous chairman When Victor and Ed Humphries cried wolf and demanded an audit on Ryan. Perfect Person with knowledge of the local committee.

    2. Mike,

      I was at that Hearing. The judge certainly did not side with the prosecution. Please don’t rely on local news outlets to guide your thoughts.

      1. I remember it well. She is a disgraced former politico with an ax to grind. She should not be allowed in the Idaho GOP. You know that I support Dorothy and Vic, and this should have been squeaky clean. It is not – it is tainted from the get-go and we should have better from our state office.

  2. Investigate the Boise Mayor for her involvement in crimes. Let’s start with her lying about being a republican when she’s not as starter. Continuing to blind-side the Idaho citizens.
    Why didn’t the GOP do something about this?

  3. Mike,

    I was at that Hearing. The judge certainly did not side with the prosecution. Please don’t rely on local news outlets to guide your thoughts.

  4. The party needs this audit, there should be no problem IF there is nothing to hide??

    An audit should be welcomed, all needs to be transparent all the way around.

    The party needs to get straight and unite.

    Defunding the GOP is a lazy non-solution that plays into the hands of the democrats aka communist in disguise.

    The Ada County GOP should have complete transparency if it is to be effective and successful.

    The dems & libs who have infiltrated need to be called out kicked out.

    Dems need to stick to their old mantra “say it loud say it proud” & have some “ pride” in being liberal INSTEAD of posing as Republicans to trick people into voting their way.

    GOP Goals and an organized plan needs to be executed across the board.

    I am doing my part in stead of complaining and wanting an easy way out that will only further divide the party, which is extremely dangerous and gives the enemy destroyers of freedom their way.

    Are you doing anything positive or just bitching and partaking in Apathy??

    1. Not sure who your comments are directed to but I support the audit. I don’t support it being assigned to a disgraced former politico with an axe to grind. We can do better. This audit is tainted before it begins. Calling that out is not “bitching,” it is stewardship of our/my political party.

  5. Where there’s nothing to hide there should be no worries. I have complete confidence in Vicky, I know her very well and have for many years. I also know lots more about her troubles with the Ada County Commissioners back in the day than was reported in the media. Vicky has way too much class to be the least bit vindictive with this. BTW, I’m no fan of our current party leadership at the state level, for my own personal reasons.

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