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Breaking: Dr. Cole Responds to CDH Board Confirmation

By • September 3, 2021

Over the last few weeks, county commissioners in the Central District Health area have been receiving numerous emails over the potential confirmation of Dr. Ryan Cole.

Ada County Commissioners nominated Cole several weeks ago. Then, groups and citizens across Idaho expressed their views and opinions of Cole to the county commissioners in Valley, Elmore, and Boise County.

Elmore County was the last county to consider Cole, and the commissioners interviewed him today before voting. The votes before today had Dr. Cole with a 6-3 advantage.

Cole only needed one vote out of the three commissioners, and that “Yes” vote came from Commissioner Al Hofer.

Idaho Dispatch spoke with Cole after his confirmation today. Here is what he told us about being confirmed,

I am excited about the opportunity and humbled to be confirmed as a Central District Health Board member. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who took the time to speak with me during this process. I am here first and foremost for the community. It’s unfortunate that there has been some animosity toward me without some folks even getting to know me.

My goal is to serve the community, no matter what an individual’s political beliefs may be. I want to help our community and their wellness based on science and data.

I am always open to collegial and cordial conversations. We don’t have to agree on everything but we do have to hear each other.

I look forward to working with the other the CDH Board members and working with the counties to find solutions that will help each county individually and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

One of the primary groups to oppose Cole’s nomination was the Idaho 97%. The group set up an email campaign through their website for citizens to use to contact commissioners and encourage them not to vote for Cole’s confirmation.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the group for comment, but they have not yet responded or posted a statement on social media at the time of this writing.

A different group, Health Freedom Idaho, encouraged its members to contact commissioners to support Cole and to confirm him to the CDH board.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Miste Gardner from HFI to get her reaction to Cole’s confirmation. Here is what Gardner sent us:

Congratulations to Dr. Cole for the appointment to the CDH board today.

The people of Idaho were incredibly diligent in communicating with their commissioners that they wanted the well-educated and sound reasoning of Dr. Cole. We believe this sends a message throughout Idaho that the people want input from multiple sources and they want multiple points of view on solutions to Covid-19, and not just what the bureaucrats and mainstream media want us to believe and do. The citizens were not happy with the previous recommendations made by Dr. Epperly and they are ready for a change.

What do you think of Cole’s confirmation to the CDH Board?

Let us know in the comments below.


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51 thoughts on “Breaking: Dr. Cole Responds to CDH Board Confirmation

  1. Best news in a long time. I believe he will be a great voice to have on the board, one who thinks outside the box.

  2. This is great news. He is highly qualified for this position. I always learn so much from his videos and I can easily see that he is a doctor who thinks critically and truly cares for the health of his patients.

  3. Best news I’ve heard all year. Finally we have someone on the board who actually knows what he’s talking. Congratulations Dr. Cole..

  4. Thank you Jesus! An answered prayer, finally someone that will tell the truth to the citizens of Idaho and work for the community! Praise God!

  5. Super excited to see someone who is willing to bring out the science and not the rhetoric. Thank you Dr. Cole for being willing to serve!

  6. The best candidate for the job. Science and DATA! We are praising the Lord for a victory! Thank you to all who called in and gave input to the commissioners. It will be nice to have fresh ideas, and facts to back them up.

  7. Thrilled to have a qualified physician who is not afraid to ask, answer, discuss and consider cost v benefit of Covid management with honest transparency. Dr Cole isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions of what’s known or unknown about Covid and speak openly. Citizens deserve honest answers and public health policy that takes a balanced comprehensive approach.

  8. Excellent choice, his credentials are extremely impressive. He will serve with with common sense and scientific data for all Idahoans. I’m very happy to hear this great news.

  9. Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Cole for your confirmation to the Central District Health board.

    May the Board be able to bring sound and logical advice so that the People can evaluate and make their decisions with more informed input.

    May the Board now be able to direct the Idaho’s Hospitals, Treatment Centers, Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacies to implement sound and logical direction that includes Patient Choice Therapeutics, Over The Counter Remedies.

    May the Board point out to these various Medical Establishments the extreme need for patient advocacy, where a loved one, friend or other appropriate person(s) can stand along side and help the Patient to make decisions.

    Best to you, Best to the Board, Let’s get going.

  10. This is such great news. We need someone who will speak up against the status quo. We need evidence, data, common sense, and someone who is willing to question. Thank you for being our voice. I pray that others will listen to reason and look at the data. May God bless you in this endeavor Dr. Cole!

  11. Salute to Dr. Cole! Can’t wait to see how the political apparatchiks on the board respond when confronted with Dr. Ryan’s science & data. Their response will no doubt be personal attacks which is why we will all need to support Dr. Ryan as he fights to bring sanity back into Idaho health policy.

  12. Of course the pseudo popular group “97%” opposed him. They don’t do science…..they do politics. Their knee jerk reaction against Dr Cole illustrates just how willfully blind they are to genuine science and common sense. Like I have said before….this “97%” moniker is a bluff. It’s really just a handful of noisy activists that live deep in the bowels of District 19 and watch reruns of West Wing and overdosing on Jen Psaki pressers everyday. If they had such massive numbers behind them, they would have swamped the CDH with their propaganda……THEY COULD NOT.

  13. I am thrilled that Dr. Cole is appointed. Maybe we will hear about real science.

    Do you know who they considered unvaccinated…people who are vaccinated, but after 14 days they are declared unvaccinated. Gov. Little is lying to the citizens of Idaho.

  14. Congratulations to Dr. Cole. I now believe we may be able to start getting “real” input into our thought process about Covid-19 instead of the propaganda we’re being fed.

  15. Dr. Cole’s confirmation is exactly the type of push back we need against the relentless lunacy of the left seeping into our great state!

  16. I worry about how heavily invested Dr Cole is in PCR testing. Covid has not been isolated. I would like an explanation from Dr Cole in regards to this. I also don’t know where he stands when it comes to the Covid shot being forced and if he will stand against that.
    With all that I have seen through the decades with politicians in both sides, I don’t trust any of them. A very sad state of our wonderful country.

  17. The potential with Dr. Cole’s appointment is tremendous. If Dr. Cole can change the protocol for protection and treatment of Covid in his health district, the largest in the state, and that affects the protocols in the rest of the state, Idaho could become the beacon for ending the insanity we have been living for the past year and a half. And what the US does, the world does. We need to support Dr. Cole to enable him to do what is right. Go Idaho!

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