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Breaking: Congressman Fulcher Announces He is Cancer-Free

By • December 3, 2021

Congressman Russ Fulcher has announced that he is cancer-free.

Fulcher posted the update on his Facebook account thanking his constituents for their support. Here is what Fulcher posted:


Dear Friends and Fellow Idahoans,

Since being diagnosed with renal cancer 6 months ago, I’ve undergone an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and medical surgery. Through the process, you lifted me up with prayer, encouragement, and support. Today, I am elated to share that all of my lab tests now exhibit: “… no sign of residual cancer!”

As stated when announcing my diagnosis, I believe things happen for a reason. God has allowed this most difficult physical challenge in my life so that I will learn and be a better person; and He utilized modern technology through gifted medical professionals to heal me. I am grateful to have been able to maintain my congressional duties, and will be forever enriched by your support and God’s Divine hand.

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7 thoughts on “Breaking: Congressman Fulcher Announces He is Cancer-Free

  1. We’re glad to hear this Russ.
    Wishing you and family a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and happy New Year.

  2. That’s great news for such a good man whose integrity and leadership ought to be emulated by many in politics in this state and nationally. And we wish Russ a complete and continued recovery for decades.
    Unfortunately, once a cancer patient is diagnosed–and even successfully treated, it is a myth that we are ever truly “cancer free”. It is “someplace”. It hides. It may even go into what the Oncologists like to call “remission”, and never come back. But “it” is always with you…it’s always on your mind someplace. It screws with your thoughts in an insidious way. Physically we may be 100%, but in other ways we are never “cancer free”.

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