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Breaking: Idaho Independence Day Parade in Boise Rescinds the Ban on Open Carry for Participants

By • June 29, 2023

The Idaho 4th of July Parade Live from Boise has rescinded an addendum to the parade entry rules that was sent to participants yesterday.

Idaho Dispatch broke the story late last night that an email had been sent to all parade participants with an attachment that contained an addendum. The addendum said that participants were not allowed to open carry firearms or weapons in the parade. The email instructed the representative of the entry to agree and sign the addendum and return the form via email.

You can see the story here: Breaking: Boise Independence Day Parade Bans Open Carry for Participants – Idaho Dispatch

Comments on the Idaho Dispatch article started immediately, and intensified this morning. The We The People 4th of July Celebration Committee, Inc who has organized the parade also began receiving feedback through their website, Idaho 4th of July Parade from Boise (

Todd Christensen, the Board President of We The People 4th of July Celebration Committee, Inc. sent this statement to the Idaho Dispatch today, which rescinds the addendum:

“We’ve received valuable feedback regarding the addendum to prohibit open carry by parade entries. We The People 4th of July Celebration Committee, Inc. thank all those who shared their concerns. After careful review, we rescind this addendum. We look forward to a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration. This is a great opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate our Nation’s birthday.”

Additionally, this document rescinding the addendum was sent to all parade participants just moments ago:

RESCINDED_4th of July Parade Addendum_28 Jun 2023
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28 thoughts on “Breaking: Idaho Independence Day Parade in Boise Rescinds the Ban on Open Carry for Participants

  1. It is nice to know that at least a few took notice and did the right thing for the safety, happiness and peace of mind at this event. We don’t want a mass shooting to take place. If some unhinged individual goes on a rampage, he should be stopped from so many people that it would be impossible to tell which bullet stopped him. Public events need to be absolutely dangerous, fraught with immediate and deadly risk to would-be mass shooters. Police cannot be expected to be at all places, all at once. Stay vigilant, be prepared to stop attackers at all times. Practice, take courses, stay well supplied and well trained; be ready to defend others who cannot defend themselves.

    1. Dead on! Couldn’t be said any better. There’s a REASON things like that don’t happen at events like this in places like this. And it needs to stay that way.

  2. I’m very thankful that the parade organizers did the right thing and rescinded this abridgement of the rights of Idahoans.

  3. Kudos to Idaho Dispatch for their ongoing efforts of publishing legitmate news that matters! Thank you for alerting the good guys to illegitimate actions. Again Idaho Dispatch has made a positive impact in the good fight.

  4. I would like to know why they thought that was the right thing to do to begin with. What were the internal discussions. Why did they issue the addendum at the last minute? If it was so important to do it why did they back down so quick? What were they thinking they were accomplishing?

  5. Pretty ironic that they were trying to quell our constitutional rights during an even where we are celebrating what led to our constitution in the first place!

  6. Wow, congratulation to Boise and Idaho citizens. When I first read this addendum my first thought was “WTH happened to the Boise I knew.” Pleased beyond expression to see that yes indeed, it still exists. Stay strong patriots.

    1. It only exists because of the resistance of good people to tyranny attempted by the Mayor of the city in question. The most important thing Boise can do to retain it’s position as a city that loves it’s liberty is to OUST the Democrat Mayor that will never stop trying to take that liberty away by incrementalism as long as she is in office.

      1. Absolutely agree, she and most of the city council need to go, and people need to pay attention to who is running for city council.

  7. Kudos & accolades to you fine folks behind & in front of the scene,keep the show of testicular fortitude up

  8. Proof that these libs will take as much as they think they can. We must always be proactive against their ongoing weapons free agenda.

  9. Awesome.However, this is just the start. We need to now go after the six legislators that allowed this to happen in the first place.”We the people” and “Shall not be infringed upon” needs to be out stand going forward. Our legislators need to be held accountable or removed if they don’t want to hear “We the people!” Let’s reach out to the legislators and let them know we don’t tolerate anything other than our constitution.

  10. I’m a huge 2A supporter myself and don’t believe in restrictions, as we’ve seen they do nothing. However I personally feel open carry in an event like this is cocky and an invitation for conflict for those who can’t respect or understand the mentality. The only time I like open carry is in the wilderness where an animal can sneak up on you really quickly, otherwise I think it is unnecessary in public. I understand people need to get used to it, ij the same way those in the untraditional-sexual community want the right to get used to them, but they push things too far as well. Beyond the scope of general comfort and reason for the masses. I get making a statement but we all need to be level headed about it. There has in my opinion over the years been too much “be yourself” or “to each their own” to where society seems to have forgotten how to be kind and respectful of others – and this is on all sides as far as I’m concerned. This country is supposed to be about freedom for everyone equally, but I feel like extremists on all sides are taking it too far. I think people can be peaceful as long as opinions aren’t shoved down others throats, figuratively speaking of course.

    Do what you will with that, just my opinion.

    1. I’m not sure how the simple sight of an openly carried firearm in a holster or on a sling is offensive. Do you get upset when a police officer has their firearm in a holster or slung on their back?

      I respect your opinion even if I don’t share it, and the beautiful thing about this country (at least here in ID) is that we can all carry how we like, concealed or openly.

    2. Open carry may or may not be the wise choice in this instance but it should not be prohibited. If we allow that to be taken away then there will only be more unconstitutional restrictions to follow.

  11. This is fabulous. It’s nice to see there is still some rational thought, and our Constitutional Rights and Libeties still stand in Idaho. Too many far left Liberals ie. Socialist Democrats are working to destroy Idaho the same way they have succeeded in California and elsewhere. I applaud the We The People 4th of July Celebration Committee, Inc. for getting it right and have not forgotten the reason the Revolutionary War was started. Keep Idaho Free!

  12. Let’s thank the Idaho Dispatch for getting the word out. I wrote an email to rescind that dangerous policy because I heard about it here. How many others wrote letters, put grassroots pressure on them to become sensible about this? We all need to answer the call to action when we hear it. We have numerical superiority only if we all engage in this culture war for America. Don’t just do it for yourself, but for your kids and grandkids.

  13. If we had all been banned from carrying our personal protection items with us at this year’s 4th of July parade, we would have all been at higher risk of domestic terrorism by ANTIFA, BlackLiveMatter and any other terrorist organizations. My family will now be attending the parade after all.

  14. Hopefully who ever came up this this original addendum was sent packing, back to their red-diaper-doper-baby utopia, in one of our neighboring states to the west of us.

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