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Breaking: Caldwell Police Lt. Joey Hoadley Now Indicted on Two Federal Felony Charges

By • April 13, 2022

Joey Hoadley, the former Lieutenant over “Investigations” at the Caldwell Police Department, has now been indicted on two felony charges.

Hoadley had previously attended a “plea agreement hearing.” It is unclear what happened at the hearing, but attorneys Idaho Dispatch spoke with say that the felony charges likely wouldn’t have been filed if Hoadley had agreed to accept the misdemeanor charge he was facing.

Hoadley was one of two Caldwell P.D. officers being investigated by the FBI.

One of the charges is for “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law.” The previous misdemeanor charge was for the same alleged violation but is now filed as a felony.

The other felony charge is for “Destruction, Alteration, or Falsification of Records in Federal Investigations.”

If convicted, Hoadley could face up to ten years in prison for the first charge and up to 20 years in prison for the other charge. Additionally, each charge carries a potential fine of up to $250,000.

You can see parts of the images below of the documents obtained by Idaho Dispatch.

Note: All people are innocent until proven guilty. Charges do not denote guilt. 

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4 thoughts on “Breaking: Caldwell Police Lt. Joey Hoadley Now Indicted on Two Federal Felony Charges

  1. Upon the investigation of Hoadley if anyone had any incidents with him and other upon investigation can any current incidents be brought up. My family and I had in counters with officers and my children are traumatized and have not been able to get passed it.

  2. Let your stories be heard! Please reach out to any local criminal attorney! This Joey H guy needs to be set as an example for future policemen.

  3. Well I got arrested and my husband got arrested two week before me and Joey H he told me if I didn’t give out my husband friend name that he going get more pushisment and the day talk to him he couldn’t walk and he told me 2 syringes insulin that will make hime so weak he can’t walk and other things to now 3-17-22 was the last day spoke to him I miss my husband RODOLFO VELASQUEZ any I need help please I could talk to my husband

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