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Breaking News: Idaho Governor Brad Little Signs Bill Banning “Gender Affirming” Drugs and Surgery for Minor Children

By • April 4, 2023

It is being reported by Blaine Conzatti of the Idaho Family Policy Center that moments ago, around 8:40pm, Governor Brad Little signed into law House Bill 71.

Idaho Dispatch reported on this legislation here: Bill Addressing Gender Mutilation and Puberty Blockers for Children Amended and Sent to Governor’s Desk – Idaho Dispatch

There was also information back in February when the bill was introduced by Representative Bruce Skaug: De-Transitioned Teen Chloe Cole Visits the Treasure Valley During Introduction of Controversial Legislation – Idaho Dispatch

This new law will make it a felony in Idaho to prescribe minor children puberty blocking medications and hormones for the purpose of gender reassignment or to perform sex-change surgeries on minor children. The penalty if convicted is up to 10 years in state prison.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking News: Idaho Governor Brad Little Signs Bill Banning “Gender Affirming” Drugs and Surgery for Minor Children

  1. Dude was forced to sign it or lose all credibility as a Republican, when in fact he’s a trans republican/soft democrat.

  2. Just imagine how Strong Idaho could be if Brad Little, Despot Bedke, Chuck Winder, Jim Guthrie were:
    1.) Censured out of the Republican Party and
    2.) Permanently Removed from Idaho Politics.

  3. I didn’t know there was a law for this in Idaho. I’m glad it’s being implemented because these kids need to wait till more mature even 18 is still to young it should be till 25. Some kids are being pulled into feeling this is what they want and there not reporting how many thousands regret turning there premature bodies into the other sex which really there not ever going to be anything but what they were born female or male period. To allow these young children start trying to change is sad and there should be limits to what doctors which I don’t feel they’re doctors that would destroy a human body for a few dollars. The mental state that’s destroyed as well. Look up what the people are saying about their change and how they regret it and wish someone had just talked to them first. God designed our sex and there’s no doctor that can remove or add that will ever change that ever.

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