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Breaking: Former Rep. Von Ehlinger Found ‘Guilty’ of Rape, ‘Not Guilty’ of Forcible Penetration

By • April 29, 2022

Former Representative Aaron von Ehlinger was found “Guilty” today of rape and “Not Guilty” of forcible penetration.

The verdict comes after one day of deliberation. The trial began on Monday this week.

Idaho Dispatch will update this article later on with more details from the trial.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Former Rep. Von Ehlinger Found ‘Guilty’ of Rape, ‘Not Guilty’ of Forcible Penetration

  1. I dont care what Political Label ya wear.
    The only answer is The Rope.
    Yup, I’m Judging. Thats what the brain is for.

  2. Oh my goodness
    You have got to be kidding me. There was not shred of evidence, and both sides admitted she voluntary did what she did. She never once said no, and then performed oral sex cause she was scared. How many women would perform oral sex against their will. Think about it. This is travesty.

  3. The fact that he was not convicted of forcible penetration suggests that there was no evidence in the rape kit that she was actually raped. It’s quite possible she felt pressured because of his position of authority. People in power shouldn’t abuse that. For this reason, single people shouldn’t run for office or be alone with women who aren’t their spouses. That’s what I’ll be teaching my sons. Mike Pence sucks, but this doctrine is sound.

    1. Brian, that’s right. Both males and females by now understand this elementary sociological concept. After all, while driving alone in my car and I encounter a male hitchiker, would I pick him up if I didn’t know him or even her. Hell no. Nothing good can come of this. Where’s everyone’s common sense?

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