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Breaking: New Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate is Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad

By • October 10, 2021

The field for gubernatorial candidates continues to increase.

Governor Brad Little (R) has not officially announced that he is running in 2022, but most political pundits have agreed that he is likely to run again. At least eight Republican challengers are on file as running against Little should he run again.

Democrats now have their second candidate, Shelby Rognstad.

Rognstad joins Melissa Robinson, who was the first Democrat candidate to join the race in June.

Some Idahoans may recognize the name of the treasurer for Rognstad’s campaign. A.J. Balukoff. Balukoff ran for the Democrat nominee in 2018 but lost in the Democrat Primary to Paulette Jordan.

Rognstad is currently the Mayor of Sandpoint.

No official Press Release has been sent out yet by Rognstad that Idaho Dispatch can locate. Additionally, Rognstad’s social media sites do not mention his filing, and no campaign website is currently listed.

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9 thoughts on “Breaking: New Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate is Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad

  1. Democrats not wanted or needed in Idaho! We already have too many RINOs in the state! We need conservative, Constitutional abiding elected officials! Democrats are no longer democrats; they are socialist/communists pushing a collectivism philosophy!

  2. It’s comments like those above that demonstrate the need for more balance and rational thought in our legislature and the executive branch. The acrid hyperbole in politics today is rude, unnecessary, and unproductive. Just because someone has a different political approach or policy difference from you doesn’t make them evil. It’s the 21st century and people are behaving like it’s 1692 and they’re watching the witch trials.

    1. F.T., have you been paying ANY attention at all to the damage that has been done to this country in just the last 9 months by the left? Have you seen what leftist governors have done to the states of CA, OR, and WA? Do you want that in Idaho? Please do your homework or please just don’t vote.

  3. This guy is another Jay Enslee. He has turned Sandpoint so liberal it hurts. He’s is against the second amendment law passed in Idaho, he wants mandated masks and kilvac.
    He is a 100% kill for Idaho and our freedom..

  4. Yes! I was friends with Shelby when he attended University of Idaho. Great guy. He will be the next governor of Idaho.

    Time for a sea change in this great state. The regime in charge is ruining our kids’ future. The most important thing is what we’re leaving for future generations and Shelby understands that far better than the hypocritical right-wingers in charge passing hurtful laws after repressive ones. They are anti-democratic, anti-progressive and very much archaic.

    Idaho deserves someone like Shelby leading us into a future beneficial for our children.

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